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The law of the land

Is whatever Obama and the Democrat Socialists say it is at any given time, changeable according to whatever sinister command-and-control goal they may be pimping for in that particular moment.

The Supreme Court has upheld ObamaCare subsidies in states that did not set up their own health care exchanges, in a major win for the Obama administration. 

The decision was 6-3, with turncoat “conservative” Roberts writing the majority opinion, according to NBC TeeWee News just now. So tell me yet again about how crucially vitally crucial it is to elect Republicans because SUPREME COURT NOMINATIONS, YOU GUYS.

As many commenters on the Fox website are saying: the Constitution is dead. Also the plain meaning of the written language, the idea of representative government in America, and the right to self-determination. None of those things will be coming back. Modify your behavior accordingly, serfs.

I’ll just repeat an old quote of mine from the earliest days of this debate: in twenty years (probably less) the dwindling handful of people who continue to rail against government-controlled health care will be dismissed by the overwhelming majority as nothing more than lunatics and crackpots. That’s all folks, we’re done.


12 thoughts on “The law of the land

  1. You really think that Boehner/McConnell would have done anything other than shit the bed, had the case gone the other way? It’s likely they’d have done something that wrecked Republican chances in 2016, likely by embracing O’Care in such a way as to depress base turnout.

  2. Y’know, we should have realized it was all over the moment the Republicrats stopped talking about “repeal” and started in on “repeal AND REPLACE” instead.

  3. Refresh my memory. Who was it that appointed Roberts to the position of Chief Justice?

    I think one of his relatives is currently running for the Presidency.

    Shrub? Bushwa? Captain Democracy Project? Something like that….

    I’d better get to work for this guy. We need more appointments like Roberts.

  4. “It’s likely they’d have done something that wrecked Republican chances in 2016, likely by embracing O’Care in such a way as to depress base turnout.”

    I could not imagine a bigger fucking waist of time than voting at this point. There are no longer “political parties.” It’s sink or swim time putz, live or die time putz – US against THE GOVERNMENT time PUTZ. They’ve been preparing for this for a decade, and now they think themselves ready to inflict their overt tyranny.

    BURN it ALL the FUCK down – or enjoy your chains like the simpering little Goddamned DOG you are Al. Who cares WHAT THE SHIT the callow, feckless streetlight ornaments who “call themselves republicans” are up to in their fetid BOG. There is no help there. Every last one of them is a worthless pile of sub-human trash who’d sell out their own mother for a nickle – let alone us plebs.

    Fuck your senseless voting, fuck your Republicans looking bad. It’s time for mass civil disobedience, it’s time to stop paying taxes, it’s time to sabotage this entire shit-eating system from top to bottom – and when they bring them hammer… well then… it’s time for a Goddamned civil war.

  5. I think I need some educating…

    I’ll caveat my question by saying I don’t pay nearly as close attention to details as I once did (seems pointless these days). But what exactly is the issue with Obamacare? I’m fortunate to have employer insurance so nothing changed much for me and I actually have never met anyone who had a “bad” experience (can’t recall any “good” ones either for that matter now that I think about it). I do believe the old system certainly needed something done (was caught up in the “precondition” once that was difficult, and the costs obviously). But what is so bad about it? Not questioning any of the really smart guys on this board, I really just don’t know what it it.

  6. Jeff, you better read that new policy from your employer. My insurance comes through Mail Handlers, and the new policy looked just like the old one … until I noticed that the new deductible was $6000 , up from $3000 the year before.

  7. Hi Emdkl.

    Luckily, I’m good there. The increases have have pretty consistent year-over-over since way before Obamacare. I think some of that depends on if it’s self-paid or not and that varies from company to company. Again, I mean no disrespect to anyone I’m just not clear why it’s so bad. Seems to me, health is expensive and everyone is going to pay somehow, someway. Write a check every month and, god forbid, if you need it just pray you get the best care you can. That’s my hope for everyone.

  8. So basically your boring anecdote is worthless, K. Stay the fuck out of our way once it comes time to correct what ails this nation as prescribed by the founders.

  9. What difference does Zerocare make? Ask any small business owner. Then ask any doctor.

    Costs for many small employers have doubled or more, and the quality of care you’re insured for at that level is crap compared to what it used to be. That money could have hired people, bought equipment and tooling, and more or less made its way back into the economy. Instead it goes into the black hole of fail, like every other generally incompetent shitshow that has gone down this decade.

  10. Good thing we choose to ignore their law of the land. With the money we saved by not buying Prostitute Obama’s insurance pimp’s ripoff product, we took a vacation to Hawaii last winter. This year we are buying a boat! Better our money goes to the boat’s former owner, who could use it, than Houseboy Hussein’s insurance billionaires. I owe the Obamabot sheeple nothing, except contempt. I’m not holding my breath that the inept federal EEO employees will be sending us STRONGLY WORDED LETTERS anytime soon.

  11. The danger is not Obamacare but that it will collapse. The usual commies will then point to the insurance companies as the greedy villians and push for one payer healthcare.

    Then we will all get the same kind of courtesy, treatment, and care shown to members of our armed forces and veterans.

    The joy. To see how this works just look at Britains much vaunted healthcare system-which consumes much and provides nothing.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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