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“Bring back Officer Friendly! Robocop sucks”

Life in the American Police State. Or, “Your papers, comrade.”

Let me say up front that I know this will be unpopular. But I can’t help the uneasiness that I feel toward law enforcement lately…and I have some good reasons. Gone are the days of Officer Friendly, the neighborhood cop who knows everyone and is looking out for the community’s best interest. It seems that lately, police officers end up terrorizing those they are supposed to be serving and protecting. Clearly, not all police are acting this way, but it sure seems the police state is ramping up. I have a high respect for police officers who respect the law. The rest of them, though…they scare me.

That’s the whole idea, and their whole purpose.

It pains me to have to alert my children to the dangers we face from police. I was raised to respect them—and I do respect the good ones. But what is happening in my hometown of Chicago and all across this nation should worry everyone. “To Serve and Protect” is too often “To Harass and Punish.” Police need to submit to the authority of the Constitution again. I am going to encourage my children to recognize when their rights are being violated and to politely refuse to play.

I feel the same way about it myself. But you ought to make sure your kid also knows, for his own protection and in the interest of being fully informed and aware, that if he “refuses to play” he’s most likely going to get arrested at the very least, with a good old group ass-beating to follow–either at the precinct house or right there in the street in front of God and everybody–and it won’t matter in the least how politely he asserts his nonexistent “rights.”

As far as the authorities are concerned, he has one right, and one right only: the “right” to do exactly as he’s told, with no back-sass and no assertion of chimerical “rights” whatsoever. Best tack to take: make sure your kid knows that NO American authority figure is to be trusted–ever–and the proper rule of thumb is to keep as much distance, physical and otherwise, between them and himself as is humanly possible.

The sad, bitter truth is this: in liberal-fascist Amerika v2.0, he has no rights at all that the cops are bound to respect; there will be no repercussions against the cops for running roughshod over them; and above all, the Constitution is as dead, irrelevant, and forgotten as that old “to protect and serve” slogan is. It has no authority worthy of the name; the authorities have glommed it all, and the rest of us can go suck it. And if you think any amount at all of “concern” or “worry” is going to suffice to change that, you’re kidding yourself.

All too real update! Imagine.


4 thoughts on ““Bring back Officer Friendly! Robocop sucks”

  1. Just one thing:

    There ARE NO “good cops” in any department that tolerates pigs. NONE. If there were any “good cops” there, the bad cops would quickly be gone. And if someone who claims to be “good” is unable to get rid of the bad. then WHY does he still remain in that department?

    There may be a few dozen truly good cops in this entire country. Those would only be in the smallest of departments, FAR removed from any hive. And simply being from a small rural department does NOT necessarily make one a good cop, because there are far too many corrupt pigs out there in the hinterlands as well.

  2. Remember, liberals believe that once only the police and government are allowed to have guns, everything is going to be just great.

  3. Meagan Fox is an idiot. Does anyone believe she will protect their child during a riot? Is she going to rush into a burning skyscaper?

    I see the usual cop haters, well the next time you’re in trouble call your Congressman or English professor. We can see how that’s working out in Europe where the police have been reduced to the state that Megan Fox desires.

    No one ever sai the Cop was officer friendly, but too many Americans think the cops are storm troopers. They haven’t been overseas or to the UK to see what evil truly is.

    I am so sick of the whinnners.

    Go to your safe place you pantywaists.

  4. Burn with your pigs, Veritas.

    Andrew Lee Scott
    Corey Jones
    Jeremy Mardis
    Eurie Stamps
    Jose Gurena
    Jack Yantis
    Erik Scott

    How many hundreds more do you want? Happiness is dead pigs.

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