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Bear in mind

Marco Rubio gets this one absolutely right, and really lets ’em have it while doing so:

Marco Rubio pulled few punches this morning on Meet the Press, lambasting the Obama administration for its handling of the Russian interference in Ukraine. “You’re dealing with a government that lies as a matter of course,” Rubio said. It’s “very difficult to enter an understanding with them,” he said, calling them “a government of liars.”

About time somebody in a position of power and influence called them out for their uncounted and unchallenged deceptions. There really is no reason to take anything they say at face value anymore; the bastards have lied right in our teeth on every issue, major or minor, and have more than adequately demonstrated that they simply cannot be trusted to even…uhhh…wait; hold on, what?

Russia has violated, Rubio pointed out, nearly every arms-control agreement it’s agreed to with the U.S.

Crap, you mean he was talking about the Russian government, not warning them about what they might expect from the Obama junta?

Oh. Sorry. My bad.

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2 thoughts on “Bear in mind

  1. The American public are not sheep. You don’t have to lie to sheep in order to bring them to slaughter. You do need to lie to the American public.

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