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A passing thought

Know what I find highly amusing? Lots of people argue that Trump’s proposal to deport illegals and build a wall on the southern border–forcing Mexico to “pay for it” by cutting off money transfers from illegal aliens back home–is simply absurd. Impossible, they say. Can’t be done, they splutter. Madness, they fume.

In other words, a US president and the entirety of the almighty federal Leviathan simply lacks the power or ability to secure a national border. Not even all of ’em, just the one.

Yet many of these same people also argue, sometimes even in the next breath, that we simply MUST “fix” climate change. And that–si si puede!–we can.

The eternal condition of the climate of an entire planet, a climate whose only constant has been change ever since there has even BEEN a climate, is completely under the control of us puny humans. A national border, though–a minuscule fraction of the land area of that same planet–is simply beyond our ability to influence.

Yeah. Right. Why, it’s almost as if they’re not arguing in good faith and have some sort of hidden ulterior motive or something.


8 thoughts on “A passing thought

  1. Does sorta-kinda seem as though they’ve got matters a bit back-ass-front-wards there, does it not?…

    Must be a bit of that-there “magickal-thinkerin’ ” we sometimes hear tell of, I do b’lieve…

  2. The point is he is finding a way to back off the ridiculous promise to force Mexico to “pay for it”. Regardless of how it is spun, it is not the same thing. If we feel a need to build a wall, then we should just build it.

  3. Jeff obviously never heard of the expression “you’ll pay for that!”

    It’s how us thinking people always thought about it. “Mexico, you will paynfornthe Wall or you’ll pay for that!”

    1. Kenny,

      Again, it can be spun however anyone wants but it doesn’t change the truth.

      1. It’s not spin. As soon as he said it millions of people knew immediately how he was going to do it and said so in comments sections here and other numerous blogs.

        1. Debating a Trump supporter on facts, anything he may or may not have said, what he meant or what did, what has he changed since yesterday, or what he may actually do is about as fruitful as (insert cute little saying here). Carry on.

  4. Anyone who has lived overseas knows that foreign post offices do not function with any degree of honesty or regularity, except for Europe and the Far East. That’s why Western Union exists. Its so easy to cut money sent from the states. Besides the government monitors money transfers and has done so for decades.

  5. @Jeff

    You’re not debating. You’re asserting. I assert that when Trump said that he did not mean he would tax remittances.

    I am telling you a fact. The moment he said it people were commenting on blogs that he would cut off the flow of funds from the US as remittances either by taxing it or blocking it. It was so fundamentally obvious.

    You, apparently, thought Mexico would cut checks against their will or at gunpoint. On its face that is an utterly stupid way to think about what Trump said. He doesn’t point a gun and say “pay for that”. He looks for a way to gain the upper hand in a negotiation and press his advantage. Plus, you don’t explain your upper hand until it’s time to show your cards and take the pot.

    Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid so I don’t debate with them. You’ve proven you’re not worth debating. Buh-bye.

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