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Mask: dropped

He’s right, they should do just that. Be honest, for once in your miserable, parasitic lives.

REP. KEITH ELLISON (D., MINN.): I mean, 27 children were mowed down. Isn’t that enough for us? One of our colleagues, Gabby Giffords — shot in the face.

BILL MAHER: Then why doesn’t your party come out against the Second Amendment? It’s the problem.

ELLISON: Bill, I sure wish they would. I sure wish they would.

MAHER: Really? Because I never hear anybody in the Democratic party say that. What they say, ‘I am also a strong supporter.’

Which, as we all know, is just another of their countless self-serving lies.

Come and take them, you cowardly twerps. Anytime you think you’re ready, I assure you that we are.


4 thoughts on “Mask: dropped

  1. Jumpin’ Jesus on a pogo stick! Ellison is the congresscritter from Minneapolis and a Democrat National Socialist Muslim. The lesbian police chief of the Miniapple wears a hijab to show solidarity with those that would gladly kill her. The Hennepin County (Minneapolis again) sheriff dropped trou after getting a letter (not even a frickin’ protest, just a letter!) from the pisslamic supremacists at CAIR about respecting the rights of mooselimbs and allowing them to wear their idiotic headwear in mugshots. Minneapolis is becoming dhimmitude central. All of that, plus the 61-car pileup here (Minnesotans not knowing how to drive in snow and ice? The apocalypse is nigh!), are signs the metro area is collectively going insane. It’s time to get out before the contagion starts to affect me, too.

  2. “I mean, 27 children were mowed down. Isn’t that enough for us? One of our colleagues, Gabby Giffords — shot in the face.”

    Nice of the guy to let us all know that his support for stripping the three hundred million strong U.S. population of a constitutional right can be had for cheap.

  3. This is one of the reasons the Right loses every debate it has with the Left. You counter their points with logic & facts, which are not relevant to the debate. The Left forms an argument with feelings and the only proper reply is to attack their justification for those feelings. They always have and will always ignore your facts & logic. The Left is from Venus and the Right is from Mars.

    It’s irrelevant that the Second Amendment is a Natural Right, or saves lives, when there are people being killed with guns. It’s about the feelings. It’s about “fair.”

    When there is poverty to be addressed and children in need you are a monster to deny tax dollars to aid agencies. You tax the rich, not to raise money for causes, but because it’s fair.

    The goal of the Left isn’t to win arguments but to demonize those that disagree with them.

    This is alinskyite propaganda. Separate it, freeze it, and demonize it. Whether it’s gun control, welfare, abortion, climate change, taxes or any other front they will prove that you the gun zealot, you the denier, you the greedy, you the misogynist are on the wrong end of fair. It’s you that are against the People. You, with your misplaced and archaic facts against their feelings. Individualism? Did you not know it takes a village? A village that comes together and looks out for one another? Did you miss the obamaboy commercial? The Mom commercial hyping obamacare? The Left is about caring for the helpless People. The Right is about cold unfeeling facts. And since families have been destroyed the People cry out to be cared for. They want warm and fuzzy not cold & calculating.

    The only way to fight this is with a fire hose of compassion. To strip away the plastic veneer of warm & fuzzy and reveal the cold materialistic heart of Leftism. To out compassion them with the safety net of opportunity inherent to liberty. Facts & logic & science cannot win absent the warmth of true caring; and the Right is the only one that genuinely cares.

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"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." – Claire Wolfe, 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

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