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Saturday Williamson. Well, okay, Friday; whatevs. The opening quote is perfect.

The emperor-philosopher Marcus Aurelius once observed that if a man knew for certain that he would die the next day, or the day after that, he would care very much about which day it was to be, the difference being so slight, only if were among the most abject and degraded of souls. General Shinseki has nothing in front of him but degradation; a less abject man would already have resigned in acknowledgement of his own failure to meet his responsibilities and as a gesture of atonement to the nation he failed. Clinging to his position at this point can be a source of nothing other than shame. He is on his way out — why not leave with some honor?

Umm…because, since he’s a damned liberal willingly working for an illegitimate government, he has none?

I wrote in passing yesterday that if President Obama or the people of this country had any self-respect, he’d resign over the scandal of the Veterans Affairs hospitals, which needlessly sentenced an unknown number of American veterans to death through their combination of managerial incompetence, medical malpractice, and monstrously cruel indifference to their clients. Other heads of government have resigned for less. President Obama presented himself to the public as an authority in the field of health-care management and as an executive who not only would insist upon but also would in fact achieve the highest standards in transparent, honest, competent government. He has failed, comprehensively. An honest man acknowledges his failures.

Again: the very last descriptor anyone has any reason to be using for Barrack Hussein Obama is “honest.” He possesses not one single discernible shred of it. Even for a Leftist, the miserable worm stands out as the absolute apotheosis of amoral dishonesty.

We are all familiar with the flip side of that: Every time business picks up at a paper-plate factory in Sheboygan, the president attempts to seize credit for the three jobs therein created. If you had attended the 2012 Democratic convention, you’d have thought that Barack Obama personally pulled the trigger on Osama bin Laden and had donned green eyeshades to turn around the financial affairs of General Motors. Strangely, after having bragged about saving GM, the Obama administration wishes to accept no responsibility for the deadly, possibly criminal, andcertainly negligent actions of that firm during a period in which the U.S. government was its principal shareholder. Who knows how many people are dead or injured because GM refused to improve faulty switches? Who knows how many veterans are dead because of the VA?

If you want credit for the happy unexpected consequences of every snail hiccup across the fruited plains, then you have to take responsibility for the actions of your government — the things that are, after all, directly your responsibility.

Well, no; you should, certainly. But the Putz In Chief stands as proof irrefutable that you don’t have to. He doesn’t; he hasn’t; he won’t. Being a “liberal” means never having to say you’re sorry, and always having someone else to pin the blame on for the inevitable failures bound up in your wet-brained ideology. It also means mouthing the words “I take full responsibility” when it’s absolutely unavoidable, without ever having to take a single action that even vaguely hints at actually doing so.

President Obama clings to his sad little throne even more desperately than does General Shinseki. Faced with evidence of the incompetence of his administration, the president pronounced himself outraged, vowed that he would not tolerate it, would not stand for it — he in fact did everything except take responsibility for the actions of his government. The dishonesty and malpractice he vowed never to tolerate were, after all, the actions of his own administration, and the fact that they (may have) happened at some degree of separation from his own sacred person is hardly a defense. We made the head of the VA a cabinet-level position in order that the secretary might report directly to the president. The president, however, must be paying attention. President Obama was not.

It may not be fair, exactly, but one aspect of big-time leadership is that one must bear responsibility even for that which is not necessarily one’s fault. The responsibilities of the presidency did not descend upon an unsuspecting Barack Obama while he was going about his own inexplicable business in Chicago; he sought the office, twice, offering promises about what kind of a man he is, and what kind of leader — and he has failed to deliver.

We know full well what kind of man he is, what kind of leader, and he ain’t much of either.

Resignation is indeed the only honorable course of action remaining to Ogabe. But then again, if he were an honorable man–or anything other than a conniving, self-aggrandizing, egotistical, lazy, pig-ignorant, deceitful shitweasel–he never would have had the hubris and audacity to run for the office in the first place. He isn’t fit for it; in his entire life he’s had no experience whatsoever that would indicate he was. He’s dedicated his entire bootless existence to refuting and destroying everything the country is supposed to be all about. His contempt for the principles of our founding couldn’t be more obvious if he had them tattooed on his forehead in screaming neon colors.

His intent was never to be a good steward of the American legacy, but to destroy and remake it. He had to lie about all that to get votes, and was perfectly willing to do so. What on earth in any of that could possibly make anyone think he was ever going to do the honorable thing should he fail at properly executing an office he so evidently deems to be beneath him, a mere nuisance and distraction, but at the same time a (regrettably) necessary step in his quest for personal power?

Yes, he damned well ought to resign. But the simple fact that he currently infests the office at all, like a one-man plague of rats, is as sure an indicator as anyone should ever need that he won’t, and would never even imagine doing such a thing.

Oh, and in case you hadn’t seen it yet, my title up there is a reference to this.

Update! Dang it, forgot the link. Here t’is.




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