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A specter is haunting Europe

But none of the European powers have allied themselves against it, for fear of demonizing examining its ideas.

The most disturbing thing about the Cologne attacks was the prevalence of sexual assault as a weapon, complete with gangs of Muslim men stalking German women through the streets, yelling obscenities at them and threatening them with sexual violence. Note to Western feminists: we finally found real “rape culture” for you. Unfortunately, it is not found primarily among middle-class American college boys, which is what you were hoping for.

This is “normal” — if that word can be applied here — in the Arab and Muslim world. Wherever large crowds gather, unaccompanied women are in danger. (Remember the brutal attack on CBS reporter Lara Logan during the Egyptian revolution.) This is a measure of the extent to which the culture of Islam, as it is practiced in much of the world, deranges and brutalizes its believers, particularly when it comes to their attitudes toward women and sex. This is what has now arrived in the heart of a free, civilized, enlightened Europe.

But take heart, some people in Europe are really thinking ahead. The famed Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana in now offering high-end hijabs. So yes, it turns out that burqas do come in sizes.

It’s “normal” not just in the Arab world, but in any and every nation where Islam is allowed to flourish. But hey, there’s a reasonable response to it, and Western women ought to be preparing themselves for it:

In the left’s pyramid of grievances, Islamophobia now outranks the war on women.

Many of the early reports ignored the question of the nationality of the alleged perpetrators altogether. Even the suggestion that the recent wave of immigrants from countries that view women as chattel rather than human beings led to the attacks had to be downplayed. Instead, women were told to take steps to prevent further assaults by adopting a “code of conduct.”

This “code” included the recommendation that women keep “an arm’s length” from strangers.

Now, crime-prevention tips are helpful and often obvious. Don’t walk down a dark alley alone at night. Be aware of your surroundings. These are commonsense and apply to nearly every crime.

But telling women to behave differently — even fearfully — in public places in the middle of the day does amount to victim-blaming. Why not just tell women to stay indoors or wear a burqa?

Oh, I wouldn’t fret too much about that–it’s coming soon enough. To the idiot-Left cowards, that’s preferable by far to the unconscionable risk of making an unassimilated Muslim feel even slightly uncomfortable in the lands he’s slowly conquering.

On the bright side, as the Left throws major segments of its core constituency under the Moslem bus one by one, eventually there’ll only be a handful of them remaining.

Chilling analogy update! One which points up the difference between American Then, and Now:

Progressivist policies are now second only to the Koran as the greatest support to international Islamic terror. The Progressive hatred for Western Civilization makes a perfect match with Islam’s hatred for Western Civilization. As noted before, in effect, what we have is a Molotov-Ribbontrop Pact between Progressivism and Islam. We see in Germany, for example, this Progressive hatred translated into the active encouragement of Muslim “immigration” into the heart of Europe–perhaps as many as one million, mostly young men, in the past few months. The results are catastrophic, and we are only seeing the beginning. Even before this latest “refugee” crisis, we had hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants living in Europe, many if not most on some sort of public assistance–just like the murdering brothers in Boston–and seething with hatred for the “white dude” culture that took them in, feeds them, gives them housing, etc. The Progressive hatred for our Civilization is so complete that even when Muslim “refugees” attack favored constituencies of Progressives, e.g., women, Progressives make excuses for the Muslims and advise women to “cover up” and “keep an arms length” from men. Progressive media is full of stories worrying about the potential “backlash” against the “refugees” because of the stories (oh so carefully worded) of mass rapes and assaults by the “refugees.”

As stated previously (here, for example), the Gates of Vienna have been breached, well, better said, opened from the inside. Our political betters have decided to transform fundamentally our culture into a copy of the savage cultures where Islam rules–and we are not to resist. Here at home, for one example, we see two Muslims go on a jihadist rampage in San Bernardino, and that prompts weepy calls from the bien pensants to disarm us. I guess per that logic, the attack on Pearl Harbor was a call for Americans to get rid of their personal weapons. 

While our PC schools and media actively seek to undermine our will to resist, our taxpayer pounds, euros, and dollars now fund the terrorists. We are paying our executioners.

Yeah, well, those PC schools are Saudi-funded and -influenced now too, so I don’t guess their new function of undermining us–call it “Muslim outreach,” say–should come as much of a surprise.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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