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We’re saved, everybody! Why, support for Obama is down to a lousy forty-something percent in the polls! Our long national nightmare is over!


At every opportunity, Obama repeats his vow to circumvent the legislative branch, despite court warnings and a threatened House lawsuit over unrestrained executive actions. “Sue me!” he defiantly told one crowd Tuesday.

Here’s what such bluster means in politics, as well as families: He’s in trouble. And he knows it. Like a lame duck puffing up and flapping its wings to cover its weakness. A dead giveaway.

As if to confirm that, a new Zogby Analytics Poll came out overnight underscoring other recent surveys.

It found that during the last month Obama’s approval among likely voters has slid three more points to 44%, while his job disapproval increased four points to 54%. While Obama’s poll plummet won’t change his attitude or rhetoric, it will shrink his clout, especially as the Nov. 4 midterms near and party pals look to their own survival.

Ten points underwater and Obama intends to convince those same Americans to pressure Congress?

Yes, Congress’ numbers are worse, 19% approval and 76% disapproval. But so what? Plagued by serial scandals, foreign disasters and gaffes that seem to reveal an air of helplessness, Obama’s numbers are down everywhere, even among those sectors once nearly unanimous in support.

The poll of 1,110 found Obama’s approval among blacks is down 10 points to 76%, among liberals it fell seven points to 76%, among Hispanics off six to 67%, among Democrats down four to 77%, among women down four to 45%, and among all-important independents down seven to a mere 32%.

In one month.

If I had a nickel for every one of these “is Obama finished?” chin-pullers I’d be a happy boy. Every time a new poll comes out another three or four of these desperately hopeful articles pops up. And it’s been that way since just about the very beginning; in fact, if you were a Righty pundit, you could probably just recycle ’em from oh, say, early 2009 and nobody would know the difference.

Meanwhile he goes right on running rings around the supposed “opposition” party, enacting his insidious left-wing agenda with or without their half-hearted and half-witted “obstruction,” getting the things he wants done by hook or by crook. He’s successfully transformed the nation into just another weak, struggling, enervated second-rate power too enfeebled and inept to even bother to pretend about securing its own borders even after the 9/11 attacks (hey, remember them? “Never forget,” “Bring ’em to justice,” all that rot?)…and been dismissed the whole time as a “lame duck” by people who really, really ought to know better.

Obamacare? Here to stay, get over it already. Executive overreach? There’s the silly subterfuge of Boehner’s lawsuit, but if there ever is another Republican president (big “if,” that one), just let him try it. Loss of freedom, DHS and TSA out of control and continuing to shred the tattered remnants of the Constitution into smaller bits every day, and again: not going away.

Reining in the IRS, de-politicizing the DOJ, loosening the EPA’s stranglehold on the national economy? You’re dreaming. Economy micro(mis)managed from top to bottom by the central government? Again: not going away. Millions of illegal aliens (or undocumented Democrats) pouring into the country at the open invitation of the person charged with preventing such from happening (read this from Doc Zero if you think your blood pressure can stand it), then released to head straight to the polling places to reinforce socialism? It’s happening right before our eyes, with the one small community that dared to even try to stand athwart the onslaught and slow the invasion even now being painted in the Official Government Media as heartless, soulless monsters Who Hate Teh Children.

Benghazi–what difference, at this point, does it make? The Berghdahl/terrorist swap–who’s that again, now? Fast and Furious–I’m sorry, did somebody say something?

The communist reprobate has committed breach of the Constitution after brazen illegality after impeachable offense, lied nonchalantly to Duh Peepul about every damned one of them, and nobody dares even bring impeachment up in a serious manner, preferring instead to mutter yet again about the results of the latest dishonest poll. Because RACIST!™, I guess.

With King Barrack the Magnificent openly taunting his Republican “opposition” like this, does he sound “finished” to you?

President Obama on Tuesday defended his use of executive actions and dared critics to stop him as Republicans weigh a legal challenge to his powers.

“Middle-class families can’t wait for Republicans in Congress to do stuff,” Obama said defiantly during a speech in Washington. “So sue me.

“As long as they do nothing, I’m not going to apologize for doing something,” the president continued.

“Republican obstruction is not just some abstract political stunt,” he said. “It has real and direct consequences for middle-class families all across the country. 

“I haven’t heard a good reason why they haven’t acted [on transportation funding],” Obama continued. “It’s not like they’ve been busy with other stuff.”  

Sounds more to me like he’s gearing up to make hapless buffoons out of his lily-livered ostensible “opponents” yet again. But maybe I’m wrong. I haven’t been yet about this douchebag, but hey, it could happen.

Update! I repeat: sigh. Also, spit.


1 thought on “Finished!

  1. Call me jaded but this doesn’t raise my blood pressure. I guess after 6 years of seeing The Constitution and our rule of law pissed on, shredded and flushed, it’s hard for me to get worked up over another couple million illegals flooding our border…oh wait, there really isn’t a border. What do we call the line where Texas is supposed to end and Mexico is supposed to start now?

    Well whatever.

    It’s gotten so ridiculous now that I truly believe were Obama to suspend the next general election because of_________, the left dominated press would back him, as long as the goodies kept coming to the LoFos, they’d be down with it and John Boehner would bluster, going from orange to red.

    Constitutional conservatives would be aghast, would write columns condemning it and yawn, that would be that.

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