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What works, what doesn’t, Part the Umptyjillionth

They’ll never learn the lesson of history, so we’re all doomed to repeat it.

But hey, this time for sure, right, muttonheads?

Many leftists hail Scandinavia as a socialist haven that demonstrates the inferiority of capitalism. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently declared that the United States ought to emulate Scandinavian countries because they provide education and healthcare “for free.”

There are many problems with this line of thinking.

Said a real mouthful there, woman. Onwards to the counterexample:

This evidence is quite as compelling as the success story that is Switzerland. Unlike its neighbors, Switzerland is one of the most capitalist countries in existence. Its citizens only pay 8.6 percent of their personal incomes in taxes annually, and its economic climate is particularly well-suited to entrepreneurship. The Huffington Post writes that 99 percent of Switzerland’s economy is made up of small and medium-sized enterprises, which also employ three-quarters of the country’s workforce.

Many leftists extol the limited successes of Sweden and Finland without ever acknowledging Switzerland.
Switzerland is ranked best in the world on many categories related to economic development, including “innovation, on-the-job staff training, attracting talent from elsewhere, and for government-provided training.” Ultimately, The Huffington Post claims, “Switzerland is home to one of the world’s most thriving economies and also one of the happiest populations on the globe.” Many leftists extol the limited successes of Sweden and Finland without ever acknowledging Switzerland, although it outperforms much of Europe in various economic and social metrics.

Although it is very capitalist, Switzerland boasts many of the advantages that socialist Scandinavian states are supposed to claim exclusively. Switzerland’s unemployment rate is just 4.5 percent, which is one of the lowest rates in the world. The country’s poverty rate is similarly low (XLS). Those who immigrate to Switzerland have an average employment rate of 76 percent, which is much higher than the European average of 62 percent.

Switzerland is the closest to “paradise” of any European country, yet because it remains one of the most capitalist economies on Earth.

Fixed it for ya.

Its success is a powerful antidote to socialist claims about the benefits of progressive taxation, and all but destroys the assumption that Scandinavia as a bastion of socialism shows that only collectivism can produce success.

Along with every other worker’s paradise they ever managed to foist off on people, everywhere around the globe.

Socialism has failed every time it’s been tried. It has never worked; it will never work, because it cannot work. And yet we trundle on ever Leftward–crippling our economy, trading our liberty for a phony security, and pissing over our birthright for these magic beans.

I’ll let the great Ron White sum the whole thing up:


2 thoughts on “What works, what doesn’t, Part the Umptyjillionth

  1. The thing that never gets noticed about Scandinavia is that under the highly redistributive tax system, there is a free-market economy (unfettered enough to actually support the system), private provision of healthcare, education and other such services;, and, most importantly, most of the redistribution is in the form of local government taxes. There’s no big central command and control, and in local communes of a few thousand people, you’re likely to meet the people taxing and spending your money socially.

  2. It takes a lot of lying to take 50% of the income of productive people. It is much easier to lie about all the good things done in far-away contries using the same type of theft.

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