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Bless his heart

There’s another guy named Wilson involved in the Ferguson debacle.

Fredrick Wilson II may not be a name that is immediately familiar to you but chances are, if you’ve been on Facebook in the last two days since the Michael Brown grand jury verdict was announced, you know about him.

Wilson, according to his Facebook page, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, and once attended Kaplan College. He has more than 27,000 followers at present, and is seeing a steady increase each day from both conservative talking heads and African-Americans who disapprove of the Ferguson riots.

Judging by the most recent posts on his page (within the last 24 hours), the media is starting to take notice as well, as he just conducted his first radio interview. What is attracting everyone to the young San Francisco 49ers fan?

Actually, it’s a post he released on August 31 speaking specifically to “my black people.”

In the video, Fredrick Wilson II lashes out at members of the black community who “blame slavery” for their troubles and who refuse to “take some personal responsi-d***-bility” for their actions.

“Black people, it is 2014,” he begins. “I hate to break this to you. If your life is messed up, it ain’t ’cause of slavery.”

While Wilson acknowledges that slavery “put us in a big hole in this country,” he tells black people to “dig your way out of it.”

Two pull quotes from the vid:

If you live in a messed-up neighborhood, let me give you a little advice. Stop messing it up. Ain’t no rich white men sneakin’ into the ‘hood in the middle of the night, spray-painting graffiti, peeing in hallways. George Bush ain’t out in the neighborhoods sellin’ crack on the corner. If your neighborhood is messed up, it’s because the people in the neighborhood continually mess it up.

Why would you think it’s a good idea to run up on two cops when they tell you to stop [and] put down whatever you got? I’m gonna keep coming at them, then they gonna shoot me. Now as black people, we supposed to be mad and Ohmygod, Ohmygod, we need to go out there and march! No we don’t. No we don’t. No we don’t. Stop doin’ crime.

I scrolled around his Facebook page, and he seems to be one very smart cookie–being a former trucker myself, I especially liked this post. Hats off to Wilson for telling it like it really is–which, sadly, takes a lot of courage in present-day America.

Update! The feel-good story of the–uhh, very long arbitrary time period.

A group of black Ferguson residents armed with AR-15s and other weapons stood guard around a Conoco station, owned by a white man, and saved it from being burned after looters began wreaking havoc on November 24.

Because of the armed citizens, the Conoco was not only spared, but the owner did not even have to board up the station’s windows.

According to Reuters, one of the men guarding the station was 37-year-old “Derrick Jordan–‘Stretch,’ as his friends call him.” He arrived in front of the Conoco, pulled out an AR-15, and stood guard at the store’s entrance. He was joined by three other black residents on November 25–all of whom had “pistols tucked into their waistbands” and all of whom took up positions around the Conoco.

Other armed black men joined Jordan and the others from time to time to help keep guard. They protected not only the building, but also citizens who pulled up to get gas.

Store owner Doug Merello said, “We would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren’t for them.”

Jordan and the others said they did not get paid to stand guard. Rather, they did it because Merello had “employed many of them over the years and treats them with respect.”

Bless their hearts too. THAT’S how defending civilization and decency against the vile Left and their witless vassals is done, people.

This is what a militia is update! Details from Weapons Man:

Some National Guardsmen patrolling the wreckage of Ferguson, Missouri came on a remarkable, and alarming, sight: black men with guns, their leader a 6’8″ giant cradling an AR-15. They stood in the forecourt of a Conoco gas station, a building that rose, unmolested, like a meth addict’s last solitary tooth in a micro-Hiroshima landscape of boarded-up, or, worse, looted and burned, small businesses.

This was a building that did not burn, despite containing fuel enough to delight the nihilistic rioters. It wasn’t just standing, it was open.

The Guard soldiers demanded that the men put their guns down, and were actually starting to cuff them, when the owner of the station emerged. Doug Merello is a second-generation owner of the station, and even though he’s white, he and his shop’s neighbors, just about all black, had always been friendly. They were his customers, and the neighbors were where he turned for his workers, too.

The nervous Guardsmen soon learned that the giant, Derrick “Stretch” Jordan, 37, and his armed friends were local men. They were workers and former workers at the station, and their friends, who knew Merello and just thought it would just flat be a crying shame if his station went the way of so many other small Ferguson businesses. Especially when they knew so many good people in their town, of whatever race, and knew also that the looters were mostly outsiders with a sprinkling of local ne’er-do-wells, incited by an irresponsible media that dreams of a world in flames.

Nobody was paying them. Nobody made them do it. They just decided to be the kind of men who did the Right Thing, and that this was the Right Thing to Do.

WRSA reveals the central fact:

It ain’t the melanin that is dispositive.

It’s the amount of assholism present in the individual.

Each individual.

Just like any other freedom issue.



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