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June 8th, 2014

And all bad.

Something we should consider is deliberately weaponizing the vote. Use it as a tool to incite chaos. Elect the stupid to weaken the enemy in advance of badness.

Remember: Highly stupid pols lacking restraint and nuance will escalate things from a slow burn into an outright conflagration with a combination of maleficence and startling idiocy. Consider it a user-controlled application of reverse natural selection.

Some will present the case that the system needs to be de-legitimized by non-participation. This is a fine notion – and a worthy debate point. That entertained, we’d argue those who “need this sort of demonstration” already understand the vote is completely illegitimate. It’s speaking to the converted. The politicians by default know the system is fraudulent. Those still lacking a clue, in our opinion, won’t be convinced of the reality until the cattle cars are half way to the fusion center. While RIDING them.


Bad is the mush-wing Republicans. They will cool the fires and calm a portion of the serfs – who get to wave their cute little banners and pretend everything is magically better. These “good little statist caretakers” will then clean up some of the more outrageous abuses, while leaving the majority of Behemoth intact. That’s terrible for the liberty movement, (in our opinion). Such ice-blooded hucksters give a veneer of legitimacy while role-playing “reasonable authority figures” – which will in turn be used to justify plenty of inaction.

Good is unrestrained full-on radical marxists, fools, moral-crusaders, illiterates and drug addled morons running roughshod over everything. They cause immense harm to Leviathan as they dance about spouting inflammatory rhetoric while wielding the steel arm of the regulatory state as a bludgeon – against anything their sensibilities, (or lack-there-of), find disagreeable. Harry Reid is a gift from God. Chuck Schumer? Who could ask for a better bogey-man? These abusive cave trolls flexing their muscle are exactly the wrong sorts at the worst possible time.

To which we say…more. They don’t know how to moderate, their righteous indignation won’t allow it. Encourage the behavior, give them the lit sparkler – and they’ll gleefully prance into the powder magazine with absolutely zero encouragement.

The key would seem to be knowing how far away we need to stand to enjoy the comedy of the conflagration without getting too badly burned by it ourselves. Meanwhile: Rob Ford for president!

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  1. Mike James
    June 8th, 2014 at 18:27 | #1
    Let me see if I've got this straight--the idea is to deliberately place detestable commies, fools, illiterates, drug addicts and the like in power? And this is supposed to end well?
  2. Dan
    June 8th, 2014 at 22:41 | #2
    It would seem the working theory is that the liberal progtards can't be stopped, America IS going to collapse and the only thing slowing the process down is the LESS liberal side acting as an occasional road block.
    Remove this impediment and the "reset" process can occur much sooner. An interesting and perhaps valid
    theory. Not one that can be proven or disproven except through the lens of historical hindsight.

    The problem I fear is that there is NOWHERE far enough away from such a conflagration to stand so as to
    keep from being burned in the coming political violence.

  3. June 9th, 2014 at 16:06 | #3
    Sheen/Lohan 2016!
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