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An outing

Taking the little one to the aviation museum here later this morning; I hear it has the actual Airbus 320 that Captain Sully flew into the Hudson on display, and I know for a fact it has a few oddball fighters on hand, like a Delta Dagger (note its slightly-more-famous sibling, the Delta Dart) and a Voodoo (one of my all-time favorites), among others. I’ll see if I can’t grab a few purty pitchers and share ’em with y’all here at the ol’ hogwallow.


3 thoughts on “An outing

  1. If you ever make it out WA State way, we have a kewl aviation museum at Paine Field in Everett. I have the pleasure of having seen 2 things most people will never get to see: Me-262 in flight and a whale taking a dump. One was great, the other simply rare.

  2. That place is a little small, but there is some really neat stuff there. Be sure to climb into the F4 Phantom cockpit – it’s just awesome.
    We spent some time at the overlook watching the planes takeoff afterwards. The museum staff will give you directions how to get there it’s on the opposite side of the airport.

  3. The Voodoo was a cool looking plane. I remember building a model of it when I was a kid.

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