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Annnnd here we go again

Dipping a toe at a time into yet another half-assed, halfheartedly fought, and never-to-be-won “war.”

President Obama is directing the Pentagon to send special forces into Syria to advise theSyrian opposition in its fight against ISIS, the White House said today.

The change will station U.S. special operations forces on the ground for the first time in Syria in its fight against the Islamic State after thousands of airstrikes in the past year produced mixed results, although their mission is expected to be primarily advisory.

The White House said Obama has authorized somewhere around 50 special operations forces to go into Syria to work with the rebel group known as the Syrian Arab Coalition. These forces will work along the Syrian border and not on the front lines with the rebel groups. They will provide training, assistance and advise just as U.S. troops are doing in Iraq.

And just as they did in Vietnam, the model for how America must fight–and lose–its wars of choice ever since.

50 guys? Really? Wow, the threat from IS must be dire indeed if the Liar In Thief is willing to commit a whole 50 pairs of boots on the ground to…well, whatever it is he wants us to think he’s doing over there.

“I certainly wouldn’t underestimate the capability and capacity of our U.S. special operations forces to be an important force multiplier anywhere around the world they’re deployed, and the president does expect that they can have an impact in intensifying our strategy for building the capacity of local forces inside of Syria to taking the fight on the ground to ISIL in their own country,” Earnest said, using the government’s acronym for ISIS.

Okay, can anybody out there explain to me the practical meaning of whatever it was he just said? If self-serving bafflegab and bullshit were men and materiel, we’d have conquered the entire world already.

Of course, the real missing link here is national will; without that, what we’re doing doesn’t even rise to the level of mere jerking off. And there is absolutely no, nada, zero national will to fight and win against Islam, which would be a damned difficult proposition even if the will was there. We’re too pusillanimous and gutless to call the enemy by his proper name, or admit that we have enemies at all, much less do the hard, the dirty, and the necessary to vanquish him utterly. And vanquishing him utterly is the only thing that’s going to work. Thus we get mealy-mouthed, pie in the sky bullshit like this from our benighted National “Command” “Authority”:

“The president has been quite clear that there is no military solution to the problems that are plaguing Iraq and Syria. There is a diplomatic one,” he said. “The president has put in place a multifaceted strategy to degrade and destroy ISIL and this military component to that strategy is an important part of the president’s top priority, which is the safety of the American public.”

Yeah. Right. So critically, vitally, crucially important he’s willing to send all of fifty (50) SpecWarriors under Welcome-Wagon ROEs to “engage” from an unspecified distance the most ruthless, cruel, inhuman, and deadly enemy imaginable, hiding behind a handful of inept kleptocrats who’ll cut and run at the first audible mouse fart and turn their weapons over to the enemy.

“The world’s lone superpower”? What we are is a bad joke, an international laughingstock using a hollowed-out military still resting on its WW2 laurels to big-mouth and blunder our way through a deadly-dangerous wilderness where civilized rules do not apply, and human life is without value. We come at them in the same old way, and they defeat us in the same old way: by literally handing us our heads.

As I’ve said before, I feel sorry for our men and women in uniform, many of whom are fine, capable professionals with a courage and integrity wholly absent from much of the populace they’re sworn to protect. They’re putting their lives on the line for a nation–and especially a national “leadership”–not worth a single drop of their honest sweat, much less blood. This bit is especially amusing, if only in a dark, bitter way:

During his 2013 address promising that he would never put boots on the ground in Syria, Obama said one major reason for his firm, no-troops-in-Syria policy is that Americans are “sick and tired” of aimless, unending wars in the Middle East. He even cited a combat veteran who told him that the nation was suffering from war exhaustion.

“One man wrote to me that we are ‘still recovering from our involvement in Iraq,’” Obama said. “A veteran put it more bluntly: ‘This nation is sick and tired of war.’”

In announcing the seismic change in Syria policy, White House officials failed to offer any evidence that the nation was no longer “sick and tired” of war. In fact, officials told NBC News that Obama’s new policy of deploying boots on the ground in Syria wasn’t a change in policy at all:

The move will be described as a “shift” but not a “change” in U.S. strategy against ISIS, according to another senior U.S. official. The official said the special operations forces will be stationed in northern Syria and work alongside groups with a “proven track record” of fighting ISIS.

The official quoted by NBC did not specify who these groups with “proven track record[s]” of fighting ISIS actually were. Despite spending $500 million in an effort to supply and train Syrian rebels, one senior American military official recently told Congress that only “four or five” anti-ISIS fighters were actually trained via the program.

The Obama administration is yet to publicly identify the precise, measurable goals it attends to achieve through its deployment of American combat troops in Syria.

Tell me, who’s supposed to be the “junior varsity” here again? Until this country decides it might actually have legitimate national interests, and that it isn’t too distasteful and offensive to their delicate sensibilities to defend those interests by use of necessary force, it needs to bring every last one of its troops back home. This mindless floundering and flouncing about in a war zone is way worse than just a waste of time.


2 thoughts on “Annnnd here we go again

  1. Ah, but these are not just ANY 50 old SOF guys. This team has matching pumps, they’ve plucked their eyebrows, and they’ve duct-taped their junk over their butt so it ain’t quite so obvious when they’re “excited”…

  2. “No military solution.”

    What he’s really saying is, “No such thing as victory.” That’s Kissingerian dogma, and it still rules D.C., as it has since the Nixon era.

    Reagan repudiated it for a while, when he said, on taking office about the Cold War: “We win. They lose.” And they did.

    But that was an abberation, and as soon as GHWB replaced him, Kissinger came back in style. So we didn’t actually seek a victory over Saddam Hussein.

    And BJ Clinton shot cruise missiles at camels’s asses.

    And GWB almost accidentally achieved a real victory in the three week military destruction of Saddam’s military and the overthrow of his power. But, almost as if ashamed of that, he immediately shifted to a “war” in which actual victory was impossible. You don’t leave three large cultural/religious/ethnic factions, all heavily armed, all of whom have hated and slaughtered each other for a thousand years, in place in one country and expect “victory” (however you define it – and we never really did) to ensue. Nor did it.

    We could have victory for ourselves, if we define what sort of victory we want. My notion of victory would be an America that no longer lives in fear of Muslim terrorism or attacks from various Muslim terror gangs, and as a consequence destroys our own liberties in pursuit of spurious “security.”

    All of those gangs are sponsored in many different ways by regimes. ISIL began as a tool of the Saudis. Hizbollah is a tool of Iran. Al Qaeda is a Saudi surrogate. The Taliban belongs to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

    The regimes know what they need to do, and whom they need to kill, in order to render these orgs they’ve constructed harmless. And they have the ability to do that. They just don’t fear us enough to feel it necessary to deliver our victory to us.

    We have the ability to convince them otherwise. But since we don’t seek victory either, because Henry Kissinger claims victory is impossible, things will continue to lumber along as they have been.

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