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Marine Corp adrift on the PC Sargasso

A woman can do anything a man can do. Except when she can’t.

The Marine Corps in 2013 studied how proficient females were at pullups. The results were embarrassing. A total of 55 percent of females couldn’t meet the standard of three pullups. In fact, out of 318 female Marines, the average pullups they could complete was 1.63. And 20 percent of the total who could actually achieve three pullups did so by cheating with an extra lower body motion, called “kipping.”

But all of a sudden, the Marine Corps decided to give females yet another year to get their act together. They were allowed the entirety of 2014, as well, to prepare themselves for the pullup requirement.

Then 2015 hit and for some reason females were still allowed to skip pullouts.

So guess what happened next. Go on, guess.

Marine Corps Plan Says Women Won’t Have To Do Any Pullups

Anybody surprised?

While female Marines will strongly be incentivized to do those pullups to achieve a high score, they can opt for the “flexed-arm hang” instead. For example, females can’t score higher than 50 points for a flexed-arm hang, but just one pullup will net them 51 points, Marine Corps Times reports.

“I think this is a great way to implement the change as it gives an incentive to increase a score without the fear of failing the PFT,” Col. Robin Gallant told Marine Corps Times. “As women work on them to increase their score, they can be confident that they won’t fail a PFT. I think this is a huge benefit and I’m glad it might become a reality.”

Of course you are.

Col Gallant is, needless to say, a female member of the Few, the Proud, the Politically Correct. And she realizes that the truly important thing here is not readiness nor war-fighting ability nor competence nor meeting fair and universal standards for strength, but mollycoddling female half-a-Marines so that they needn’t fear failing tests or washing out.

Hey, remember back when we were going to allow women in the armed forces, but were assured that standards would never be watered down to accommodate people who were manifestly unqualified because they were unable to meet them? Nah, me neither.


3 thoughts on “Marine Corp adrift on the PC Sargasso

  1. Lots of men can’t do three pull-ups either. (This is not a good thing, mind you, just reality.)

    But most of them are not stupid enough to try to pretend they’re a Marine.

  2. This gender integrated infantry is going to work out just great. So long as the chicks can opt out of digging holes, busting track, carrying mortar parts, humping medium and heavy machine guns, carrying extra ammo or squad water, and hand-to-hand combat. But we don’t need that shit because there’s been no significant hand-to-hand fighting in, like, 10 years, give or take, and that’s near as old as the Constitution with is both outmoded and hard to read because of the old and long words in it, practically as old as like, World War II that the Vietnam guys fought in. And we’re not lowering the standards to integrate women into the line combat units. Nope. Undiluted standards. The few, the proud, the can’t do a goddamn chinup. Ooooo-rah. Fuck me.

    Otherwise good people are going to die because of this fucking nonsense.

  3. I retired from the Marine Corps a decade ago. The PC wave was building even then, and now it’s swamped the boats, although women only make up about 7% of the force (thankfully).

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