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Another of my erstwhile favorites misses the point by a country mile

Tracinski uncharacteristically gets it completely ass-backwards and wrong.

I heartily agree with Ben Domenech, whose article on this just made it harder for me to fulfill my obligations to his publication, by pre-empting most of what I was planning to write about Trump for The Federalist. Ben argues that Trumpism would turn the Republicans from a “classically liberal right” to a European-style nationalist party that is “xenophobic, anti-capitalist, vaguely militarist, pro-state, and consistently anti-Semitic. If you criticize Donald Trump, it is exactly the sort of hate mail you should expect to receive.” If that happens, he writes, we would be “losing a rare and precious inheritance that is our only real living link to the Revolutionary era and its truly revolutionary ideas about self-government.”

I don’t think this is actually going to happen, because the “classically liberal” wing of the right is too big and too strong. The Republican Party just spent the last six years, during the rise of the Tea Party movement, absorbing a fair portion of the “libertarian” wing of the right, the Rand Paul wing, which I suspect has little overlap with the Trump phenomenon. More widely, the right has benefited from a long intellectual renaissance focused on the universal ideas on which America was founded, which has no need for what Ben calls “identity politics for white people.”

“Absorbing” them? The GOP used them like toilet paper, insulted them, harassed them, betrayed them, sold them out, and in the end, ran them off. Now they’re oh-so-shocked that such a large number of Tea Partiers no longer wants anything to do with them and are mightily enjoying the delicious spectacle of the party crashing and burning at long last, by the hand of someone the Party uber alles types hold in at least equal contempt.

But it would help to have some more exact information on the size and composition of Trump’s supporters. That Trump will not be the party’s nominee is something we can (pretty much) take for granted. Too much of the party hates him, and not just the “establishment”—which critics like myself are somewhat comically assumed to be part of—but the rank and file and a fair portion of the punditry. Thus, we find that about a third of Republicans say they would never support him, far more than any other candidate.

Demonstrating yet again, as I said earlier, that all that bushwa about the dire necessity of “uniting” behind an unsatisfactory candidate–yet another “electable” candidate we must all climb into the clown car and ride enthusiastically along with to another farcical defeat–only works one way: in the favor of the mushy moderates. Odd, that: the only ones allowed to vote their conscience, to “unreasonably” cling to principle, are the people who have none.

So that leaves us to contemplate what will happen if Trump doesn’t get the nomination. Will he be this cycle’s Ross Perot, who runs a third-party campaign and scoops up such a large portion of disaffected Republicans and independents that he tips the election to a Democratic candidate who only gets 35% of the vote?

Which didn’t actually, y’know, happen.

Tracinsky then gets busy hurling the usual insults at Trump enthusiasts (“low-information voters,” “Archie Bunker types,” “single-issue anti-immigration fanatics,” “outright racists,” and “genteel quasi-racists,” you’ll be unsurprised to learn), which insults sound a whole hell of a lot like the Left’s perception of Republicans generally no matter who’s slinging them. He declares himself not remotely an Establishmentarian type, which I would have mostly agreed with before reading this tripe. Then comes the denouement: “So how many of these people are there, how committed are they, and how bitter will they be if their newfound champion doesn’t win?”

Robert, Robert, you still don’t get it. We expect nothing from the Republican Party; we want nothing from them. We are laughing at them. We aren’t bitter at all, except over the larger tragedy of seeing the nation we loved destroyed before our very eyes; the (self-)destruction of the Republicrat Party is pretty small beer compared with that. We are enjoying watching them (and their pet-poodle pundits) goad themselves into hysterical paroxysms over the unlikely spectacle of a wealthy blowhard running rings around them by merely expounding on some simple but heretofore-forbidden truths, and never expressing the slightest remorse over giving the business-as-usual types the shrieking fantods along the way. I doubt there are all that many of us who think we’re going to be saving anything with Trump or without him; there’s not a lot left that’s worth the saving anyway, and we’ve been burned way too many times to have much faith in mere politics to provide much more than its usual distraction. And if we do manage to at least re-establish some reasonable facsimile of a border in the process of having a few laughs at their expense, well, what’s not to like?

For an awful lot of us, although certainly not all, Trump is a means to an end these guys just can’t seem to grasp. The odds of us ever marching dutifully off again en masse to vote for whichever GOP empty suit they try to cram down our throats this time are precisely nil. If Trump is nominated, we might vote for him…or we mightn’t. Mostly, we are amusing ourselves while we wait for le deluge, a deluge that’s coming no matter which authoritarian Statist gets elected. In the meantime, we get to see at least some of our viewpoints openly expressed and affirmed without fear or shame, and that’s worth something to us too. If that gets the Establishmentarians all hot and bothered and pissing themselves in public, well…good. It’s really not complicated or difficult to understand at all, for anyone who’s been paying close enough attention for the last, oh, decade or so.


13 thoughts on “Another of my erstwhile favorites misses the point by a country mile

  1. I’ve read Robert’s writing for quite some time, at least 15 years. To say that article is a disappointment would be an understatement; I expect much better from him.

  2. The snobs and elitists have come out in force this cycle. I’ll simply reiterate what Empire of Jeff said vis a vis Trump:

    You “conservative” “pundits” still don’t get it: Trump isn’t our candidate. He’s our murder weapon.And the GOP is our victim. We good, now?

