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The crucial point

Every now and again Limbaugh will just tee up and slam one right out of the park. This would be one of those times.

Both parties, the Washington establishment, the media is a coequal player, and the media has always been an equal participant at the establishment table, if you will, and the entire establishment cannot use their own media to fix this. And by “fix this,” I mean get rid of Trump. It’s the first time in I don’t know how long that the media has been impotent when it comes to destroying somebody. That’s their hallmark. They want to take somebody out, easy. Want to try take somebody out, go for it. There are only a couple, three instances where they’re unable to do it, and when those instances pop up they never understand why they’re unable to do it. And that’s where they are now.

I have never seen or known a period of time where the people in Washington were so detached, disconnected, unaware of the thinking of the majority of the American people, as is the case today. I’ve never seen it. And it’s getting wider. This divide is getting wider. This detachment, this distance is becoming even greater and more stark, and it is just all illustrated here every day more and more in the media coverage of the Trump campaign, or anything else involving Trump. It is genuinely eye opening.

And then when the Republicans or the Democrats (it doesn’t matter who) send somebody out to condemn Trump, here’s the problem they’ve got: There’s nobody respected enough anymore that has sufficient moral authority to be able to criticize Trump with any credibility. They’ve squandered that. If indeed there was a Republican with the moral authority to be able to criticize Trump and thus damage him, that person would be leading in the Republican presidential primary. But there simply isn’t anybody. And as far as Republican voters are concerned, there’s not a single damn Democrat that has any credibility, moral authority, you name it (certainly nobody in the media), to start criticizing Trump and have that be effective.

And this is what these people had better start understanding, because this represents and means quite a bit. It says much more than just what it says about Trump.

If you want, pick any name from what everybody would agree would be the Washington establishment who’s criticizing Trump and saying, “This is not who we are, and this does not represent American values, and this simply will not stand. This is not who we are and this is not what we’re about, and this is reprehensible and it’s outrageous, and Trump should apologize, and this will not be allowed to happen. This is un-American!” There’s not a single one of them that has any moral authority left to have that mean anything with the American people.

I think this is a crucial point. This chasm, this distance, this divide from the Washington establishment to the people who make this country work? It is so wide, it is so big, that there’s nobody in the establishment that has any credibility any longer. Back in the early nineties and in the eighties and in the seventies, I’ll give you an example: William F. Buckley had the moral authority to determine who was an acceptable conservative and who wasn’t. He had the moral thought because he had the moral authority. He had it because he was credible.

The media, in their own minds, controls the political horse race. By virtue of their polling and their daily reporting, they have always thought of themselves as having the power to make or break candidates. Somebody like Todd Akin comes along and says whatever it was he says, the media says, “We’re gonna take him out,” and they did. Somebody like Christine O’Donnell comes out and wins in Delaware, “We can’t have that. We’re gonna take her out.” They did. Sharron Angle, Tea Party candidate in Nevada, “What a kook. What a weirdo. We can’t have that, we’re gonna take her out.” And joining with the Republicans and all three of these candidates, they did. They have this power. They were able to take out Mitt Romney with lies, distortions, and the help of Harry Reid.

This has been what they have become accustomed to, cover the politics of the day as a horse race and be in charge of who wins it. So now they’re covering the horse race, but they’ve lost total control over who wins it. And they’re in abject panic.

Good. Hopefully they’ll stay that way; it’s certainly long overdue. As I’ve been saying all along: love him or hate him, agree with him or not, respect him or not, Trump has either wittingly or unwittingly done the nation a far greater service than several generations of go-along-get-along, snouts-in-the-trough professional politicians of either wing of our single-party system ever did.

Update! Related? You better damned well believe it.

This is why the public is not joining the media, the Democrats and the GOP establishment in getting the vapors over Donald Trump’s comments about Muslim immigration. The men pulling the triggers in Paris and San Bernardino are men with French, Belgian and US passports, but they are not “French”, “Belgian” or “American” in any meaningful sense. They regard their primary identity as Muslim – and their citizenship as a mere travel document. So it doesn’t require a large leap to wonder whether Islam is, in fact, an issue.

Instead, media commentators are arguing that the fact that all these “28-year-old California men” and “23-year-old Strasbourg men” are going bananas demonstrates that there’s nothing to fear from all these zillions of “Syrian” “refugees”. These “Syrians” are harmless. The real loonies are all these “homegrown” Americans and Europeans. Our cities would be a lot safer if we had more Syrians and fewer Americans and Europeans.

As I said to Sean Hannity on Monday night, one reason why Trump’s “outrageous” remarks never dent his numbers a whit is because to significant numbers of people he sounds far less insane than the mainstream consensus – now insisting that all these psycho “American” and “European” terrorists demonstrate why we’d be much better off letting in millions of “refugees”.

