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Obama to Americans: you stoopid h8rs iz so stoopid

Moslems rule, Christians drool.

Obama was welcomed to the Islamic Society of Baltimore by a few protesters outside the center’s fence and proceeded to a roundtable discussion with Muslim leaders, including Imam Yaseen Shaikh, a resident scholar at the Islamic Society.

After that meeting, an honor guard of Muslim Boy Scouts brought in the U.S. and Maryland flags and led the audience in the pledge of allegiance before a recitation from the Quran.

Obama hailed the mosque, “like so many in our country,” as “an all-American story.”

“Now, a lot of Americans have never visited a mosque, and to the folks watching this today who haven’t, think of your own church or synagogue or temple and a mosque like this will be very familiar. This is where families come to worship and express their love for God and for each other,” he said. “…So the first thing I want to say is two words that Muslim-Americans don’t hear often enough, and that is thank you. Thank you for serving your community.”

“…You’ve seen too often people conflating the horrific acts of terrorism with the beliefs of an entire faith. And, of course, recently we’ve heard inexcusable political rhetoric against Muslim-Americans that has no place in our country. No surprise, then, that threats and harassment of Muslim-Americans have surged.”

Mentioning concerns he’s heard from Muslims that they’re going to be targeted, the president stressed “for more than 1,000 years, people have been drawn to Islam’s message of peace.”

“Whoever wants to enter paradise, the Prophet Muhammad taught, let him treat people the way he would love to be treated. And for Christians like myself, I’m assuming that sounds familiar,” he added.

“Jefferson and John Adams had their own copies of the Koran. Benjamin Franklin wrote that, ‘even if the Mufti of Constantinople were to send a missionary to preach to us, he would find a pulpit at this service.'”

You all know by now that I could easily go back and grab quotes from the Koran and hadiths negating every lie out of this seditious snake’s mouth–which would be pretty much every word from that excerpt. You know that almost nothing of what the disgusting scoundrel–this Benedict Arnold in mufti–said above bears any resemblance not only to truth, but to reality.

I’m not going to bother with any of that. Instead, I’m going to refute his outrageous hijacking of the Founders to the cause of using Islam to undermine the West, a blatant lie so egregious I’m actually kind of surprised a screaming red lightning bolt from on high, hurled by the hand of God Himself, didn’t crash from the Heavens to smite this duplicitous mountebank right where he stood–surprised, and disappointed. And I’m not going to bother going into great depth doing it either, because the lie is too obvious, and the motivation behind it too dark.

Obama claims that Muslims have made significant contributions to building of this nation. The claim is laughable to anyone who has studied US history. Historian David Barton spoke to Glenn Beck and tore the president’s claims apart.

Barton found the first real contribution any Muslim made was in 1856 (80 years after the founding) when then Secretary of War Jefferson Davis hired one Muslim to help train camels in Arizona. Not exactly a resounding contribution, since the plan to fight Native Americans via camelback was soon dismissed.

But Muslims did have an influence on early America, and that influence was one of a foe. After winning its independence from England, American vessels no longer enjoyed British protection. France, dismayed that the US would not aid it in its war against England, also ceased protection of American ships. The result led to American vessels being raided and plundered by Muslim pirates from the Barbary Coast.

After agreeing to pay 10% of the new nations dismal GDP in exchange for passage, attacks continued. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin were sent as representatives to mediate the problem. It was there that they discovered that the Islamic law the pirates followed made it their duty to attack non-Muslims.

“The ambassador answered us that [the right] was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise,” Jefferson wrote to Secretary of State John Jay, explaining peace was not possible.

Ben Franklin wrote of his experience: “Nor can the Plundering of Infidels be in that sacred Book (the Qur’an) forbidden, since it is well known from it, that God has given the World, and all that it contains, to his faithful Mussulmen, who are to enjoy it of Right as fast as they conquer it.”

John Adams, in his report to Jay, wrote of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, and called him a “military fanatic” who “denies that laws were made for him; he arrogates everything to himself by force of arms.”

By the time Jefferson became president the Barbary coast was extorting 25% of US GDP and attacks were still occurring. Jefferson wasted no time in signing a war powers request which launched the US’s entire naval fleet to wage war on the Barbary pirates. Jefferson saw the fleet off, ordering the US sailors to chase the pirates all the way to Tripoli, giving rise to the famed verse from the US Marines’ anthem.

President Obama is correct when he says that Muslims shaped this country, just not in how he means. They provided the context and need for the US Marines and provided our first lesson in battling extremism: It cannot be appeased. Extremism must be routed out through force.

