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Of white hats and black

And brothers under the skin. And kabuki.

Long ago, I was invited to a Restore the Constitution rally in North Carolina as a contrary voice to the usual flag waving. At that rally, I presented the controversial idea that those who attend that kind of rally (or who come to the aid of a Bundy in distress), are the white hats, or the really good guys. The good guys who believe in the system and think that it can still be fixed if we all care enough and try real, real hard.

Bless their hearts. Fedgov (and its malevolent, sociopathic international finance masters) should really pay attention to these people when they get upset.

Because these white hats are the good guys. Even if they show up with their rifles. Especially if they show up with their rifles.

Black hats, on the other hand, are like the good guys, only worse. They have given up on stripey flags, and fancy papers and pretty ribbons, or high ideals that cripple good and decent people against pure, historically proven evil. Black hats, having often been taught by bitter experience to darken their own previous white hats, now only care about pragmatism, and what will work, and what has been proven to work throughout history. And what opposing cultures in the petri dish of ideas have been proven, time and time again, to be destructive to civilization and all decent people.

So black hats don’t often show up to that kind of thing and wave flags around and try real hard to be the good guys, although the white hats you see there are the brothers of those you don’t. No, the black hats know that all they have to do to increase their number toward the tipping point is to wait, and whisper here and there as the kabuki reveal unintended truths of the elites holding the scripts. If a black hat shows up at all, it is to watch, and listen, and learn.

Often what the black hats learn is an understanding of how events unfold in the real world, unfettered by high ideals. And what we can all learn from this Bundy situation, is that this fedgov kabuki has taken a few slips to the side. We can see this slip because the built-in gambit of declaiming Bundy as a racist, truth notwithstanding, didn’t really turn out the way it was scripted.

This is MAJOR progress, my friends, because only a couple of years ago, hell, even a few months ago, many of the most die-hard liberty geeks would have cut and run should their compatriots be accused of even knowing a racist. The easiest play in the book to discredit someone had been to say they were somehow involved in racist shenanigans.

Today? Well, I am proud to say that our friends in all meaningful directions are maturing beyond that pupal stage.

We can also see the kabuki faltering by the growing movement among western states to ask why the BLM controls these states’ land in the first place. This question, now seriously posed, is a small, definitive step toward the mass inoculation of the idea of secession, an idea which also was only recently similarly tarnished.

The confluence of these two ideas, resistance to charges of racism by individuals, and growing acceptance of the prerequisites to secession by the various states, frightens the hell out of the Eastern bankster elites (and their overseas masters), as these two taboo ideas had been the gargoyles perched atop the gate to their seat of power.

This is not power these self-chosen elites will willingly cede.

It never is. But cede it they will, sooner or later, one way or another. And then the inexorable cycle of history begins anew.

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  1. We can pray that the left has cried “Wolf” enough that it no longer works. Although by the NBA’s reaction I don’t think it’s quite worn out yet.

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