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“Actually, it’s exactly who you are”

As big a Steyn fan as I am, I didn’t know about this.

I’m generally well-disposed toward Ted Cruz, and I’m often asked why I haven’t written about him much. On most of the issues facing America, he’s on the right(ish) side. But this interview with Megyn Kelly was not impressive. The senator was asked:

If you have a husband and a wife who are illegal immigrants, and they had two children here who are American citizens — would you deport all of them?

That’s a direct question and, despite several attempts by his interviewer, he did not give a direct answer, eventually complaining:

Megyn, I get that that’s the question you want to ask. That’s also the question every mainstream media liberal journalist wants to ask.

It’s an entirely fair question. I have the advantage on Senator Cruz in that I’m an immigrant – a legal immigrant, that is, and so an asshole from the Department of Assholian Security once threatened to deport my then middle-school daughter, who’s also here perfectly legally and in full compliance with the Bureau of Compliance. So, unlike all the sentimentalist sob-sisters of the media, I know that America’s dysfunctional and incompetent immigration bureaucracy is not shy about deporting minors, or at least threatening to. Nor are they shy about deporting anchor babies: as I told Sean Hannity, they threatened to deport Deena Gilbey and her two US-born children a week after her husband died in the World Trade Center.

Why? Because, as any third-rate “family court” judge from Maine to Hawaii can tell you, the government long ago assumed the right to decide where minor children get to live. If two parents found to be in the country illegally are deported back to, say, Guatemala, the assumption is that their kids would go with them – at least until they reach the age of majority. Only a week ago, on the self-same Megyn Kelly show on which Ted Cruz was unable to give a straight answer, an American actress called Kelly Rutherford had her American children ordered overseas by a New York judge to live with her German ex-husband in Monaco. American courts do this all the time.

That’s my answer. But as I say I’ve already been threatened by the United States Government with the deportation of my kids so I don’t recognize all this teary pap about “Golly, deporting children? That’s not who we are.” Actually, it’s exactly who you are: you split up families every day of the week – husbands, wives, parents, children – with nary a thought. It’s only the illegals who are exempt.

The government long ago assumed the right to decide pretty much anything and everything for its hapless subjects. That odious principle is the black, beating heart of Progressivism, and has been right from its beginning; Progressivism’s ascension to absolute power has not altered or moderated its core catechism one iota. That, too, is who we are now.

Update! More from Mark, no more than somewhat related, I guess:

I asked the question during the show “What is the Republican Party for?” I’m not sure I got a satisfactory answer. One chap who might have provided one is Rick Wilson, the self-proclaimed top GOP strategist last heard from asking Ann Coulter if Donald Trump paid her more for anal sex. (Don’t worry, he focus-grouped the line.) Mr Wilson spent yesterday Tweeting that I was a sniveling milquetoast pantywaist who didn’t have the cojones to go mano a mano by having him on the show, so today we DM-ed him to ask for a phone number where we could reach him to put him on the air – and heard nothing back other than that he was “in a meeting”.

In a two-party system, one party is useless and the other is corrupt.

And both are venal, self-serving, gutless, and fraudulent. The real difference is that the Democrat Socialists are just a tad more honest about who and what they are. Read on for some pretty damning speculation about one possible (damned near certain, if you ask me) real-world consequence of Her Would-Be Majesty’s “private” (snort) e-mail server, amongst other good stuff.


1 thought on ““Actually, it’s exactly who you are”

  1. I got into it with a bunch of Cruz supporters over this exact thing. I said Trump was asked the same question and he answered it-Cruz did not.

    Cruz was my top pick until recently. Now I’m all in for Trump. If you read a site called Conservative Treehouse, a writer over there named sundance lays out the CofC plans to force feed us Jeb. Fuck them all.

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