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Crash and burn

So we all are just going to have to admit a few hard truths here: the real reason for the stuttering clusterfuck of the 404Care launch was really the unleashing of an enormous amount of pent-up demand for good, affordable, reliable, and efficient health coverage among our 300-plus million population, all of them hitting the poor little old website at once in an unforeseen and unforeseeable frenzy which was natural and not in any way related to being forced by their benevolent dictator at the point of the government gun, all clamoring for…uhh…umm…uhhhhhhh…..


CBS News) WASHINGTON – For 31 days now, the Obama administration has been telling us that Americans by the millions are visiting the new health insurance website, despite all its problems.

But no one in the administration has been willing to tell us how many policies have been purchased, and this may be the reason: CBS News has learned enrollments got off to an incredibly slow start.

The website launched on a Tuesday. Publicly, the government said there were 4.7 million unique visits in the first 24 hours. But at a meeting Wednesday morning, the war room notes say “six enrollments have occurred so far.”

They were with BlueCross BlueShield North Carolina and Kansas City, CareSource and Healthcare Service Corporation.

By Wednesday afternoon, enrollments were up to “approximately 100.” By the end of Wednesday, the notes reflect “248 enrollments” nationwide.

The overwhelming majority of which–90 percent, in fact–signed up for already-failing Medicaid.

You can’t even parody these nitwits anymore. You really can’t. I am now 53 years old, soon to be 54, and I honestly cannot remember a time in my life when so many central tenets of liberal-fascism were being so relentlessly knocked down by reality, like tenpins in a bowling alley, like this. The stinging, stunning blows just keep coming, day after day after day, demolishing the Progressivist catechism without relief or remorse–leaving its hapless proponents even more slackjawed and stuporous than usual, bleating ever more outlandish lies and excuses, and emitting self-contradictory spin more wildly than a demented whirling dervish.

This whole self-perpetuating and self-inflicted mess just might be the most hilarious thing I’ve witnessed in politics in an entire lifetime of paying attention. It’s gotten to the point where I just can’t wait to wake up in the morning so I can found out what new slashing counterattack objective reality might have unleashed against its blockheaded adversaries overnight.

Pass the popcorn, somebody. And as the witless 60s Lefty radicals themselves used to say: Burn, baby, burn.

Update! Thomas Lifson: “Time to use the f-word about Obamacare.” No, he doesn’t mean that one, although as far as I’m concerned it certainly works too.

The word is “fraud.” It is now clear that the American people and their representatives in Congress were lied to, in order to obtain passage of Obamacare. When someone is induced to undertake an action based on false representations, that constitutes fraud. Investor’s Business Daily lays out the calculation that motivated the fraud.

Lifson goes on to quote an IBD article that reminds those of us who are old enough to remember of the old Harry and Louise anti-Hillarycare ads, which at this late stage in the ludicrous death throes of the failed Republic are more than merely prophetic:

In one of these, the middle-class couple pours (sic) over a pile of documents at the kitchen table, while a narrator intones about how “things are changing, and not all for the better,” and how “the government may force us to pick from a few plans designed by government bureaucrats.”

“Louise” then complains that “having choices we don’t like is no choice at all,” and the ad concludes with the couple saying, “They choose, and we lose.”

The campaign was devastating. Even though Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, Clinton’s bill never made it out of congressional committees.

So when President Obama decided to take another stab at health care, he was determined to avoid that pitfall. He endlessly promised in the most emphatic way possible that under his plan, Harry and Louise would have nothing to worry about.

Funny how some things never change, innit? The goal remained exactly the same–taking control of the most private decisions of the benighted subjects, for their own “good”–but the libtards realized they hadn’t been nearly dishonest enough the last time around to get it done. Which makes it all the more enjoyable to see the whole damned con job blowing up in their faces now.

I repeat: conservatives need to stay waaaay the hell away from all this, and should take not even the most minor part in helping the liberal-fascists in their attempts to “fix” things. Let it, and them, burn all the way down to smoking cinders.

Time’s update!Just spitballing here, and I’ve been very damned resistant to this idea right along on the grounds that all it would accomplish would be the creation of a martyr for Progressivists to rally around…but if the Rethugs take back Congress entire next election, with the breaching of the “F” word barrier, might it not be time to start considering impeachment? Not saying I advocate it even yet, mind; letting the entire bloated mess implode of its own weight, and letting the black hole of Ogabe’s monstrous ego combined with the treason against the Constitution that is coded in his very DNA suck all of the Progressivist project it possibly can into its destructive vortex still seems to me the preferable course. But if the GOP doesn’t have at least a couple of people thinking about contingency plans here, their “Stupid Party” appellation might be more well-deserved than even people like me currently believe.


4 thoughts on “Crash and burn

  1. No, I think impeachment is a non-starter, and I think Obama knows it. He had a chance to deep-six his impeachment insurance in the runup to the last election, but I think the prevailing wisdom is that two more years of putting up with O’BamBam is probably easier, and less internationally embarrassing, than two years of President Biden.

  2. Biden will do something impeachable within a week of assuming office, count on it. Who’s next in line after that? IIRC it’s Speaker of the House?

  3. Just looked it up and it is Speaker. Wonderful. President Boner. Well he will probably start crying within a week. “There’s no crying in Baseball or the Presidency”. We can impeach him for that.

    Jeebus, how many people do we have to impeach until we get to someone like Ted Cruz as POTUS?

  4. Obama’s real impeachment insurance is the dead certainty that all the trayvons would turn the cities of this nation into open battlefields of Congolese proportions. Thus is one of the Checks and Balances of our Constitution euthanized.

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