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Can we have flavor back now? Please?

Anything the government demands you do about the food you eat, just do the opposite and you’ll be fine.

Where did the trans fats scare come from? As it became obvious in the 1990s that the health scare over dietary saturated (animal) fats was entirely bogus, a couple of Harvard researchers decided to shift the scare over saturated fats to trans fats.

Walter Willett and Albert Ascherio thus began a crusade to demagogue trans fats. They published a number of studies and then published reviews of their own studies condemning trans fats as a cause of heart disease. The studies were readily embraced without question by the food nanny establishment, which never misses a chance to scare us about the food we eat.

Eventually, a panel of food nannies at the National Institute of Medicine concluded that there was “no safe level” of trans fat consumption. Finally last June, the FDA revoked theGenerally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status for trans fats claiming that eating food with trans fats “increased risk of coronary heart disease by contributing to the buildup of plaque inside the arteries that may cause a heart attack.” The same ill-fated claim had been previously made about saturated fats, which is why consumers switched from butter to margarine in the first place.

Now come government-funded German researchers who have had the guts to publish in the European Heart Journal their politically incorrect and myth-shattering results.

Studying more than 3,200 people for an average of ten years, the researchers measured the trans fatty acid composition of their blood cell membranes and compared those levels with cardiac disease outcomes. Neither natural nor industrial trans fats were statistically associated with adverse cardiac outcomes.

This is not unexpected as there never has been any credible evidence that trans fats are associated with heart disease. The Willet/Ascherio series of studies were all exercises in cherry-picked statistical noise. No study contained reliable data on how much trans fats (or really anything else) any study subject consumed or what other confounding risk factors for heart disease the study subjects may have had. No heart attack had ever been biologically or medically determined to have been caused by trans fats.

Gee, you mean some nanny-staters with a barely hidden agenda manufactured a scare by phonying up some research, then enlisted the government’s help, which eagerly jumped in to force people to do what the liberal-fascists thought was best for everybody? Why, it’s scarcely conceivable that such a thing could happen; it’s only the very heart and soul of Progressivist ideology, that’s all.

Time has (done) nothing but expose food nannies for the frauds they are. Long-demagogued animal fat, cholesterol, and salt, for example, have all been rehabilitated by science and reality, though they remain lodged in the fact-free food nanny doghouse.

To paraphrase the old joke: No facts, please, we’re “liberals.”

If the government were nothing more than a tyrannical, scheming, unscrupulous, and devious criminal conspiracy whose main purpose is to rob Americans of their liberty and control everything they do, say, or think, what would it be doing any different?


5 thoughts on “Can we have flavor back now? Please?

  1. *types rant*

    *deletes rant*

    *types rant*

    *deletes rant*

    Every word you say above is true.

    I’ll just leave it at that.

  2. The silly trans-fat debacle cost me my lifetime favorite fast food dish – Long John Silver’s chicken planks. About two years ago, they caved to the food nazis and started frying in soybean oil.

    They wanted to reduce trans fat consumption. It worked. Their stuff tastes so bad now I won’t eat it. The soybean oil has a rancid flavor to it that makes me nauseated just to smell it. It apparently doesn’t hold up as well to the high heat they use.

  3. Think the FDA will acknowledge these studies ANYTIME SOON? Pigs will sooner fly–backwards. I predict it will be a quarter century, MINIMUM with the Food Nazis fighting a rear-guard action all the way until all the people that were alive to remember the original idiotic bureaucratic leftist decision are dead–at which time some faceless minion in a lab coat and a plastic pocket protector in the FDA will issue a press release on a late Fri afternoon saying, in effect, “nevermind.” (h/t emile litella)

  4. I’m sitting back and watching all of this gluten-free nonsense going on. My sister in law happens to be one of those (rare) people who actually IS gluten-intolerant, so, she just is careful about what she eats and goes on with life.

    Meantime, I hear blathering all around me about how “they” are “putting” gluten into the bread. I ask who the “they” is, and the reply – predictably – is Big Food. I then calmly point out that gluten is IN wheat, and has been since before mankind started using this field grass as a source of food. They wave that away and tell me that I am brainwashed by Big Food, blah blah blah.

  5. None of this “nanny state” crap is about nutrition, food safety, health, or any of the other things it’s advertised as.

    The point of getting people to eat what they’re told, drink what they’re supposed to, and give up things they like, is to accustom the people to obey authority.

    Once people are trained to jump when a nutritionist says “gluten-free frog,” the commands will eventually proceed to things a lot more consequential than not eating transfats.

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