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Evening the score

You may not be interested in war. But war is interested in you.

Packs of vigilantes conducted what appear to be revenge attacks on foreign nationals in Cologne, Germany — the same location where refugees and migrants reportedly sexually assaulted hundreds of women New Year’s Eve.

Cologne police said 20 men attacked at least six Pakistani nationals Sunday near the city center where the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults and robberies took place, reported CNN. About 20 minutes after the attack, an apparently separate group of five men assaulted a man of Syrian descent.

The Syrian man was injured, and two of the Pakistani nationals were hospitalized. The attackers allegedly beat the Pakistani men and verbally abused them. Police are looking to press charges as the group of men committed “serious bodily harm.”

More than 500 people filed criminal complaints over the sexual assaults, rapes and robberies that took place in the city center on New Year’s Eve, reported The Daily Mail. Cologne police have admitted the focus of their investigation is on refugees and migrants of North African and Arab descent who look to be “almost exclusively responsible” for the New Year’s Eve violence.

“Admitted,” after a week of trying to hide the truth, insulting the victims, threatening outraged Germans with dire consequences for indulging in Doubleplus Ungood Wrongthink and the natural human reaction to Moslem barbarity, and suggesting to German women in general that the assaults were their own damned fault and could be avoided in future if only they’d modify their behavior to accommodate misogynist savagery.

Western authorities have refused to defend their populations from hostile foreign invasion by adherents to an ideology incompatible with Western ideals. They have instead openly sided with the invaders, humiliating and endangering their native populations in the process. Did anybody really expect that these people were going to remain willing participants in their own destruction–as Diplomad said, paying (both literally and figuratively) our executioners?

It’s a terrible pass we’ve been brought to by our own supposed “leaders.” No, innocent people should surely never be held responsible for the crimes of others. But anybody waiting for me to harshly condemn these vigilantes had best not be holding their breath doing it. This sort of thing is only to be expected, and anybody who couldn’t have seen it and worse coming just around the bend is a fool and a knave. And probably works for a Western government or its captive media machine. Those supposed “leaders” better watch out from here on out, lest some of the thirst for revenge they’ve witlessly cultivated eventually splash back on them too. As Glenn says:

Look around the world, and you ‘ll see a leadership class that doesn’t seem to be up to the job and doesn’t want people talking about it. It bodes poorly for the coming years.

And bodes even worse for the leadership class…which I personally consider a feature and not a bug. Gee, think maybe we’d have been better off sticking with the Founders’ prescriptions against the establishment of a permanent-professional-politician class instead of allowing the rise of a peculiar species of trough-swilling pigs to misrule and abuse us?

Update! More of the same from Sweden:

But in internal communication that has been leaked to the daily Dagens Nyheter, a very different picture emerges. Gangs of boys and young men molested girls, a dozen cases were reported to the police, and officers working at the festival managed to identify some 50 suspected perpetrators. During the five days of the festival, approximately 200 young men were removed from the culture festival, which is held outdoors at Kungsträdgården square in central Stockholm every year.

The organizers of the festival tell DN that there are cases of sexual harassment at every festival, but that, beginning in 2014, groups of boys and young men work the crowds together.

“These cases are very particular. There are groups of guys who are deliberately focusing on surrounding and molesting girls. At first we were completely shocked by their actions,” said Roger Ticoalu, head of events at Stockholm City council.

That’s because you’re stupid as fucking hell, and political correctness has killed what few brain cells you ever had to begin with.

According to Peter Ã…gren, who was heading the police operation this summer, one explanation as to why they did not talk more openly about this may be because the young men who were accused of harassing the girls, were mainly said to have foreign backgrounds. “Some times we do not really say how things are because we believe it may play into the hands of the Sweden Democrats,” Ã…gren told Dagens Nyheter, referring to the anti-immigration party in Parliament.

And there you have it. PC Leftism must be preserved at all costs, most especially the cost to their own population, who are just a bunch of privileged white people anyway and have it coming. So hey, screw them, amIright?

