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As with their Moslem terrorist allies: all are one.

Ask yourself the question: Am I calling for people to be officially sanctioned because of what they believe, or am I committing a crime against someone because of what they believe? If the answer is yes, you are probably engaging in fascist tactics.

Given the public outcry, it seems that the majority of people, including the majority of progressive liberals, believe that Yale students calling for the resignation of those professors have gone too far in punishing free speech. The problem is that no one is willing to stand up to them. If we are going to begin anywhere, we are going to begin by calling them by their rightful name.

They are fascists.

They are fascists.

They are fascists.

Yes, they fucking well are. And lest anybody forget what fascism itself is, Jonah reminds us:

Now, you might think I’d celebrate someone calling a bunch of left-wing goons behaving fascistically “fascists.” And on one level, I do. These campus Jacobins are fascistic, not just in their tactics but in their style of thinking. But on another level, it still bothers me. Not because it’s unfair to the campus thugs (and, no, not because it’s unfair to fascism). What bothers me is that it’s so exonerating of Communism (and many other isms). Barlow is still using the generic understanding of fascism Orwell described nearly seven decades ago: “something not desirable.”

As a matter of historical accuracy, you could replace the word “fascist” with “Communist,” or “Leninist,” or “Stalinist,” etc. and that chart would be just as accurate. Free speech has received many, many, mortal wounds from people proudly marching under those banners. Communists have a long and storied record of getting people fired — and killed! — because they dissented from the latest politically correct orthodoxy. I applaud Barlow’s recognition of the nature of these goons and buffoons. But it’s worth recognizing that fascist behavior is not incongruous with radical left-wing behavior. Indeed, it is synonymous with it. And when you opt to call utterly typical left-wing behavior you don’t like “fascist” you are in a very real way absolving the left of crimes that stem wholly from its nature. By all means, call them fascists. But let’s not forget they are still left-wingers.

Indeed, let’s not. Let’s also never let them forget: fascism has its roots not in the Right, but the Left. Despite all their insidious propagandizing to the contrary, the Left owns most of history’s greatest monsters–from Stalin to Mao to Hitler to Pol Pot–lock, stock, and barrel. That’s the plain truth of it. Call ’em what you like, be as pedantic as you wish about it, they’re all cut from the same filthy, authoritarian cloth.

Assigning blame update! Williamson looks to the root cause:

Of course, these idiot children aren’t children. These are young adults who can serve in the military, get married, buy firearms, drink alcohol, etc. They are at the beginning years of adult life, but they are entirely unprepared for adult life. It’s fashionable to blame Yale and other elite institutions for this sorry state of affairs, but, while the colleges certainly do their share of damage, the truth is that these children are maladjusted buffoons when they show up in New Haven. Yale doesn’t make them into hysterical ninnies — their families do.

We’ve become a society full of those hysterical, cringing, effete ninnies–shrieking, infantilized cowards with a big, broad fascist stripe running straight down the middle of their yellow bellies. It has not happened by accident, but by design: these blithering bedwetters are designed and manufactured by Progressivism Inc, and along with over-powerful government are its only product. Kevin goes on to give ’em both barrels, full in the face.

I understand why the idiot children at Yale are so sensitive. Really, I do. I sometimes list in my mind all of the poor, suffering people who get a raw deal in this life, and Yale students are always right at the top, with the Bangladeshi orphans and women traded by sex traffickers in Vietnam. Yale isn’t a safe space, Congo isn’t a safe space — it all makes sense, as long as you don’t expect it to make sense.

No, genocide isn’t a joke. I’m sure that the women and children being raped to death by Boko Haram appreciate that the idiot children at Yale are making stern faces and pumping their fists. As for me, I think that they’re clowns, and worse than that, really: They’re bad citizens, and defective people from defective families. They aren’t motivated by good will, but by fear: of the dawning realization that they, as people, aren’t really all that important, despite having been told all their lives how important they are.

We’re all real sorry about your safe spaces and your pacifier and your stuffed puppy, Caitlyn. Really we are. Yet the perpetual revolution of configured stars continues in its indifference, and the lot of man is ceaseless labor, and though you may find the thought terrifying — and thinking itself terrifying — it may turn out to be the case that the screaming in the dark you do on campus is more or less the same screaming in the dark you did in the crib, the same howl for the same reason.

As 9/11 was widely assumed to have taught us, reality has a habit of imposing its own harsh lessons without regard to the feelings of precious little snowflakes consumed to the point of obsession with minutia, trivia, and puerile irrelevance. One has to wonder what awful form the next schooling is going to take. It’s long overdue, really, given how quick we were to unlearn the lessons of the last one.




"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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