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Good lord.

Vinnova, the Swedish government agency that distributes money for research and development, spending some 2.7 billion kronor (£230 million) a year has announced its latest tranche of funding for creating a greener, more sustainable future — by weaning Europe off meat. It is hoped people will want to eat a so-called “climate smart” diet instead, reports FriaTider.

Green activists and the United Nations are behind such political initiatives as ‘Meat Free Mondays’ — a gateway to full vegetarianism — which are based on the premise that meat consumption is driving man-made climate change. Another method to reduce that so-called burden on the earth is replacing meat protein with that harvested from insects instead.

To that end, Vinnova is awarding half a million kronor each to fifteen different projects across the country, each of which tasked with creating an “edible prototype” of a new food.

Among the mouth-watering projects being funded are an attempt to produce a “good and healthy product from mealworms which are fed on vegetable food scraps to become a climate friendly source of protein”, “food prototypes” made from “refined mealworms”, and mincemeat made out of “climate smart insects” such as crickets.

Other enticing offerings not involving insects include “climate-fungal protein”, a “healthy vegetarian barbecue” made from by-products” and “fibrous raw materials”, and a “blue cheese-like product” made from beans.

Ulp. We’ve always mocked liberals as soulless killjoys, but this is really kicking things up a notch.

Speaking on the reasons for launching the initiative in their press release, Vinnova explains that insect-based nourishment will reduce food miles by encouraging interest in food grown in Sweden.

Think so, do ya? Not at my house it won’t, I assure you. You could try “encouraging interest” in gargling diarrhea to save the planet too if you like, but it ain’t gonna fly either. Not even on tiny little insect wings, it won’t.

Maybe I shouldn’t be giving these lunatics any more bright ideas with that last, eh?


6 thoughts on “Bugs–ugh!

  1. There is something wrong with Scandinavians, and that is a sad thought. Bugs are the diet of creatures who can’t compete with the higher predators. Bugs featured prominently in hominids’ diets, until we climbed down from the trees and shoved the cave bears, dire wolves, and sabre toothed cats to the side because that meat they were eating looked tasty.

    The Sons Of Odin could not be reached for comment.

  2. Now we know the endpoint of modern socialism. Past socialisms ended in starvation and collapse. Current socialisms like Venezuela are following that path. But, some socialisms like Sweden are using science to prepare a “soft landing”. The peasants will huddle in concrete block housing with no heat and a zero local carbon footprint. They wont need to cook. They will eat prepared, nutritious bug-compote and carry out assignments to further the good of society.

    This stable and renewable lifestyle will serve the people until the sun explodes.

  3. Actually all the bodies huddled in the concrete bunker will be the source of heat. I am assuming the bugs will provide enough energy for a body to generate heat. Imagine cuddling with all those Swedish girls!! Maybe Vinnova is on to something.

  4. Good luck convincing the upcoming muzzie majority to eat bugs. The Swedish slaves who will be toiling in their fields for the muzzies, yeah, they’ll probably be grateful that they’re allowed to eat bugs.

  5. Short, skinny, malnourished is how you breed hereditary peasants.

    Remember children of immigrants growing up bigger, stronger, taller than their parents on the American diet ? Often the next generation would do the same again.

    Our self appointed betters are looking to reverse this trend.

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