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Another day, another Moslem atrocity that has nothing to do with Islam

One begins to wonder how “liberal” fucktards even manage to keep a straight face anymore when perfunctorily mouthing their idiotic bullshit.

At one level, the Aussie authorities screwed up the way the Canadian and US authorities screwed up: These jihadists are less “lone wolves” than, as Patrick Poole says, “known wolves”. The Ottawa shooter, the St Jean killer, the Marathon bombers, the Fort Hood major, the pantybomber, all were known to the authorities. So was “Sheikh Haron”: Aside from various earlier charges and convictions, he had been charged as an accessory to the murder of his wife, who died in a particularly brutal way, stabbed and set alight in the stairwell of her apartment building.

And yet he was out on bail. And so Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson died.

The price of incubating, nurturing and growing Islam in the west is too high. Ms Dawson and Mr Johnson did not deserve to die for going to a coffee shop. And, beyond the folly of Sheikh Haron’s bail eligibility, the two Sydney victims were sacrificed on the altar of multiculturalist delusion.

Many more will be in the years ahead. It was striking that, even as the siege was beginning, the politico-media class were already firing up what Laura Rosen Cohen calls the “Lone Wolf Story Generator”, isolating one man in his own derangement and separating him from any broader currents. Relax, it’s not “terrorism” – those reports that it was an ISIS flag he was flying was wrong; it’s just a regular ol’ Islamic flag. But whoa, it’s nothing to do with Islam, either.

No, no, of course not. We see the same sort of thing going on, of course, with the subhuman Taliban after yet another school mass murder: no Islam to see here, folks, please move along. One wonders when the call for “common-sense” gun control in Pakistan might be coming; guess the piles of corpses in Moslem nations are too high for “liberals” to clamber up on and use as soapboxes or something. The Mohammedan killers, though, seem to be growing impatient with desperate “liberal” rationalization of their pseudo-religious barbarity:

“He is now threatening to start killing us. We need help right now. The man wants the world to know that Australia is under attack by the Islamic State.”

She kept up her commentary on Facebook, stating that Monis was angered because his claim to be an Isil militant was not being broadcast.

We’ve reached a point where sane people are going to have to start taking a closer and harder look at some things ourselves, one of which is that Progressivism and its PC sub-sect just might be a greater threat to civilization than Islam is.

Update! Andrew Bolt flirts with prison time for his hateful hating hate speech:

Must we always feign this surprise when a terrorist is found to be — gasp — Muslim? Surely we can finally drop this absurd game given that 21 of the 21 people jailed for terrorism offences here in the past couple of decades were Muslim, as are 19 of the 20 proscribed terrorist groups in Australia.

Surely we’re entitled to conclude that something specific to Islam seems to license violence, given we have just as many Buddhists here as Muslims, yet not one Buddhist has killed here for his faith.

The ideology Monis followed was inspired in large part by Islamic scriptures that urge believers to “kill the polytheists wherever you find them”, and exhorts: “So when you meet those who disbelieve (in battle), strike (their) necks.”

We’re told, as always, that those who take seriously such passages in the Koran and Hadith are a tiny, unrepresentative minority.

But wait. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Monis had more than 14,000 “likes” on Facebook, and a Muslim community leader asked by counter-terrorism authorities to find the Islamic State flag Monis demanded said: “I found plenty of people who had one, but they didn’t want to give them up.”

So why this denial about Islam — and specifically about its role in this attack?

It’s just another unpleasant slice of reality that “liberals” would rather ignore than confront. Also, Moslems scare them shitless.


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  1. >his claim to be an Isil militant was not being broadcast.

    The “Lone Wolf Story Generator” cuts both ways.

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