Glenn links to another report that says the assaults are nothing new: “In Cologne alone, more than 11,000 people have been robbed in this way in the last three years. According to police, all of the perpetrators have been male and in the majority of cases, they have come from North African countries such as Morocco and Algeria.” But naturally, even in the course of finally admitting this, Der Spiegel just has to get its “NOT ALL MUSLIMS! NOT ALL MUSLIMS! YOU’RE ALL RACISTS!!” dodge on, leading to this near-hilarious, wholly pathetic passage:

Hands seemed to come from every direction to grab the women’s bodies. They always went for between the legs. Paul’s attempts to protect the women were futile. Providing cover for one left another to fend for herself. “It was one hand after another,” Jeanette says. She was able to throw one attacker “really violently to the side” with a judo grip.

None of the three students can say for sure who attacked them. They are, however, all in agreement that all of the men surrounding them were speaking the same language, and that it sounded a lot like Arabic.

“Damned xenophobic HOOERS!! How DARE they imply…uhh, whatever it is they’re implying, which I wouldn’t ever dare say myself!” Which all leads to this, at the end of the piece, which isn’t just nearly-hilarious; it’s outright sidesplitting, considering where it’s coming from:

What should be done? An attempt at complete honesty would be a good start.

Damned if it wouldn’t. Should have tried that a long time ago, but better late than never, I guess. Go ahead, you start.

I keep right on saying it, and events keep right on bearing it out: in order to defeat the Moslems, we’re first going to have to crush the “liberals.” Until that happens, we’re going to go right on trying to win an existential clash of fundamentally and eternally opposed civilizations–one side barely deserving of the name–with both hands tied behind our backs, and most especially blindfolded. That’s every bit as true here as it is over there.

Blow it out both sides update! Another of the more prominent lying fools we misnomer “leaders” heard from:


People’s Cube, via Bill.

Laugh until you cry update! On the lighter side of it all: “I wonder how many of Germany’s immigrants are also Holocaust deniers. Karma’s a biotch.” Um…heh. Indeed.

An update that bears repeating update! Spencer cuts to the chase, as is his wont:

Not a single mainstream news outlet has identified the approximately 1,000 men who congregated by the main train station in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve and raped and sexually assaulted hundreds of women — or their counterparts who did the same thing in Zurich, Helsinki, and elsewhere — as Muslims. But there is little doubt that they were indeed Muslim, since they have been identified as migrants and most of the migrants are Muslims.

Most importantly, identifying the attackers as Muslim leads directly to understanding the attacks themselves, because the attackers were acting in accord with Islamic teachings.

Sexual assault plagues all cultures — but only in Islam is it given divine sanction.

Bold his. And frankly, as the West cowers under the Islamic onslaught, theirs.

These Muslims in Cologne no doubt don’t think they have done anything wrong — these women are just infidels, uncovered meat.

And the shameful truth is that the only ones giving them any reason to think otherwise, or to rethink the assumption that Westerners feel the same themselves, are the vigilantes.

1 thought on “Evening the score

  1. “Vigilante Justice”. I understand why it would get a bad rap IF there’s some more organized form of justice to turn to. When there isn’t, you can probably just leave off the “vigilante” part.

    There is one thing wrong with the so-called “vigilante” beatings in Cologne, … they’re beating the wrong people.

    No, I don’t mean that they’ve got the wrong individual muslims. I mean that if I go on a weeks vacation and leave my keys with you and pay you to house-sit and watch the place, when you take off to Vegas for a week of debauchery and use my advance payment to snort coke off a hooker’s ass; I don’t get mad at whoever the hell robbed my house while I was away. It’s you I give a beating to.
    In this analogy, “I” am the citizens of Cologne, and “you” are the politicians, administration, … and the police, … in Cologne and in Germany more broadly.

    The clearly maniacal tyrants in Germany, and elsewhere, can continue to try to imbue “vigilantism” with negative connotations from a long-dead past; but, you know, one man’s “vigilante” …..

    At any rate, a reckoning is due in Europe**.

    Have a nice day.

    **Any parallels on this side of the Atlantic are either coincidental or the imaginary constructs of the minds of any LEOs or other government employees reading this.

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