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All are one

Oh, how the libtards must HATE him.

When James O’Keefe, the guerrilla videographer who has now exposed the Obama navigators, went after the corrupt “community organizing” group ACORN in 2009, he released videos showing its employees offering advice on running brothels and evading taxes. ACORN’s response was to claim (a) the tapes were edited (b) the incident was isolated and (c) it was letting go of the employees shown in the video. O’Keefe ultimately came out on top because he released all of the unedited raw footage he had taken and released other tapes from other ACORN offices that showed a pattern.

It will be interesting to see if that same pattern holds in the navigator scandal, which shows employees of the Urban League of Greater Dallas advising O’Keefe investigators on how to lie and cheat in order to score Obamacare subsidies or lower their insurance premiums.

I’m told the full video will be made available by O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, but that the problems with the navigators may be just beginning. Apparently, O’Keefe plans to follow his ACORN model and release other videos showing navigator abuses in other cities thus demonstrating that problems with the $67 million federal program are far from isolated. Stay tuned.

Any bets on how many of these “navigators” are or were ACORN personnel?


1 thought on “All are one

  1. What if they gave a scandal and nobody cared?

    New Orleans goes down because of the failures of the mayor and Governor and Bush is blamed; bombs fall on the heads of people that might be innocent and Bush is blamed; we are embroiled in a couple of wars and Bush is a war criminal; the economy dips and Bush is blamed; ten percent of the nation has no health insurance and Bush is blamed; a Republican congressman sends birthday greetings to House pages and, because he is a homosexual, he has to go; a Republican senator praises a retired fellow senator and, because that retired senator once embraced segregation, he has to go.

    Bush is out of office and there is a huge oil disaster in the gulf and Bush is blamed anyway; bombs fall on the heads of people that are probably innocent and nobody cares because the new president has a nobel prize around his neck; we are embroiled in a couple of wars and nobody cares because the president has a nobel prize around his neck; the economy is stagnant for five years and nobody cares because Bush is gone (or, it’s really Bush’s fault); ten percent of the nation may lose their health insurance and nobody cares because the Republicans did it by not fixing the frankenstein; a democratic House member takes a House page to Portugal and bangs the crap out of him for several days because he’s a FLAMING homosexual, and nobody cares; a Democratic senator, who was an officer in the Ku Klux Clan, serves in the Senate for half a century and nobody cares.

    As long as a politician supports the end of traditional American values the voters don’t care what he does. As long as a politician uses the government to make things free, the People DON’T CARE!

    This mindset will force the Republicans to FIX obamacare (they are, after all, a retail political party that needs to elect people to office as much as a business needs to make a profit). This mindset will force the Republican Party to embrace leftist policies because this is what the People want. The Romans famously elected a horse to their Senate; we’ve effectively elected half a horse to the White House, I wonder what they did with the front half?

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