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Won’t fight, can’t win

So of late I’m seeing the Poindexters of the Polite Right lamenting the boorishness, the coarseness, the vulgarity, the just plain rudeness of politics as if politics has ever been anything but. OH, the HORROR of it, they wail. Why, it’s UNHEARD OF, they snivel. It’s UNPRECEDENTED, they moan. It JUST ISN’T DONE, they thunder. This is NOT WHO WE ARE, they tearily sniff. Thurston Howell the Third couldn’t wax any more indignant if you served him a before-dinner cocktail with a small turd floating in it. This one I thought was particularly amusing:

I thought of the recent Republican campaign — the primaries and the caucuses. Campaigning against Ted Cruz, Donald Trump said this:

“Just remember this. Just remember this. You gotta remember: In all fairness, to the best of my knowledge, not too many evangelicals come out of Cuba. Okay? Just remember that. Okay? Just remember. In all fairness, here we are.”

At this point, Trump held up a Bible.

“Just remember that, folks. When you’re casting your ballot, remember.”

On another day, targeting another candidate, Ben Carson, Trump said this:

“I’m Presbyterian. Can you believe it? I’m Presbyterian. I’m Presbyterian. I’m Presbyterian. Boy, that’s down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. I mean, Seventh-Day Adventist, I don’t know about. I just don’t know about.”

To do this kind of thing with other people’s religions used to be regarded as un-American. Profoundly, discordantly un-American. But in this new America, and in the new Trump GOP, it is something like normal, evidently.

Yeah, right. Apparently Ted the Christ Cruz never thumped a Bible in a stump speech in his life, and the whole 1960 presidential campaign never happened (anybody remember the worries about Kennedy’s “divided loyalties” as a prospective “Papist president,” which the GOP that year NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER tried to underhandedly exploit? Nah, me neither).

Do these effete wimps really believe that politics has ever been anything other than exactly what it is right now: a dirty, grubby game in which candidates of every stripe fling all sorts of nastiness at each other in hopes that some of it might stick and drag their opponents down into defeat? In other stunning news we must all view with Great Alarm: Texas has a whorehouse in it!

Meanwhile, Trump just keeps rudely bringing guns to a knife fight, as if he just doesn’t care that blasting back against the enemy is required to remain another job the American cuckservative won’t do. One can’t help but suspect that the Polite Right is either determined to lose at any cost…or is just stupid, naive, and weak as a crippled kitten. This might give us a hint as to which:

Milo Yiannopoulos’ event at DePaul University had to be cut short Tuesday night after protesters stormed the stage, blew whistles, grabbed the microphone out of the interviewer’s hand, and threatened to punch Yiannopoulos in the face.

Actually, one of them DID punch him in the face. There followed, in comments sections of Righty blogs everywhere, advice to Milo to “sue,” for all the precious little gain that would ever get anybody, and congratulations to him for being “above the fray” and not allowing himself to be goaded into an appropriate response, which would have been this:

Getting back to the Milo event, I keep wondering what would happen if someone popped one of these BLM cunts in the mouth. If Milo had knocked her cold, I’m thinking that would be the last of these confrontations. The risk assessment by these people would change overnight. Taking on the honky would suddenly come with real danger. Whatever benefits there are, assuming there are any, of refusing to fight, there’s no doubt it encourages troublemakers like that woman to get increasingly aggressive.

Watching the reaction from his fans on-line, I feel like I’m from another planet. Frankly, I cringed watching that video. Yet, the reaction on twitter suggests most people think he was the winner in that exchange. If that’s “winning” then I don’t want to see losing. To my old eyes, that looked like a white guy being dominated by a scrawny black bitch and then slinking away. I get that he is a gay guy and maybe the rules are different, but still, it was hard to watch, much less cheer.

Maybe the great wimpening has reached the point of no return. Traditional forms of masculinity are dead in the West and will not be revived until sometime after the Caliphate is established. Those dusky fellows rampaging through the streets of European cities are unlikely to sit there and take a lecture from a mouthy twat from Black Lives Matter. If Western men can’t stand up to mouthy college twats, they stand no chance against the Mohammedan.

The Muslims are not wrong about everything.

Nope, evidently they ain’t. I’ve been saying for a while now that I actually look forward to the day when these mouthy, entitled Feminazi brats get to walk around humbly three paces behind the men who own them, swaddled head to toe in a black poncho. Maybe then they’ll learn. It’s for sure and certain that the weak men they’ve emasculated won’t lift a finger to save them. And if the GOPe would rather fight Trump and his “populist rudeness” than Clinton and the Left—and by now it can hardly be denied that this is the case—then they ought to be able to live with what inevitably results from that, and should just shut the hell up about it already.

Fight back hard and maybe win; refuse to fight at all and certainly lose. Them’s the choices, people. Bitch, piss, and moan about it all you like, but that’s the way it is, and always was. After all these years of losing in a gentlemanly fashion, it shouldn’t be all that hard to figure out.

Update! For the Polite Right, it’s turn both cheeks, then spread the other two, brace yourself, and grit your teeth.

Following another Donald Trump rally, the Bernie Sanders anarchists and Hillary Clinton supporters, undocumented Democrats, once again turned to violent confrontation.

The patriotic Trump supporters carried/waved American flags, while the Clinton/Sanders supporters carried Mexican flags and attempted to confront a very diverse group of Donald Trump supporters.

In this vine video below the Bernie Sanders supporter is spitting on two Donald Trump supporters. *note* the irony of Trump Supporters being more culturally and ethnically diverse: Black, White and Asian supporters for Donald Trump.

In this next vine video the same group of Bernie Supporters began to manhandle an older female Trump supporter. Her son stepped in to defend his mom and confront the anti-American protestors.

They also attacked a guy in a wheelchair, which is nothing new for them (actually, they didn’t attack Gladney WHILE he was in a wheelchair, they just beat him badly enough to put him in one).

Yeah, let’s not be beastly to these subhumans. Why, that would be just too much to be borne.

Updated update! How it’s done.

Hillary overestimated the degree to which people would look back fondly on her husband’s presidency. Not wanting to invoke Obama’s, she invoked his and hoped to catch whatever reflected glory it offered. But it is covering her more in a mist of slime.

Casting about for an angle of attack against Trump, she told union workers the other day that Trump might “bankrupt” America like he “bankrupted” some of his companies. In a feeble quip, she said, “I mean ask yourself, how could anybody lose money running a casino? Really?”

To ordinary Americans, who struggle to make money off entrepreneurial risks instead of six-figure speaking fees like her, such failures are very comprehensible. Less comprehensible to them is how an Alinskyite liberal who preaches the gospel of socialism can make more money in an hour than most people make in a year.

All Trump will ever have to do is tell the sordid truth about her and her slimewad of a “husband,” and pull no punches doing it. Is it that GAGA GOPers have never been able to figure that out? Or that they just didn’t want to do it? Either way, it doesn’t much matter now; Trump’s left the GAGAs eating dust, and Hillary choking on it.


2 thoughts on “Won’t fight, can’t win

  1. I must be only in-tuned to one of his alias’s . That lying, Mod Dem is no better. Sit it out of vote Libertarian. Vegas has odds on the s-called wall btw.

  2. I watched the entire Milo/ DePaul video event and although the one skank did get close, NO ONE hit him…the offensive IS coming, though!
    Their going to cross a line soon without realizing they’ve done so not knowing some lines, once crossed, can never be un-crossed!
    I cannot wait!

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