Liberty’s last line of defense

July 8th, 2014

That would be the Second Amendment, and its supporters.

Some 79 percent of Tea Party activists consider owning a gun an act of patriotism, as do 69 percent of Republicans. Democrats (35 percent) and independents (40 percent) are much less likely to feel that way. Men (60 percent) say being a gun owner shows patriotism, while over half of women feel it does not (56 percent).

Owning a gun is significantly more likely to be seen as patriotic in rural America (65 percent) than in suburban (46 percent) and urban areas of the country (36 percent).

Naturally, those viscerally opposed to both patriotism and the 2A–ie, the effete and effeminate urban Left–wouldn’t feel the same way as real Americans, and there’s no real reason to expect them to. But if the country is ever to be saved (a proposition I’m highly dubious of, to say the least) it’s going to be the gun-rights folks who do it–most likely after a good few of them, their families, and their pets have been slaughtered in no-knock gun-confiscation raids by federal SWAT/Gestapo squads.

(Via Herschel and Katie Pavlich)

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  1. Commissar Kirov
    July 8th, 2014 at 10:09 | #1
    You don't need a gun to be patriotic. The state will provide everything you need and insure your safety and happiness. Just look at the result the gulags provided. Ever see one of the kulaks protest about the conditions there? No, and you never will. Guns prevent gulags. You don't want that.
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