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Unity for me, but not for thee

Anybody remember when all the GOPe no-hopers were demanding conservatives rally behind their latest loser, “severely conservative” nominee? McCain? Romney? Anybody?

Nah, me neither.

It is a brutal truth that in any ordinary election cycle, Trump’s performance tonight would have placed him in such a commanding position that we would now see increasing calls for competitors to drop out and rally behind the presumptive nominee.

It is a brutal truth (for Trump fans) that this is not an ordinary election cycle. Too many Republicans (myself included) are so committed to #NeverTrump that there will be no rallying.

Would it be too mean of me to wag my finger in their faces and remind these guys that petulantly, childishly refusing to vote for Trump amounts to voting for Hillary?

Yeah, I guess it would. Never mind. Sure is funny, innit, how what goes around comes around–always and forever.

Update!The media’s Trump reckoning: ‘Everyone was wrong.’” Oh, not quite everybody, bub. But then again, I’m not a highly-trained and credentialed “journalist,” either.

Big picture update! Steyn has a look:

Ultimately, Trump’s hostile takeover of the Republican Party has only been possible because of the rigid inflexibility of America’s party system. The two-party one-party state, unchanged in 150 years, is unique in the western world, where parties are born and die according to whether there’s a market for them. If a genuine market in parties were possible here, this season there would probably be a nationalist party, a conservative party, and a soft-right party – and, over on the other side, a corporatist party and a socialist party. In the British House of Commons, there are currently 11 parties represented, plus four independents. In the Canadian House of Commons, there are five parties. In New Zealand, seven. When The Washington Post‘s Michael Gerson warns that a Trump nomination would break apart the Republican Party, the implication is that the health of the Republic depends on maintaining the same two parties of the Civil War era for all eternity. Why?

Why indeed. After all, look at what that’s done for us. Or rather, to us.

Updated big picture update! Pat Buchanan sees it too:

As long ago as the early 1990s, populist conservatives were imploring George H.W. Bush to secure our Mexican border, as tens of thousands poured across in the San Diego-Tijuana corridor. Gov. Pete Wilson turned near-certain defeat into a stunning comeback victory in 1994 by promising to send the National Guard.

Why did the establishment not respond then to the electorate? Why, instead of trashing Wilson for imperiling future party prospects with Hispanics, did the establishment not do what the people had demanded and move decisively to secure our southern border?

What is conservative about uncontrolled borders?

Why, as trade deficits with China and the world rose from the tens of billions to hundreds of billions, did the establishment not wake up and see the shuttering factories, the lost jobs and the ghost towns arising across America – and react?

Could they not see that, as we celebrated globalization, Beijing and Tokyo were practicing ruthless mercantilism and protectionism?

At the end of the Cold War in 1991, many Americans urged that, with the Soviet Empire dissolved and Soviet Union disintegrating, it was time to bring our troops home and let the rich fat nations that had been freeloading for half a century provide the soldiers and pay the cost of their own security.

Instead, the establishment opted for empire, for expanding old alliances, dumping over regimes, crusading for democracy, sending our soldiers out to remake Third World countries in the image of Iowa and Vermont.

Who now thinks all these wars were worth the cost?

Whether Trump wins or loses the nomination, the immigration, trade and foreign policies pursued by the elites since the end of the Cold War are dead letters. The nation has declared them to be so in the primaries.

Conservatism is all well and good and all, but some things just ain’t worth conserving. Read the whole thing; Buchanan also has a good “remain calm” take earlier in the piece on the possibilities for a Trump presidency that’s worth a look for anyone about to soil their Underoos over the hideous prospect.

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  1. Because it’s that delicious, delicious low-income workers that establishment GOP is addicted to, or at least their donors.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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