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Out of control

Looks like we’re going to need another futile “investigation” into the IRS.

In a remarkable admission that is likely to rock the Internal Revenue Service again, testimony released Thursday by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp reveals that an agent involved in reviewing tax exempt applications from conservative groups told a committee investigator that the agency is still targeting Tea Party groups, three months after the IRS scandal erupted.

Yeah. Gonna rock it. Again. Just like the first several dozen “revelations” have, three months later. “Bring me the head of another low-level flunky, and reassign a department head or two, quick! Then issue a press release, suspend a district manager for three days with pay, and order another fifty thousand rounds of ammunition for the Obamacare Enforcement Rapid Response Team!”

During 2010-2012 period when the anti-Obama Tea Party groups faced special scrutiny from the president’s IRS, agents used a “be on the lookout,” or BOLO, list which said groups with words like “Tea Party” in their title should face special, secondary screening for political activities that might hamper their special tax status.

When the scandal erupted after a Treasury Department inspector general revealed the improper political scrutiny, the acting head of the IRS, Danny Werfel, said the BOLO list had been suspended. That was six weeks ago.

But because there is nothing in its place, agents apparently either don’t know how to handle Tea Party tax exempt applications, or are too scared to make a decision.

“Too scared.” Oh, I really do like that one. An IRS agent, too “scared” to do anything at all. Must be all the endless show investigations that has ’em quaking in their boots, I guess.

Camp, the Michigan Republican, told Secrets, “It is outrageous that IRS management continues to target Tea Party cases without any justification. The harassment, abuse and delays these Americans have faced over the last few years has been unwarranted, unprovoked and, at times, possibly illegal. The fact that the IRS still continues to treat the Tea Party differently and subject them to additional targeting is outrageous and it must stop immediately.”

Or what, exactly? Gonna hold a press conference demanding another endless investigation or something? Maybe take the extreeeeme step of making an outraged speech proposing another four hundred pages of new regulations and the hiring of several thousand new federal bureaucrats responsible for “oversight,” to “guarantee” this never happens again?

“Bah!” doesn’t even begin to cover it.


1 thought on “Out of control

  1. The GOP is pointless-they’re cramming this “immigration reform” down our throats-they refuse to set up one fully funded, dedicated fucking investigative committee instead of 5 or 6 headless chickenshit parades on display now-yeah thanx a load Boehner, what a douche.

    If these Rs had testicles the size God gave a squirrel, Obama would be impeached for the countless violations of our Constitution. But when there’s Rs like John Mccain, a bigger fucking liar would be hard to find, there’s NO fucking hope.

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