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In case any of you were wondering…

I haven’t had much to say about the Navy Yard shooting because I try to hold off commenting on this sort of thing until a couple of days have passed. Everything you hear in the beginning always turns out to be wrong anyway, but I will go this far: usually these mass shootings turn out to be categorizable either as Random Nutjob or NotAMuslimPleaseNotAMuslimOhGodNoIt’sAMuslim. This one looks to be shaping up as Random Nutjob, near as I can tell. Although since nearly all of my TV viewing these days is either NickJr or PBSKids, and they haven’t been providing saturation coverage, I could be missing something there.


7 thoughts on “In case any of you were wondering…

  1. The saturation coverage has been all wrong so far.

    There was a press conference today, but I didn’t watch it too long as they spent so much time patting themselves and their colleagues on the back I got bored, but it appears they don’t know crap yet. They’re not even sure if there’s another shooter or not.

    Eh, at least the spokesidiot was much better than the idiot they trotted out during the DC ‘Sniper’ attacks. That guy couldn’t speak English and it got annoying.

  2. What they should do is attach a mandate to the Continuing Resolution to implement Obamacare as written without any carve-outs or exemptions for Congress, no exemptions for Congress Staffers, no exemptions for Unions, no exemptions for Corporate Cronies like GE, Goldman-Sachs, and Warren Buffett. Let Obama veto that and explain why he is against implementing his own law.

  3. Mike, I’d modify one of your two categories slightly: Make it random liberal nutjobs. Because most of them who have any politics seem to profess a liberal or leftwing ideology.

  4. I will only point out the idiocy of forbidding active duty officers from carrying sidearms on a military base which then allows a civilian contractor to walk in the front door with a shotgun. Or the fact that it apparently took a DC cop to take down a guy on a military base. Oh, well, on to more demands to ban guns because of one jerk with a shotgun. And let’s forget that he went out and blasted away at a car in Seattle in 2005 and was not even charged for it. Not even sure if that would have been a felony in WA, but if it were, and he’d been convicted for it, he would not have been able to buy that shotgun in VA. (Note that as a non-resident he was not allowed to buy either a handgun or a so-called ‘assault rifle’ in Virginia.).

  5. Let’s see…You missed saying that there were three, no wait…two…no wait…maybe three shooters armed with AR15’s (how they can tell an AR15 from an AR16 from a distance is beyond me) and pistols. You missed reporting that one of the shooters was from Texas and had a carry permit and a criminal record.

    Headlines count. Nobody reads the fine print. AR15…CCP & criminal record….Texas…nutty as a jar of crunchy peanut-butter. Get it in the headlines while everybody is looking. You can always print retractions on the bottom of the page, next week. Images painted in large words screaming across the monitor. Images that even a trailer park hick can’t deny. We need a con-ver-sation about guns. Inconvenient facts aren’t facts. Facts advance the cause. If it isn’t helpful to the cause it isn’t a fact. Every crisis is a springboard if the facts can be controlled; if the images can be controlled.

    Remember…Nutcase…AR15…CCP & criminal record AND a high government clearance*. Even the government can’t tell the sane from the insane. How can we POSSIBLY continue letting regular people have these types of weapons?

    * He maybe had a secret clearance. (I love the part about the CAC, everyone on every military base has a CAC) To get a secret clearance you fill out the forms, which is biographic info, and in a couple of months you have a clearance, after an agency search for your name. If the FBI and local police (local to the addresses YOU provided) don’t have anything felonious on you nothing comes back.

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