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Well, this sucks

Bill sends word of this awfully sad news:

Cross posting from Caring Bridge, at Tamara’s request. She asked that it be shared here and anywhere I see fit, so please feel free to pass her words on:

Caring Bridge journal entry, October 9, 2015
Good-night, sweet prince/And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.*

Karl passed away this afternoon after fighting primary peritoneal carcinoma for 3 years and 7 months. After rallying with a burst of energy and lucidity starting on September 11th and lasting for almost 3 weeks, he died one day before our 23rd anniversary as a couple.

That would be Chef Mojo, Karl Bock, who I was fortunate enough to have become pretty good online buds with over several years. We talked a lot about the absolute necessity of getting the band up to Charlottesville for a show and a visit, and I never did manage it, and now I never will. I can’t tell you how much I hate that.

Karl was a good man, a smart guy, a fine writer, and a man who loved all the worthwhile things in life. I’m quite sure he was a most excellent cook, and I’m saddened maybe most of all that I never got to share that joy with him. I hope his wife is coping with the loss; I know he will have left a big hole in her life. I wish there was more I could say, or do. But there isn’t. That’s the shitty thing about grief and loss: you need help with it, your friends and family all want to help, and…there just aren’t words. Nothing anyone can say will take away the hurt. In the end, you just have to climb that mountain alone.

I’ve been reading Daily Pundit since the beginning; I think I started this blog up maybe a few weeks before Bill started DP, right around the same time anyway, and I’ve gotten to know Bill since then as a friend and sort of kindred spirit in so many respects. I’ve made some good friends through this blogging thing, people that I wouldn’t have known otherwise, people that I know and respect, and I’m very grateful for the fellowship that I have with them. I’ve met a handful in person, like CapLion just to mention one (another great guy, by the way), and that has meant the world to me. But out of all those relationships, I was probably closer to Karl than anyone else in my little online world.

When Bill brought Karl on board, he was such an amazing addition; he really brought a lot to the table, and his cooking threads were always a great read. His political commentary was always dead on too. I won’t say he’ll be missed; he already has been, for all too long now.

I wish I had gotten to Charlottesville to see him. I wish the God damned cancer hadn’t taken him. I wish his wife didn’t have to suffer this pain. I still have all the emails and IMs and such from him saved, and I wish that wasn’t all I had left of him. Bill links to this post of his, and if you’re not familiar with him and his writing, read it; it gives a pretty good overall feel for just who he was, and for the talent we’ve lost.

Farewell, Chef. I’ll never forget you; you had a huge impact on a guy you never even met in the flesh, and that ain’t nothing. It’s one of the curiosities of this odd technological world we live in that we become good friends with people we will never see face to face; it’s one of the curses of it that we still have to deal with losses like this, that we can’t all live forever; that good people still are removed from our lives too soon. That friendship is only temporary, that the time we have is so fleeting, that there’s always a clock ticking whether we realize it or not. See you on the other side, my friend.


3 thoughts on “Well, this sucks

  1. Yeah, this was some awful news. I never got to meet Karl in person, but I enjoyed conversations with him online. He seemed like a good and decent person and there are far too few of those these days.

    All I have to offer to his friends and relatives are my deepest sympathies.

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