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Revenge of the GOPe

Toe the line, take what we give you and like it. Or else.

Seen by many as the veritable pin-up girl for every conservative, red blooded, American male, the Fox News Channel (FNC) has at least for the time being dropped one of the more popular on air personalities. As reported by Josh Feldman of the Mediaite news portal, and also by Chris Ariens of TVNewser, both on Apr. 27, 2016, fan favorite Andrea Tantaros has at least for now been taken off the network’s schedule.

Born Andreana Kostantina Tantaros to a Greek immigrant father and an Italian-American mother, the girl who was raised with a strong work ethic and even a stronger love of country was no stranger to controversy during her six years at Fox News. Yet as cited, FNC has released the following rather terse announcement to TVNewser, “Issues have arisen regarding Andrea’s contract, and Fox News Channel has determined it best that she take some time off. She is still under contract with the network.”

While not cited by FNC as a reason for her extended vacation, Tantaros recently claimed during a taping of Outnumbered that certain GOP Establishment-types were coming down hard on her for supporting Donald Trump; “They have been doing this. Specifically, Charles Cooke, who is a writer for National Review, he tweeted out that I should give my job to somebody else. Also, I saw a tweet, it was a meme by Kevin Williamson of National Review trying to make me seem stupid. There’s a girl talking about biorhythms, or something. So I’ve gotten my fair share as well from folks on the right and the left and in the media calling me stupid and Trump supporters as well… Exactly I should give up my job according to men in the Republican Party.”

As with the Left, if it’s war they want, then it’s war they damned well ought to get.

Update! War to the knife.

With that in mind everyone must ask themselves what would those interests, who ultimately control all of these outcomes, do to retain power? When there are trillions at stake, how much would they spend to retain control?

Think about it.

I don’t mean just casually consider it; I mean actually reset your mind and think about what would an enterprise do to retain control over even one trillion dollars.

  • Example #1 – Last night a report from the Daily Mail outlined a scandalous claim, a lawsuit. Only there’s a problem. The person (claimant) doesn’t exist. The lawsuit was self-filed. No attorney was used, referenced or mentioned. The entity filing it listed an abandoned address. The accompanying telephone number is non existent. No-one, including the FBI who hold custody of all associated records, has ever heard of this person or anyone outlined in the aforementioned article. This article updates today with a litany of corrections, qualifiers, and walk-backs. The re-write doesn’t even bear the slightest resemblance to the original construct. It disappears and reappears – loin cloth.

    So how does this happen? No, not how does the lawsuit appear, that’s easy – anyone can walk into any courthouse and file a civil lawsuit. No, how does a mainstream media publication end up putting themselves so far out on (an) ungrounded and completely fabricated construct?


Read the rest. And…think. Nobody should be expecting the GOPe to go gently into that good night. They worked hard for those iron rice bowls, and they intend to keep ’em, and keep ’em filled with all the DC boodle they can scoop up two-handed. The pushback is going to be hard, it’s going to be relentless, and it’s going to be every bit as sleazy and underhanded as anything George Soros ever dreamed up. Funny how they never could seem to find the energy to fight against Obama even half as hard. Guess they never considered him to be as much of a threat. Why, one might almost think they’ve been just playing a game, doing a little kabuki-theater dance, all along.

Nah, that couldn’t be right.


1 thought on “Revenge of the GOPe

  1. Fox is nothing more than the Rove Republican channel, thanks to Murdoch. They were also the Saudi Channel, thanks to Alwaleed. Now that he no longer has ownership, they have backed off there somewhat, although the Rove Republicans like them some Saudi dick almost as much as the Muslim in Chief.

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