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The new Zumwalt-class destroyers are some seriously futuristic-looking, funky ships, with a wow factor right off the charts. The first one just cleared its acceptance trials and was delivered to the Navy for duty. Guess what the plank holder captain’s name is.

Go on, guess.

I need a new category for amazing coincidences that are just too damned cool to be believed, I think.

(Via CDR M)


7 thoughts on “SERIOUSLY?

  1. Coincidence indeed.
    That aside, why only three ships. Seems like a mighty small number being built for destroyers.

  2. 22 billion for three ships? These ships are the size of a WWII crusier but seriously 7 billion each? It would be interesting to see what their armaments are.

  3. Well, they have 80 launch cells, 2 6″ cannon and 2 30mm cannon.

    The nuclear cruiser I was on 30 years ago cost 3 billion, 1 billion for each reactor and 1 billion for the ship. It could only launch 4 missiles at a time, plus the 16 launch cells for Tomahawk/Harpoon, but carried more missiles. It had 2 5″ cannon and 2 20mm CIWS, plus 6 torpedo tubes. It was about the same size as this destroyer. Oh, and it was fueled for 30 years!

  4. One wonders if this ship did indeed pass its acceptance trials, or if it instead was merely a military version of Solyndra…

    Not that the military leadership and their civilian overseers have become so corrupted that such might be credible, of course…

  5. @irish19
    IIRC the original numbers for the class was 32 but to the kinder gentler world in which we now reside (and barry’s systematic dismantling of all of the armed services) it has been cut to the 3 mentioned. I guess it’s a good thing there is no longer any evil in the world………………..

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