  3. We could be watching the death of the Republican Party in the next year. What will replace it? Will the replacement be populist, nationalist or libertarian?

    The party leaders seem to believe in the divine rights of hereditary leaders. In that sense they are quite conservative.

  4. I have actual forefathers that fought in the War for Independence, on both sides, unlike the poseur Tracinsky and his cadre at The Federalist.

    Many of those forefathers died. Many more of their children died, many from the starvation and disease that happens to people when their farm becomes a major battlefield (Battle of Freeman’s Farm — look it up). And when your brother’s children are felled on the losers’ forced march to Ontario. In the late fall. Freezing. Wet. Starving. Dying.

    Many others of those forefathers signed the New York colony’s “Articles of Association”. Go ahead, read them.

    I can’t seem to find the bizarre, William F. Buckley version of America in them. Go ahead, read the damned thing!

    My peeps are the Deyos — descendants of aristocratic Huguenots going back to Charlemagne, castle included. They never could have conceived the bullshit idea of “propositional nation”. They fought for their land and their families, they fought for the right to live their lives in peace, in the town they built with their bare hands having eschewed title and rank when they took a one-way trip to American Indian country. Oh and by the way — they purchased that land outright, with title, as did all our colonial ancestors.

    After so many years of my family’s legacy — probably your family’s legacy too, in some portion — being abused and raped to fit the political grandstanding du jour, I’ve had about enough. They didn’t give a damn about immigrants – they were colonists. They didn’t give a damn about pluralism. They came here to get away from it. They came here to make a home for themselves and their posterity, doing it with blood, sweat, toil and tears and “conservatives” that take their sacrifice in vain deserve a fate befitting such treachery.

    The GOP must die.

  5. Sublime physics geek, sublime:

    “The snobs and elitists have come out in force this cycle. I’ll simply reiterate what Empire of Jeff said vis a vis Trump:
    You “conservative” “pundits” still don’t get it: Trump isn’t our candidate. He’s our murder weapon.And the GOP is our victim. We good, now?”

    Can’t be having that can we?

    The sonofabitches have had it easy.
    That is going to change.

    Tolerance and consent are mighty weapons against tyranny.
    The greatest weapons ever devised.
    And Trump is The great Fuckyou.

  6. #TRUMPtheGOP

    Done with Ruling Class politicians of both Parties. This Republic will not survive if there’s not an upheaval in the GOP; the Democrats, I fear, are lost forever.

    I see Trump as a spark in dry tinder. As a marginalized TEA Party ‘Hobbit’, I’m throwing everything I can at the Establishment GOP. And I hope Trump sets them ablaze.

  7. Fought and died for our country. Which party actually cares? Did Romney ever do that? Even better, did McCain ever do that? I was a POW tortured by the North Vietmanese. McCain. That makes me a hero. Did he acknowledge those who paid the price for their country? A real hero would have said “i paid a price in the war. I was tortured. I held out as long as I could. I broke. I commend others who didn’t break and I commend those who didn’t break. There were a few. Don’t call me a hero, call me someone has learned what true heroism is meant to be. Let me be your new hero as I have learned it.

    As the junior Senator to Goldwater and as senior Senator, has he lived his life this way?

    Reagan always played up his principles and downplayed what he had done. Lifeguard as a teenager. When that actually meant guarding life.

  8. One is accustomed to the use of such terms as ill educated, redneck, racist, bigoted, low information from the appartcheks of a certain party. It appears that Trump has become the new Emmanuel Goldstein of the Amherst Racket and Shooting Club. I am so impressed by their massive documentation of evidence to back up such claims that the proles should vote for plastic men without chins due to their petigrees. So what if they have the substance and charm that makes one long for the glamour and experience of a McCain or a Romney? After all are not the Perries, Bushes, Walkers and their ilk made of the right stuff? Haven’t they been vetted by Skull and Bones and not been found wanting?

    On the other hand we have the author’s retort which defies the establishment and their pet gerbils in the media. How could anyone vote for a man who is self made and accomplished what most of us can only dream of? How could anyone vote for an individual that defies the mandate of the nomenkura? Worse, the man, Trump, simply isn’t a member of the Amherst Boating, Riding, Racket and Shooting Club, nor will ever be.

    How dare you interupt our two minutes of hate?

  9. I was going to say this is exactly right
    merely expounding on some simple but heretofore-forbidden truths, and never expressing the slightest remorse over giving the business-as-usual types the shrieking fantods along the way.

    But then physics geek quotes Empire of Jeff’s words
    You “conservative” “pundits” still don’t get it: Trump isn’t our candidate. He’s our murder weapon.And the GOP is our victim. We good, now?

    so now I have to say that Jeff’s words are the icing on Mike’s cake.

    Our fine political, moral, social and intellectual betters are just refusing to accept that Trump has a following because he’s saying the things he Establishment pricks in DC, NYC and LA have declared verboten.

    Teh Peepul are sick of constantly being accused of being horrible people because we do not go along with every dictat from our betters.

    We tried to give the GOP: a huge majority, we tried to ‘let it burn’, then we hoped the GOP learned their lesson so we elected them again, and what did they do?
    Not a freaking thing. The last election was about repealing Obamadebaclecare and pushing back against his illegal alien amnesty deal and they did none of the above.

    I’ve been hoping for either a Constitutionalist party or an asteroid.
    Either one would be good.

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