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Troublesome penises

Wait, do you mean to tell me that surgical mutilation might not be the answer to mental illness?

I was a 4 year old trans-kid who grew up with gender confusion and underwent gender reassignment surgery at age 42. I lived for 8 years as a so-called trans-female named Laura Jensen. But no matter how feminine I appeared, like all transgenders, I was just a man in a dress. I was unhappy, regretful of having transitioned and I attempted suicide. Gender surgery is not effective treatment for depression, anxiety or mental disorders.

According to several studies, the majority of transgenders have co-existing disorders that need to be treated. This helps to explain why regret and suicide are prevalent among transgenders. The following studies provide irrefutable evidence that transgenders overwhelmingly suffer from a variety of mental disorders. Neither CNN nor Carol Costello will report studies such as these.

  1. “90 percent of these diverse patients had at least one other significant form of psychopathology” reported Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, Department of Psychiatry in a 2009 study of transgender outcomes at their clinic. In other words, 90 percent of the patients were suffering from a mental illness that gender surgery did not alleviate.
  2. 61 percent of the patients treated for cross-gender identification (359 people) had other psychiatric disorders and illnesses, notably personality, mood, dissociative, and psychotic disorders according to a 2003 Dutch survey of board-certified Dutch psychiatrists.
  3. A 2013 University of Louisville, KY study of 351 transgender individuals found that the rates of depression and anxiety symptoms within the study “far surpass the rates of those for the general population.” About half had depressive symptoms and more than 40 percent had symptoms of anxiety.

In all the rhetoric about gender change success you cannot find one sound bite from any media source that acknowledges that even one transgender suffers from a serious mental illness, much less reporting the 90 percent like Case Western Reserve University found, or the 61 percent that the survey of Dutch psychiatrists reported. The numbers are astonishingly high, yet no media reports it.

Fair-minded individuals would see the cumulative effect of the findings—20 percent have regret, 41 percent attempt suicide, 90 percent have a “significant form of psychopathology”, 61 percent also have other psychiatric disorders and illnesses, 50 percent had depressive symptoms, 40 percent showed symptoms of anxiety—and be troubled by the push to surgery and transition as the first course of treatment for transgenders.

Yet the media is silent. It’s so much easier to deliver the LGBT talking point than to dig into the science.

Well, duh. I mean, you gotta get your priorities straight and realize what’s really important here. Now quick, let’s see to it that more disturbed, confused teenagers get the opportunity to have themselves hacked to pieces to advance the Progressivist agenda!

But to be sure I’ve got it all, ummm, straight: respect for the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, patriotism, desire to see country restored to founding principles of good governance=mental illness, clinical-level pathology. Fear and loathing of a crucial and perfectly innocuous body part, an obsessive desire to surgically remove it and declare oneself “female” despite contrary DNA, great likelihood of perpetual medical problems brought about by same, and all evident reality=perfectly normal, courageous.

Okay, got it.

If you ask me, the truly sick ones here are the damned Progressivists.


2 thoughts on “Troublesome penises

  1. The sad reality is that no matter how much cutting and hormonal treatment is done to these, the genes won’t lie for them.

  2. Living in Minneapolis, home of the Univ. of Minnesota (one of the three places in the US where sex changes are done), over the years I’ve seen and met M-to-F transsexuals going through a sex change. As the process takes years of counseling, prescribed hormones, and living like a woman, I thought it all scientifically valid and carefully thought-out. I also believed the participants in the sex-change process very brave.

    Now, I just feel incredibly sad for those confused and lost young men. I had no idea about the strong links between mental illness and transsexuality. This makes the U of M look like enabling butchers. Adding the stamp of scientific acceptance to this process just led me to assume it was all somehow a great and noble thing being done for those people. That a basic correction of a genetic anomaly was being performed on behalf of those poor guys. But having been born with fully-formed male genitals is an obvious statement of gender identity, and feeling like you’re a woman won’t change the fact that you’re not.

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