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It’s far too late for the GOP to figure it out, but maybe some of those teetering on the brink of a few grim realizations might be pushed over the edge into recognizing reality at last.

The moment a journalist takes sides, they are no longer operating as a journalist but as an advocate. It doesn’t matter what one thinks of any comment made by a politician about another. White and Fournier, with those tweets calling on various Republicans to “denounce” or “condemn” Giuliani’s comments are not acting as objective reporters, but instead like palace guards whose sole purpose to protect President Obama.

This is not anything new. The most outrageous is example was in 2012 during the second debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama during the 2012 campaign. Mitt had Obama on the ropes about whether he referred to the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi a terrorist attack (he didn’t). As the President fumbled with words, Candy Crowley of CNN, there to be a debate moderator, instead swooped in to “correct” Mitt Romney on something that was not incorrect.

NOW we’re getting somewhere: palace guards, not just for Obama but for any Democrat Socialist, is PRECISELY what they are. There is no other way to accurately describe them. And much like His Royal Supercalifragilisticexpialidociousness, there is no way to make sense of the things they do without assuming the worst about them. It really is just like this:

It was at nearly the same time, Stephen Miller aka @redsteeze (if you’re not following him, you should be and you should also be reading his work over at The Wilderness) said to me:

@JayCaruso They ARE Barack Obama.. His image directly reflects on those who who got him elected. An attack on him is an attack on them
— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) February 21, 2015

He’s exactly right. In Obama they see themselves. What he wants to carry out is what they want and they are going to do what they can to make sure these last two years he gets to do just that, the consequences be damned.

So whether it is going after Rudy Giuliani or going after a Congressional staffer for a slight against the Obama daughters, the media is going to be out to defend Obama at all costs.

That’s what the palace guard does.

Bingo, all up one side and down the other. Expecting anything else from them is the height of folly; no matter who you are–yes, even Maverick McCain, a Court Media darling right up until the very moment he was running against a Democrat Socialist, at which point he morphed immediately (to his own stunned chagrin) into a dangerous, wheezing, warmongering, sleazy old lunatic, a menace to his nation, his party, and himself–you will never, ever, ever get anything else. Hence the futility of this pitifully forlorn plea:

What should Boehner do? I think he, and every Republican, should do what George H.W. Bush did to Dan Rather as the 1988 presidential race was heating up: eat the mainstream media alive. They are the enemies of the Republican Party and should be treated as such. Stop trying to curry favor because you won’t get it. Bush laid a trap for Rather, insisting on the interview being live so it couldn’t end up on the cutting room floor. It totally flustered Rather, greatly energized Bush’s campaign, put the kibosh on his too-much-a-nice-guy image, and helped mightily to propel him to the White House. Make mainstream media bias the issue. Throw loaded questions and those premised on liberal assumptions back in their faces. Accuse them of bias when they are biased. Don’t be Mr. Nice Guy.

Why have the Republicans been such wimps when dealing with the media? The reason, I think, is that the Republicans were the minority party in this country from 1932 to 1994. The Democrats held the House for all but four of those 62 years and the Senate for all but ten of those years. In far too many ways, the Republicans still act as the minority party, begging for crumbs from the media. But they now hold more political offices, at both the federal and state levels, than at any time since the glory days of Calvin Coolidge. Instead they should, in dealing with the media, emulate Joan Crawford, at least as depicted by Faye Dunaway in Mommy Dearest, dealing with the board of Pepsi Cola (warning, she doesn’t use ladylike language).

Yeah–you know, like Newt Gingrich did back during the 2012 primaries, when he used an assault on an openly hostile press as the launching pad to vault himself from obscure-crank status to frontrunner and overwhelming winner of the SC primary just about literally overnight…just before the “conservative” punditry caught the vapors themselves over his frightening unpredictability and uncollegial incivility, redoubling their efforts to drum him out of polite GOP society and back to the margins where threats to the Big Government status quo properly belong.


So with that in mind, what on earth makes any of you people think for a moment that the GOP WANTS to go after the mainstream press? Hoping they will–calling for them to do so as if there was a snowball’s chance in Hell in July that they might–indicates that you think they do want to neutralize Court Media’s sinister influence on American politics once and for all, and nothing could be further from the truth, as lamentable and infuriating as that is. All you need to do to confirm this is spend about thirty seconds considering that out of the current crop of GOP no-hopers, only Ted Cruz (and probably Bobby Jindal) are even remotely likely to actually do it–and then remembering how they’re generally treated by the old-line GOP traditionalists: as something to be handled with heavy gloves and a facemask as you’re walking it out to the dumpster, pinching your nose against the offensive odor wafting off of them in waves.

It all goes right back to what I said about the Obama/Democrat Socialist/Court Media monolith above: assume the worst about them, and everything they do (or adamantly refuse to do, in this case) suddenly makes perfect sense. I’d say we have enough evidence by now to render the deceitful, treacherous GOP not a hell of a lot more worthy of the benefit of the doubt than Obama is. Maybe I’ll start up a new category here for posts like this, something like “Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Party,” maybe. Then again, “FTGOP” works pretty well for my purposes, I think.

(Via Ed Driscoll)


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