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Questions, questions, questions

Gotta part ways with Klavan on this one:

I’d rather put up with frustrating RINOs than continue in the minority with our country under attack from within. But let me know what you think.

Well, there’s another way of putting that, although it’s not as pithy: would you rather give your time and effort supporting phony “conservatives” who are more than happy to use you like a cheap truckstop-rest room condom until they’re in power, then betray you and the ideals they dishonestly profess, thereby enabling the Left to continue its marauding and destruction? Or would you rather remain true to your own principles and support honest candidates (if any) who believe in Constitutional government and are willing to enunciate those principles passionately, and forcefully stand up against the tide of authoritarian collectivism washing over this nation as if from a burst sewer-pipe, knowing in your heart that you did your best to support what you know is clearly right against what you know is clearly wrong, and need not thereafter feel soiled and dirty by a tarnished electoral “victory” that in the end is no such thing?

More questions: if you are dismayed by the hideously low, grubby level to which our career politicians have sunk, and wish for better men to run for office, how do you think going right along with the business-as-usual slimeballs and denying support to those better men is going to help improve things? If you want better candidates, do you really think holding your nose and voting for another garden-variety megalomaniacal, sociopathic, amoral douchebag because he has an “R” after his name is going to encourage them? Do you really expect to get those better candidates by failing to demand them?

Another: if you think conservative/Constitutional principles are so distasteful and alarming to the majority of the electorate that they can’t possibly win on their merits and must instead be ground down into digestible pap in campaigns and abandoned after elections, then how can you possibly hold out any hope at all for restoring proper governance?

Y’all ought to all realize by now that there’s no voting our way out of this anyway, not with the alphabet-soup bureaucracies who actually run this country so thoroughly co-opted and corrupted. That being the case, why on earth would you want to waste your time voting for anyone who believes the way out is via “reaching across the aisle” and compromising with the very socialists who have slowly dismantled the old Republic and replaced it with EUro-lite?

Lastly, for anyone else who believes voting for mushy “moderates” is the only way to win: how’s president Romney workin’ out for ya? How many times are real classical liberals to be required to shut up and eat your shit sandwiches–watching your guys lose again and again, watching the country continue its Leftward lurch even when you do eke out a win–before they’re allowed to vote for a candidate they actually believe in without you joining the Democrat Socialists in attacking them as “traitors” and “obstructionists”?


2 thoughts on “Questions, questions, questions

  1. Since there is no longer a distinction between establishment GOP and establishment Dems, why should I invest my time and effort into supporting one over the other?

    At least establishment Dems state their hatred of me openly.

  2. I and others kind of took Klavan to task for saying that Todd Akin was a Tea Party guy. He was the establishment pick and I’m sick of him being considered what’s wrong with the Tea Party. As for Christine O’Donnell, let’s just say that a) Mike Castle would surely have signed on to O-care, making it a bipartisan piece of shit and b) the state and national GOP weren’t exactly falling all over themselves to help her. Sure, she had some baggage and was probably unelectable in that socialist hellhole of a state, but let’s not kid ourselves about how DIFFERENT things would have been if the Establishment pick had won.

    And no discussion of the RINOs and electability would be complete without linking to this again.

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