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Iraq Spring grinds on


As Iraq’s government bolstered Baghdad’s defenses Sunday, the Islamic militant group that captured two major cities last week posted graphic photos that appeared to show its fighters massacring dozens of captured Iraqi soldiers.

The pictures on a militant website appear to show masked fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, loading the captives onto flatbed trucks before forcing them to lie face-down in a shallow ditch with their arms tied behind their backs, according to The Associated Press. The final images show the bodies of the captives soaked in blood after being shot.

Most of the soldiers who appear in the pictures are in civilian clothes. Some are shown wearing military uniforms underneath, indicating they may have hastily disguised themselves as civilians to try to escape.

“The claim by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant that it has massacred 1,700 Iraqi Shia air force recruits in Tikrit is horrifying and a true depiction of the bloodlust that these terrorists represent,” State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Sunday.

Maybe Professor Obama should favor us with another smarmy lecture about how these savages need to “work diligently” together to bring “security and prosperity to all people inside of Iraq.” After all, it’s clear just how amenable the victorious troglodytes are to reason, reasonableness, and compassion for those they’ve vanquished. But don’t worry; Barky’s crack team of college-boy commie eggheads has a “solution” all warmed up and ready to go: beg Iran for “help.”

The radical Sunni militia that has plunged Iraq into chaos bragged on Sunday that it had executed hundreds of Shiite Iraqi soldiers, even as the Obama administration said it is preparing to open direct talks with Iran on how the two longtime foes can counter the insurgents.

The U.S.-Iran dialogue, which is expected to begin this week, will mark the latest in a rapid move toward rapprochement between Washington and Tehran over the past year. It also comes as the U.S. and other world powers try to reach an agreement with Iran by late July to curb its nuclear program.

Gee, that’s all bound to end well. Another one of those laugh-or-cry dilemmas, looks like.

Meanwhile, supergenii like Lindsey Grahamnesty–whose fevered calls for support for the same marauding Sunni religio-fascists when they were upending Libya, Syria, and Egypt still reverberate in the memories of those actually paying attention at the time–have a plan too. Oddly enough for denizens of a nominal “opposition” party, it looks a lot like Barky’s pathetic plea for assistance from our Iranian “partners in peace,” with the added demand that “Maliki must go.”

While speaking on ‘Face the Nation,’ Graham criticized the leadership of Shiite Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s leadership – and said he must step down.

‘Maliki is a flawed, leader, Bob. He – he has to go. There’s no way that Maliki can bring this country back together,’ Graham said on the CBS program.

Graham said the US will ‘probably’ need help from the Sunni Iranians, whom he said wanted southern Iraq, but compared the partnership to working with Stalin during World War II.

Ahh, realpolitik from a confirmed fantasist. And do note that Maliki is the duly elected leader, freely and fairly installed by elections we underwrote with American blood and treasure. Remember all those purple fingers on berobed and hijabbed Iraqis? Just before we approved their spanking new sharia-law constitution? All that?

I’d guess the “Democracy, whiskey, sexy” guy has already fled the country. Or I’d hope so anyway, for his own sake.

Update! RCP squeezes out another hilariously apt headline all over moronic flack Krugman’s pointy head: “This Is the Obama We’ve Been Waiting For.” Well, some of us, yeah.

According to plan update!Mission decomplished.” Heh.

Sounds right to me update! The only real solution:

I know, I know, the recent ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) gains have everyone scared. No doubt, the Islamophilic administration will want to step in, and save Islam from itself once again. Let me advocate a course of action that will make sense to all sides in America; the left and right; from militarists to pacifists: Let the Muslims kill each other.

After the administration blundered on Benghazi, on the Arab Spring, and Syria, Heaven itself has afforded it one last chance to set itself right.  It is almost impossible for the administration to screw it up. All it has to do is nothing.

These mujahadeen are incapable of maintaining the weapons they already have. Weapons need upkeep. Weapons have to be oiled, cleaned, and upgraded. Upkeep interferes with raping, pillaging, and chopping off heads. Within two years, they will be slaughtering each other with scimitars and rusty AK-47s.

Iraq’s president, Maliki has asked for US assistance. Oh really?

Iraq insisted on setting up its country with an Islamic constitution; against our advice, and now he wants American help. For what? So Iraq’s Shia can continue to run arms to Syria and Hezb’allah in Lebanon?

If our State Department had men and women with intelligence instead of a love of the Qur’an, they would tell Maliki that our help would be predicated on four conditions:

1) Get rid of the Islamic constitution, and set up a secular state
2) Recognize Israel
3) Naturalize the Palestinians in your state
4) Break off ties with Iran

If Maliki says no, we say “Fine, have your Islamic state. We are not going to decide which flavor.”

He has no choice. No matter what he decides, the West wins. Should ISIS take over, Iran will be cut off from land routes to Syria’s Assad, and Lebanon’s Hezb’allah. How does this hurt the West?

Sure! Iraq may go down. The Sunni officers in the Iraqi army will not fight for a Shia majority Iraqi state. In fact, many Sunni officers are already joining ISIS. The Shia, who are mere foot soldiers, are not prepared to fight the better trained Sunni. So what?

When thieves fall out, honest men prosper. When Muslims fall out, civilization prospers. Take a hint from Scripture. God is telling us something.

From his lips to…uhh, never mind. He has lots more, all of it good, so I’ll just content myself with a hearty “amen” and leave it at that. Back to the golf course with ye, Barky, for the duration–you’ll do a lot less damage there than anywhere else.


1 thought on “Iraq Spring grinds on

  1. ISIS is making a strategic mistake which is unavoidable by fanatics. ISIS is executing prisoners from the opposing forces and from the opposing religion (Shia). This will focus the minds and hearts of the Shia with practical clarity. ISIS is asking for a fight to the death rather than for a political surrender.

    Yes, the Shia are a minority, but they are now fighting for their lives. They will quickly train themselves.

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