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I might not delete this one

Okay, this has to be one of the funniest spam comments ever, in its way; it’s by someone (or somebot) called “best orange county gardening,” attached to a post called “On trees, weeds, and pruning” which of course has absolutely nothing to do with literal trees or gardening:

Always trim a tree during its dormant season except any hazard condition. It is always advisable to trim the branches, which are small. Keep these things in mind and your tree trimming efforts will be a big success!

Included is a link to a lawn care website. I dunno, call me a weirdo, but after years of dealing with every kind of comment spam imaginable, this one just struck me as hilarious all the way around.

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3 thoughts on “I might not delete this one

  1. Also not very correct, just trimmed my prune tree this spring Major branches cut it way back. It’s been growing like gang busters all summer. Of course due to the trimming there won’t be any fruit this year but I knew that going in.

  2. Actually, the spam was tasty in this instance. I have always read the pruning at least some trees is best done when they are dormant. Fruit trees (prunes don’t grow on trees, BTW-plums do) should be pruned after the fruit is picked, flowering ornamentals after they’re flowering, &c.

  3. It’s hilariously funny, in an Endarkenment sort of way, but also really sad. The problem is, the Tree has been dormant too long as it is. And so have the gardeners and arborists who were supposed to take care of it. I don’t give a damn about the brambles and I’m ambivalent about the hedge, but until we seriously trim the 4th branch, the Tree is in trouble.

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