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Sees the light

Political correctness eats itself. And everything else.

A former equality chief has branded his years working to stamp out racial discrimination as ‘utterly wrong’.

Writer and broadcaster Trevor Phillips said efforts made under the Blair government turned anti-racism into an ‘ugly new doctrine’.

Mr Phillips is the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and has waged a 30-year campaign to tackle issues around discrimination and equality.

In an upcoming Channel 4 documentary, called Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True, he says attempts to stop prejudice instead encouraged abuse and endangered lives as well as contributed to the rise of parties like Ukip. 

He explains: ‘It was my job to to make sure that different racial and religious groups got on.

‘Campaigners like me seriously believed that if we could prevent people expressing prejudiced ideas then eventually they would stop thinking them. 

‘But now I’m convinced we were utterly wrong.’

Mr Phillips, a Labour party member, says anti-racism began with good intentions but turned into ‘thought control’. 

But Mr Phillips insists people should be free to use racial stereotypes, such as that many Jews are rich or that black people are more likely to be convicted for robbery, because they are true.

Explaining the issue, he said: ‘The dividing lines of race, religion and culture are probably the most dangerous flashpoints in Britain today, but they’re also the ones we find hardest to talk about in public.

Of course they are, you fool. That was the whole point of what you were doing. You were attempting to rein in free expression; who but a damned liberal-fascist SUPERGENIUS!! could possibly consider that anything other than “thought control”? You try to eliminate unpopular or even downright ugly opinions by government coercion and then act surprised that it becomes “difficult to talk about” them? That it became “thought control,” when it was never anything but precisely that in the first place?

Thought control was the goal. Making it “hard to talk about” unpleasant opinions–illegal to talk about them, in fact–was the mechanism by which you hoped to achieve that goal. It wasn’t some surprising “unintended consequence”; it was the whole fucking point of what you were doing.

And now we all have to sit back and watch you laboriously pick that profound intellectual lintwad out of your friggin’ navel, and pat you on the head for your courageous, honest genius after you’re done?


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4 thoughts on “Sees the light

  1. Regressives aren’t worrying about a guy here or there seeing the light-whatever they have in England that’s comparable to the NEA is undoubtedly cranking out replacement stooges by the millions.

    (mounts high horse) If you want real change, you must put a stake through the teacher’s unions and the Dept/Education. Then cut off their heads and drag them into the sunlight just to make sure.

  2. Does anyone think it’s no coincidence that avg SAT scores reached their peak (1963–and then began a free-fall that has continued to this day) at almost exactly the same time the Dept of Education was created? As in: “However were all those climbing SAT scores achieved in the 50s and early 60s w.o. a Dept of Education to ride herd?”

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