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A little history

As promised, photos from yesterday’s field trip to the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

Gramma and Little Squirt approach Sully’s A-bus

Amazing what impact with a little water will do to sheet metal, ain’t it?

Some of the other flotsam and jetsam about the place, including an F4 cockpit you can climb up into and sit in while making whooshing sounds and machine-gun noises as you mentally strafe the other museum patrons

A fine restoration of a venerable old Piedmont Airlines DC3. There was a company here still flying charters and cargo runs with two of these up til only a few years ago; I used to see one take off early every Wednesday morning from the loading dock at work, and they were COOL. Nothing like big unmuffled radial piston engines, I always say. If you don’t believe me, go watch this

MJ wasn’t really into having her picture taken; she just wanted to run around the place screaming wildly and jumping up and down; the Delta Dagger and Voodoo I mentioned yesterday are over behind the DC7

And since I love GeeBees, and I bought my daughter a small metal replica of this one yesterday at the museum gift shop and she hasn’t put it down since, I’m gonna embed this:


4 thoughts on “A little history

  1. I was staioned down at Moffet for 6 years with the California Air Guard. Then I went up to work for the AF Reserve in Portland, Ore, where I worked with a guy who did the wiring for Demar Benjaman’s BG.

  2. An excellent imagination with the machinegun noises…

    The F-4S didn’t have a gun or commonly carry a gun pod.

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