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A grim epiphany

I hate to have to break this to y’all–it’s unfathomable to me that we now have a socialist running for president in the first place–but I’m going to go ahead and call this thing with an early prediction:

The next president of the Benighted States will be…gulp…Bernie Sanders.

With this story, via Althouse, the writing is on the wall.

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Bernie Sanders is 74. He grew up playing stickball in the streets of Brooklyn and watching a black-and-white television.

Yet this child of the 1940s, who says Franklin D. Roosevelt is his favorite president, has inspired a potent political movement among young people today. College students wear shaggy white “Bernie” wigs on campus, carry iPhones with his image as their screen saver and flock to his events by the thousands.

And armies of young voters are turning what seemed like a long-shot presidential candidacy into a surprisingly competitive campaign.

“He may seem like some old geezer who doesn’t care about stuff,” said Caroline Buddin, 24, a sales associate in Charleston, S.C. “But if you actually give him the time of day and listen to what he has to say, he has a lot of good ideas.”

He has not one good idea, and I wouldn’t give him the “time of day” to walk across the street and piss in his mouth if his gums were on fire. His sole accomplishment his entire life is to attach himself, remora-like, to the elected-office teat and suck like his life depends on it–which, in a very real and practical sense, it does.

It follows, then, that he cannot conceive of anyone else not being as dependent on an all-powerful government as he is, and he thinks he’s qualified to dictate the terms and conditions under which that dependence ripens, and deepens. And as of January 20th, 2017, that is exactly what he’s going to be doing.

None of which is relevant to my prediction. It didn’t matter when a similar remora-like parasite with zero achievements or successes oozed up out of the primordial slime of the Chicago political machine and, after half a term in the Senate, ran for president in 2008. And it isn’t going to matter now.

No, what’s going to matter is galvanizing ignorant, moronic youth to his standard. And Sanders is doing it, in a way that neither Hillary nor Cruz nor even Trump ever will. The youth vote is in large measure what inflicted His Imperial Majesty Barrack Hussein Obama upon us, and they’re going to do the same with Der Kommissar Bernie. Thus (via Insty):

The biggest story this election season is not Donald Trump or the fortunes of the two winners in Iowa, the unattractive tag team of Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. For all their attempts to seem current and contemporary, these candidates – and Trump as well – represent older, more established elements in American life, such as evangelicals, nativists and, in Hillary’s case, the ranks of middle-age women, seniors and public-sector unions.

The biggest and most important development has been the massive support among the new generation of voters for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his open embrace of socialism. In Iowa’s Democratic caucuses, which ended with Clinton and Sanders in a virtual tie, young people opted for Sanders at an almost inconceivable rate of 84-14. In 2008, Barack Obama won this segment, claiming only a 57 percent majority.

So we are seeing the embrace of an openly socialist septuagenarian by a generation that, within a decade, will dominate our electorate and outnumber baby boomers as soon as 2020. That should put more conventional politicians, and business, on notice. Whether you are a Republican, a free-marketer or, even a Democratic-leaning crony capitalist, be afraid – be very afraid.

Ahh, but how the hell did we come to this sorry pass, anyway? I’ve been harping on it for years here, and the answer can be seen in this:

The new generation’s lurch toward socialism would have been unimaginable at any previous moment in the past half century. A recent poll found some 36 percent of people ages 18-29 favor socialism compared with barely 39 percent support for capitalism. Support for socialism drops precipitously, to 26 percent, among people ages 30-44, tumbles to 24 percent support among those ages 45 to 64 and hits 15 percent among those over 65.

Another poll, this one from Pew, finds that 43 percent of millennials have positive connotations about the word “socialism,” compared with less than half that level among people over 50.

Perhaps one reason for this divergence lies in memory, or lack of it.

And perhaps that lack of memory has something to do with Gramsci’s stunningly successful Long March Through The Institutions, which has replaced education with indoctrination, with government factory-schools churning out hordes of good little unthinking Leftist drones with no real notion of their own heritage and their country’s history, or its very reason for being.

Conservative academics, a small but sometimes hardy band, place blame on a lack of teaching about the realities of socialism by generally left-leaning instructors at universities or high schools. Certainly from what I see, at least, few students seem to know about Stalinist and Maoist purges, famines and thought control.

Yet it’s not just ignorance at work here. Millennials are coming up in a very tough economy where opportunity is limited, even for college graduates, with diminishing returns accompanying soaring tuition. Millennials are finding everything harder than their parents did – leaving a record number living at home into their late 20s and earlier 30s, or sheltering with their friends in apartments. Record levels of student debt, twice the average two decades ago, are slowing economic progress. Relieving this indebtedness is one element of Sanders’ appeal.