Jefferson had previously been against forming a US Navy, but changed his mind after being confronted with Moslem intransigence and imperialism. Here’s Adams on Pisslam, from his inscription in the very Koran that the liar Obama used as evidence that Adams somehow revered the false pseudo-religion, or even respected it at all:

This book is a long conference of God, the angels, and Mahomet, which that false prophet very grossly invented; sometimes he introduceth God, who speaketh to him, and teacheth him his law, then an angel, among the prophets, and frequently maketh God to speak in the plural. … Thou wilt wonder that such absurdities have infected the best part of the world, and wilt avouch, that the knowledge of what is contained in this book, will render that law contemptible …

As for Jefferson, the only reason he obtained a Koran in the first place was to understand how to best respond to their belligerence and megalomania. The conclusion he reached was obvious: make war on them, until their stratagems are thwarted and their ambitions crushed. Seeing how little Islam and its intentions have changed since then, that conclusion still applies as the best–indeed, the only–possible answer for any society that would choose not to yield to enslavement or dhimmitude. It’s a conclusion the West has had to be brought kicking and screaming to again and again, and the lesson is being administered once more, right before our very eyes.

That a so-called American so-called “president” could stand in a public place and so egregiously attempt to mislead the nation–and don’t tell me he’s so stupid he simply doesn’t know the history, or understand it; while I admit he’s pretty damned stupid, he’s way more cunning than that–goes far beyond outrage. Obama’s lying mouth has very nearly dragged him over into the territory of outright treason. Not that THAT should surprise anybody. Nor should the most tragic part of the whole sickening spectacle, which is this:

Obama clearly expects to get clean away with this vile calumny, this outrage against history, truth, decency, and observable reality. That his expectation is likely to prove entirely reasonable is the real tragedy, and the real outrage. He should instead be repudiated in no uncertain terms and removed from office, his lies thoroughly and vociferously denounced. He should be run out of DC in ignominy and shame and sent off to see how he fares among the Moslems with whom he so strongly identifies.

The liar Obama is a blight on the escutcheon of a once proud and strong nation. His contempt for the country he has done so much to bring low has never been more apparent, more undeniable. Very well, then–let him be removed from among us. Let him be sent to dwell with his true compatriots, forcibly, if need be. To paraphrase his own mendacious words, he is NOT where he belongs. He needs to go where he does.

He is a snake. And the snake has really outdone itself a-slithering this time. He shouldn’t get away with it. But odds are he will.

Update! The REAL Islamophobia.

Barack Obama suffers from serious case of the real Islamophobia — fear of telling the truth about Islam. Even though a “progressive,” he says nary a word about the rampant misogyny and homophobia in Islam or about Sharia law whose medieval strictures are preferred by 51% of American Muslims. Nor does he seem to care that so few of these same American Muslims actively oppose radical Islam. The president prefers the Hamas-linked CAIR to courageous reformers like Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. But that’s no surprise. For Obama, radical Islam doesn’t even exist.

Instead, he claims American citizens are mistreating their Muslim brothers and sisters when anyone with a web browser can see that simply isn’t true and is yet another Obama lie. In fact, anti-Muslim acts in the USA are few and far less than those against Jews. According to the FBI,  in 2014, 57% of hate crimes targeted Jews, only 16% Muslims. Moreover, hate crimes themselves are  extremely infrequent in this country, only 1140 (again from 2014) in a nation with a population well over 320 million. Compare hate crimes to burglaries — 2,159,878, according to the FBI, in 2010 — and it becomes obvious how minuscule the threat is, particularly to Muslims. It’s almost non-existent.

Yet Obama continues to hector us about our anti-Muslim bias.

He thinks far less of Americans than he ever will of Moslems, because he’s internalized Leftist dogma positing that all the world’s evils spring from us so completely even he himself probably isn’t aware of it anymore.

UNEXPECTED update! One of those nearly chimerical moderate Moslems speaks up:

Obama speaks of the “threats and harassment of Muslim-American [that] have surged,” but he doesn’t speak of the threats and harassment that come from within our own community that silence the debate within Islam that has been an organic part of the faith up until the last 50 years.

He also tried to calm Muslim-American anxieties, adding that “as Muslim Americans, you also have another concern — and that is your entire community so often is targeted or blamed for the violent acts of the very few.” Yet Muslim-American “anxiety” is best calmed through Muslim-American involvement against extremist elements in their faith.

Meanwhile, the narrative we hear echoed again and again is that of a vulnerable demographic—frail, afraid and unsure of its place in American society. Yet a faith that promotes jihad doesn’t produce large populations of helpless followers. Rather than coddling Muslim Americans through soft language, we would have been much better served if Obama’s historic first visit to an American mosque was used as an opportunity to confront extremism within our communities.

As Muslim-Americans, we don’t need our ego stroked; we need our egos challenged. Obama spoke of Muslim excellence and heroism in everyday life, but the greatest act of Muslim heroism today is to tackle a decrepit faith.

Amen to that. I most sincerely wish you luck with that; you’ve certainly got your work cut out for you, and are all too likely to be killed yourself for attempting it, or even speaking out about it. Unfortunately, the one thing on which you can surely rely is that you’ll have no help at all from despicable curs like Obama.


2 thoughts on “Obama to Americans: you stoopid h8rs iz so stoopid

  1. Wonderful. It made my day. It lifted the malaise I feel when I hear such truth dodging in the media.
    Mike in Oviedo FL

  2. Well stated, as usual. And you’re a better person than me, in that I deliberately never capitalize moslem, or anything else to do with that wretched, militant, dead-end theocracy.

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