Steyn, too, gets it. And like Rush, he has all along.

The disconnect Rush speaks of isn’t only between DC and real Americans. It’s between DC and objective reality–and with every passing day, the gulf grows ever wider and more unbridgeable. Nor is the millennial struggle against mainstream Islam the only place where this disconnect can be observed. From Steyn’s Senate testimony Tuesday:

Climate alarmism is going nowhere. The two-decade global-warming pause, which no late 1990s climate model foresaw, led the public to doubt Big Climate’s confident predictions for the future. In response, federal bodies such as NOAA and NASA have adjusted the past to make the present appear hotter, and thus supposedly demonstrated that in fact there is no such “pause”. As a result, public opinion, which no longer trusts the Big Climate enforcers to tell them what the climate will be like in 2050, now no longer trusts them to tell them what it was like in 1950. A recent poll found that, notwithstanding the urgings of the President and the Secretary of State and others, only three per cent of Americans regard climate change as their major concern. Three per cent. There is your 97 per cent consensus, gentlemen.

And yet they forge mulishly ahead with their redistributionist global-government scam as if they thought governing against the will of the people was their actual mandate, their duty. No wonder they’ve been so completely blindsided by Trump’s staying power. Steyn also covers the farcical nature of our dysfunctional illegitimate government’s proceedings, which only reinforces the notion of a deep and abiding disconnect from reality:

In the US Senate, at least on Tuesday, senators wander in and out constantly. Their five-minute “question” sessions are generally four-minute prepared statements of generalized blather followed by a perfunctory softball to “their” witness, after which they leave the room without waiting to hear the answer – and then come back in when it’s their time to speak again at which point the staffer feeds them the four-minute blather they’re supposed to be sloughing off this time round. The video doesn’t capture the fakery of the event because under Senate rules the camera is generally just on whoever’s speaking. Whether this meets the “decorum” of the Senate, it certainly doesn’t meet the decorum of life; it’s a breach of the normal courtesies – and, frankly, Americans are the chumps of the planet for putting up with it. Since the 17th Amendment, senators have been citizen-legislators like any other, and so their contempt for the citizenry who have graciously consented, at their own time and expense, to appear before them demonstrates a profound misunderstanding of the relationship.

He has plenty more–if you don’t read anything else, be sure not to miss his takedown (“Do you know what the little ice age was senator? You know what the winters were like at Plymouth Rock, Senator?”) of one of the imperious Senate assholes who seems to be incapable of understanding what being a representative of the people is supposed to be all about–and if you needed further evidence (not that I can begin to imagine why you would) that the US government is broken beyond any hope of repair, Steyn provides it.

4 thoughts on “The crucial point

  1. Unfortunately, the Media – not only the Democrat mouthpieces but the Rove Republican as well – still command a significant following in the hives. And since flyover country just doesn’t matter, they will continue to shriek and wail, and will find PLENTY of hive-dwellers to echo their anguish. It will be interesting to see just how far the Rove Republicans will go if Trump DOES win the nomination. Their donors have already started admitting that they will back Hillary instead.

  2. Mike, this is one of your best posts. It summarizes the current political class quandary perfectly, bringing together the best ways to express it.

    And then when the Republicans or the Democrats (it doesn’t matter who) send somebody out to condemn Trump, here’s the problem they’ve got: There’s nobody respected enough anymore that has sufficient moral authority to be able to criticize Trump with any credibility. They’ve squandered that.

    This, to me, is the key point that the political class doesn’t comprehend, and indeed doesn’t want to comprehend. As far as the media is concerned, it might be impossible to understand it and still stay within the media arm of the political class. No one in the media can say to the public “Hey, we squandered our authority to tell you stuff.” They would immediately be driven out of the professional media.

  3. A thousand truths do not mark a man as a truth-teller, but a single lie marks him as a damned liar….Lying to other people is your business, but I tell you this: once a man gets a reputation as a liar, he might as well be struck dumb, for people do not listen to the wind. [Robert A. Heinlein]

    They’re not listening now.
    The Democrats lost their credibility by openly denying realities that all of us could see and touch…and that could touch us, as well.
    The Republicans lost their credibility by making promises to perform and reneging as soon as we raised them to power.
    The media lost their credibility by deliberately omitting the most crucial facts: about the stories they covered, and the stories they refused to cover.

    Welcome the “political outsiders.” How will they squander their credibility, I wonder?
    Please, God, send us a planetoid headed somewhere promising.

  4. Whoa, getting passed around by couple great wordsmiths is pretty exhilarating, much less commenting after Francis.

    As for Trump squandering his credibility-he’s winner and knows he’s ahead because of the directness to which he’s addressed the nightmare-when he has the chance to actually do something, that is when he is President, you can bet your ass he’s not going to hem & haw.

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