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Give ’em what they want

Good and hard.

The West Baltimore rioters of 2015 didn’t call for more LBJ-style antipoverty projects, but for less policing. In a “keep off our turf” version of belligerent multiculturalism, the rioters see police as both to blame for black criminality and as an embodiment of bourgeois white values. The old riot ideology referred to mostly white urban police forces as occupying armies; the new version sees even Baltimore’s integrated police force, under the leadership of a black mayor and (until recently) a black police chief, as an occupying army. Withdrawing the police from black neighborhoods is the only acceptable solution.

This new racial politics is not only coalescing around activists claiming to speak for urban blacks – represented publicly by groups like Black Lives Matter – but also is expressed in the writings of best-selling author Ta-Nehisi Coates. And Baltimore is once again center stage.

In his memoir, “The Beautiful Struggle,” Coates described how his father, a former Black Panther, drove his son around West Baltimore “telling me again the story of the black folks’ slide to ruin.” Whites had “plundered” what belonged to blacks, his father explained, as they had done with once-great African kingdoms.

Coates, who lived in fear of black street toughs as a teen, sees the police as a greater threat to black well-being than the drug “crews” and gangs roaming the streets of West Baltimore today. His vision, in part, is to free gang-ridden areas from the malign grip of white standards and aggressive policing. Coates has adopted his father’s view that “our condition, the worst of this country’s condition – poor, diseased, illiterate, crippled, dumb – was not just a tumor to be burrowed out but proof that the whole body was a tumor, that America was not a victim of a great rot but the rot itself.” Not even a hurricane of violence, says the new riot ideology, justifies a vigorous police presence in black localities.

For Ta-Nehisi Coates, the crews and the gangsta rappers singing about the need to “Fuck the Police” are preferable to the cops. The cops, complains Coates, “lord over” young black men with “the moral authority of a protection racket.” There is a touch of truth in this. But, Coates goes on, the problem with the police “is not that they are fascist pigs but that our country is ruled by majoritarian pigs.” The solution, he implies, is a black population released from the ideals of the American dream and from the “false morality” of white Americans. For Coates, blacks can only be freed from racism after whites have been emancipated from capitalism.

A man, a city, a movement and a moment have met: Baltimore has, for the time being, been liberated from American morality. Let’s judge Coates’s vision on how that plays out.

Oh, it’s easy enough to determine the answer to that one: look at Detroit, Zimbabwe, Haiti, the Congo, Yemen, and any number of other dangerous, poverty-ridden hellholes around the globe. But hey, no reason to think things won’t work out differently this time, right?

So yeah, let ’em have what they want: pull the cops out completely, along with all white investment and businesses. Also government subsidies, tax breaks, and “enterprise zones,” and all other welfare programs to boot. Segregate their urban-ghetto shitholes from “white America” completely, and put fences up around ’em. Let all the whiny, indolent thugs have their own space where they can live completely unmolested by “white oppression.” Let’s all see where that gets ’em.

And hey, did somebody mention Detroit? Yep, I do believe someone did. And while most real Americans consider that nightmare a textbook example of how to run a city right into the ground, not everyone seems to feel that way:

“Detroit has helped nurture a new black mentality,” Johnson said, pounding his desk for emphasis. “More than any other city, blacks here make an issue of where you live. If you’re with us, you’ll find a place in the city.” Whites often say, in their own defense, that many middle-class blacks also leave the city at the first opportunity. I mentioned this to Johnson, but he waved it away. “The majority of the black middle class is here. We are engaged in the most determined, feverish effort to save Detroit. Why? Because Detroit is special. It’s the first major city in the United States to have taken on the symbols of a black city. It has elected a strong, powerful black mayor, powerful in both his personality and his office. Detroit, more than anywhere else, has gathered power and put it in black hands.”

But [Coleman Young, Detroit’s Democrat mayor from 1974 to 1994] has done more than broaden access to the pork barrel. Under him, Detroit has become not merely an American city that happens to have a black majority, but a black metropolis, the first major Third World city in the United States. The trappings are all there— showcase projects, black-fisted symbols, an external enemy and the cult of personality. Detroit has even developed a quasi-official ideology that regards the pre–-Young era as a time of white colonialism, ended by the 1967 insurrection and its aftermath. An official city publication describes the police department as having been “a hostile white army, entrusted by white authorities with the job of keeping nonwhites penned up in ghettoes.”

[Ron] Hewitt is the planner for America’s sixth largest city, once the symbol of the country’s industrial power. But the old myths of the Arsenal of Democracy mean little to him. “As a people we have more soul, we are more spiritual than others,” he said. “Our technology will be tempered by that soul. If white folks could leave us alone and give us the resources, we could solve our own problems.”

“Leave us alone.” “Give us the resources.” Well, which is it, bub? You want we should leave you alone so you can get busy solving your own problems, as you so correctly put it? Or do we continue shoveling handouts your way, secure in the knowledge that you will immediately shovel it all down more Progressivist ratholes? No just reason you should expect both, from people you malign, loot, assault, spit on, rob, riot against, and routinely defame for their supposed “racism.”

A “new black mentality,” is it? Funny how it so resembles the same one Progressivists are always pimping: professional victimhood, a perception of helplessness, loss of personal dignity and self-determination, blame-shifting, infantilization, and perpetual reliance on government programs which merely feeds and exacerbates the first three rather than alleviating any of them.

Cut ’em off, I say. Withdraw that “hostile white army” from their midst, stop the endless flow of money to the Free Shit Army, and let ’em riot, kill each other, and eventually starve, until there’s not one of them left to continue impeding the progress of the civilization they say they despise. It sounds harsh–hell, it IS harsh–but I’d say it’s far more reasonable to rid oneself of an infestation of parasites by removing them than by letting them kill their host in the vain hope that they’ll someday, somehow figure out who it is that’s REALLY oppressing them.


2 thoughts on “Give ’em what they want

  1. Cut off their drip-feeds, and they’ll self-deport. Oh, wait. That’s the other problem.

    In this case, they’ll self-immolate.

  2. I don’t know what Leftists believe in their hearts, but they seem to believe in the manna theory of wealth.

    The Political Dictionary

    Liberal Economics: Money falls from heaven for everyone to use. But, the immoral and sneaky rich gather more than their share. The government should then step in and redistribute the money the way God intended. Sorry, I mean the way Gaia, or the Tooth Fairy, or whoever intended.

    More “realistic” leftists follow Marx’s recognition that the wealthy created the machinery of production, but it is not necessary to keep them around to collect the proceeds. Just take the machines, press the buttons, and divide the wealth.

    Richard Epstein discusses Barack Obama

    === ===
    Richard Epstein is the James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago, where he has taught since 1972. He was a colleague of Barack Obama when Obama taught as an instructor. Epstein had mutual friends with Obama, and talked to Obama about some issues. His main description is that Obama is under complete self-control

    “Obama worked as a community organizer and was in many cases very constructive. He organized public/private partnerships to help the homeless and downtrodden.”

    “But, the difficulty you get, for someone who has only worked in that situation, is that he believes the creation of private wealth is something the government cannot influence or destroy. He has many fancy redistribution schemes, in addition to his health plan and new labor laws, which are all wealth killers.”
    === ===

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