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Just lame

You all knew this was coming, right?

The rollout of the federal health-care exchange under the Affordable Care Act has been a grade-A debacle. There is absolutely no denying it. And The Post’s big Sunday story on the combination of poor planning and political timidity puts the entire mess into perspective. Knowing that President Obama relentlessly admonished his team that “if the Web site doesn’t work, nothing else matters” makes it all the more infuriating.

But there were two tidbits in the 2,800-word piece that were previously known but still served to enrage me, especially now that we see how well the GOP’s premeditated campaign to try to kill is working.

Waaahh, the GOP’s refusal (SOME in the GOP, it must be noted) to simply shut up and meekly go along with a program to which they are deeply, philosophically, and justly opposed–a program they CORRECTLY warned would be a disaster, and that they believed would not only do harm to the people who voted them into office but would fundamentally alter the relationship between “citizen” and Almighty State–JUST ISN’T FAAIIIIR. Cry me a river, you punk-ass bitch.

So, the federal exchange that Republicans said wouldn’t work ended up not working because it was starved of the money needed to help make it work.

Yeah. At several hundred million damned dollars for a single stinking website–so far–I don’t think “starved” is exactly the mot juste here, asshole.

Of course, foot dragging by a ’fraidy cat White House aided the failure. But after reading The Post story on the debacle that is the Obamacare debut, what the GOP gleefully calls a train wreck was a self-fulfilling prophesy courtesy of Republican sabotage.

Again: when what you’re actually talking about is representatives doing their jobs and complying with the wishes of the constituents who put them in office–in many cases for the specific reason of opposing and resisting the liberal-fascist power grab known as Obamacare–“sabotage” isn’t quite the right word here.

FACTS: you rammed this down all of our gullets without a single GOP vote in Congress. You did it as crookedly and dishonestly as can possibly be imagined, using every piece of low legislative skullduggery in the book. You lied through your teeth about it throughout the entire process, knowing full well that lying was the only way to get it implemented. Even then, you barely managed to sneak it through. And now that it’s blown up in your smarmy little faces–as it was inevitably going to, because you’re all too goddamned corrupt and incompetent to organize an orgy in a Mexican whorehouse with a pocketful of hundreds–you want to start tossing blame around, anyplace but where it actually belongs…yourdamnedselves.

I’m thinking right about now would be a really great time for some enterprising soul to go to DC, dig up that giant gavel of Pelosi’s, and jam it right up her flue. Sideways. On camera. It’d be the biggest viral vid in the history of YouTube.

I got two words for you, every single last one of you, from the Liar In Thief all the way down to the most starry-eyed ACORN volunteer schlepping petitions around and manning phone banks: FUCK, and YOU. This miserable clusterfuck is YOUR baby, right down the line; every steaming, stinking inch of this wretched turd is yours and yours alone. Kick all the sand around in the litterbox you want to try to cover it up and keep the stench from rising to the heavens; YOU cranked it out, YOU made the mess, YOU failed, and now YOU own it. First to last, start to finish, forever and ever, a-fucking-men.

And I promise you: bitch all you want, whine all you want, spin all you want; keep right on lying and obfuscating and ducking and dodging and shucking and jiving as you will, but there are a whole, whole lot of people like me who are absolutely dedicated to expending every ounce of energy we can muster making sure you get the credit (read: infamy) you deserve for it. Count on it, milksop.

Like I said, cry me a river, cupcake. Your wails of outrage and lamentation are the sweetest music we ever hope to hear.


10 thoughts on “Just lame

  1. What keeps me awake at night is this uneasy feeling about why they think they can so brazenly lie without any fear of being called on it. This is way beyond Clinton’s prevarications. They’re denying and lying about things that are on the record and/or filmed on tape and easily found online.

    Simple: the Dems passed this with not one GOP vote. The Obama WH is in charge of implementing this. Obama lied about the effects on existing plans of this legislation and this is repeated on camera so many times as to be undeniable. Yet in the studies of this legislation it openly discusses these very same effects. Even if every single GOP legislator wanted this to fail it is completely out of their hands to change course one way or another.

    So why do they think they can be so over the top brazenly lie like this. What is it that gives them such confidence and seem to not fear any reprisals. That’s what keeps me awake at night.

    Why do they not seem to fear reprisal.

  2. “Why do they not seem to fear reprisal.”

    Maybe………… Let me think………… Perhaps…….. A BILLION ROUNDS OF AMMO??

  3. A billion rounds of ammunition that will quickly be re-purposed against them.

  4. They don’t fear reprisal because there will be none. We are too busy measuring Kim Kardashians ass or watching felonious millionaire minorities chase a ball.
    They have been lying for so long there will never be a lie big enough to catch our attention, and if there were, the “leaders” on our own side would help redefine, reclassify, and nuance it away.
    Enjoy life now……..

  5. Throwing money is the Democrats traditional solution to any problem. To admit that the project needed more money is to admit that it was already a failure. Just another idiot Dem who is utterly ignorant about his party history. Democrats don’t solve problems they just throw money at the problem and hope it goes away.

  6. What keeps me awake at night is this uneasy feeling about why they think they can so brazenly lie without any fear of being called on it. This is way beyond Clinton’s prevarications. They’re denying and lying about things that are on the record and/or filmed on tape and easily found online.

    Who’s going to call them on it? Us? Whacked out freedom freaks? The guys who would call them on it are almost all on their side, including the establishment GOP, the media, and the entire educational system.

    They lie because it works. Also because, in their post-modernist besotted minds, they don’t even know what the truth is any more. As I said on another thread a couple of days ago:

    “There is no lie to obvious that they won’t simply deny it. If claiming that the sky was lavender happened to be necessary to their narrative, they would be pointing at obvious photoshops of the sky and saying ‘See? The sky really is lavender, no matter what you see through your window. Why don’t you stop being unreasonable and just accept it for the greater good?'”

  7. >>I don’t think “starved” is exactly the mot juste here, asshole.

    You have to love a man that can put that sentence together.

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