At the same time, relatively few young people are starting businesses. Being in debt and asset-free does not augur well for the prospect of nurturing appreciation for the creative power of capitalism in the next generation.

And there you have the bitterest irony of all. Gee, wonder what might be contributing to this “tough economy,” this “limited opportunity,” pray tell? Why are “relatively few” of these young nitwits–or much of anybody else, really–seeking to realize the American Dream by starting a business? These young Moronnials are turning to socialism in hopes of alleviating the problems created by…socialism. There’s a word for that kind of thinking–several actually, none of them even remotely flattering.

In President Bernie Sanders, the Moronnials are going to get what they so foolishly think they want…good and hard. Which is all well and good–except for the fact that, as usual, they’re going to be dragging the rest of us down with them.

Hail to the Thief.


7 thoughts on “A grim epiphany

  1. If someone makes a “Bernie Sanders — Domestic Enemy” bumper sticker I’d gladly put it on my car. Socialists are one of the domestic enemy that the Constitution refers to.

  2. For some reason, Sanders supporters remind me of this exchange from Life of Brian:

    Brian: You’ve got to think for yourselves! You’re all individuals!

    Crowd: Yes! We’re all individuals!

    Brian: You’re all different!

    Crowd: Yes, we’re all different!

  3. I very much doubt it. The airhead youth vote is around 22M with a turnout rate of about 50% on a particularly delusional year (e.g. Zero in 08). On average they’ve got something like a 35% turnout. Compared with a 50-70% turnout of saner voters.

    Is 22M votes significant in an election of ~130M votes? Sure. But that assumes we’re running McCain against Zero. This year? They’re running McCain against someone with more populous support than any Republican candidate in history.

    So, 17-18M airheads at best, of which, say, 60-70% vote for the commies. Versus someone who has every sane Republican vote sewn up, a large swath of east coast Centrist Democrats, along with something like 40-45% of the hispanic and black vote?

    Yeah, I’ll take that bet.

  4. A pox on this country. We who will not go along with the socialist paradise will be dead soon, anyway, and we will not be around to witness the deaths of millions that was voted in by these morons.

  5. Brothers and Sisters in Spirit, be of good cheer. Let commie bernie win. Two things will happen. A) he will not get ANY of his spending policies past a republican house, which will lead to B) He will try executive orders to push his taxes on Americans and might even try implementing his communistic ideas by force. The end result is the Revolution comes that much sooner then we can burn it all down and rebuild the country. As for socialist types running for public office at the city or state level, I doubt that will happen. Politics is too local and tax increases would be felt quickly and not liked. At any rate, I will not be a slave. I will probably just be dead fighting slavers.

    Terminus est nunc.

  6. Doddering old Jewish communists with Brooklyn accents are a fun stock character in a certain type of action film, or in a Woody Allen flick. They’re mostly harmless in that milieu.

    They aren’t very amusing in real life, particularly not when somebody is getting ready to hand them the key ring with the keys on it for the economy, our personal lives and the military.

  7. Mmmmm….maybe, Mike. It’s kind of disheartening to see you state that, because I respect your insight and predictions.

    At this point, I’m not willing to call it decisively. Too many variables.

    Despite last night causing all of the pundits to declare that Trump has blown it, while I would prefer Cruz, I still think that Trump is going to be the (R) nominee.

    The variables:

    * Will Hillary have a convenient health crisis causing her to drop out, or be indicted? Her superdelegate advantage makes a Bernie nomination problematic if she stays in.

    * If Hillary drops out, will she do it late enough to cause the DNC to try to run in a ringer, or go for a brokered Convention? (Bernie’s no more popular with the mainstream DNC than Trump is with the GOPe.)

    * If Trump looks likely to win the nomination, will Bloomberg jump in as an Independent as he’s threatened to, and will he bleed enough support from the Dem candidates to do a Perot on them? (He won’t bleed much from the (R) Candidate: Gun-grabber Bloomberg will galvanize the gun owner vote on an “Anyone But Bloomberg” basis – especially after the death of Scalia.)

    * What effect will Scalia’s death and a looming interim appointment to the SC by Obama have? (I know you posted this before Scalia died, and threw a new variable into the mix.)

    I’m going to maintain my stance on this election: there is *nothing* “conventional” about this election cycle, and all conventional punditry, polling, and predictions on how this election is going to go are out the window. I think the end results in November are going to surprise everyone – but there’s no real predicting exactly what form that surprise is going to take.

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