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Clinton rules

Jeff Lord lays out the rules for how the game is played, from “bimbo eruptions” to Benghazi.

The Message: Cover-up is always, always the Clinton rule. Whether it’s bimbos — or dead Americans.

What we have here is nothing more than a continuation of the Clinton ethic from the 1990s. And the mainstream media — now as then — is poised to go along. Wherever else Hillary Clinton is to face tough scrutiny, it won’t be on George Stephanopoulos’s ABC.

The Clinton formula is as old as it is predictable. Let’s run through the Clinton check list.

  • Dismiss the charges as old news? Check.
  • Attack the messenger? Check.
  • Call the accuser a liar and say they are doing it for money or publicity? Check.
  • Cover up inconvenient truths? Check

Hillary Clinton is indeed a master of this game.

From Bimbos to Benghazi, nothing — absolutely nothing — has changed.

And why should it? It’s worked extremely well for them so far: Bill Clinton, a grubby, near-sociopathically narcissistic serial abuser of women, remains a Leftard elder statesman and hero–even to “feminists”–and his loathsome “wife” is going to skate away from Benghazi unscathed, and will receive a great deal of undeserved support when she runs for president next election. Ogabe knew what he was doing when he gave her a powerful position in his ruling junta; someone this wily, cunning, and amoral will always come in handy to any despot, and the more clever ones will know that it’s way more useful to have such a one inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in.

For Democrat Socialists, as long as you keep espousing the correct liberal-fascist ideals, you can get away with murder. Literally, this time.

Update! Jeff is fed to the gills–and rightly so.

They sicken me in a way I cannot even put into words — and that’s saying something, given my occasionally-documented facility with the language. These people are monsters of a sort, but even that appellation can do their rank cynicism and their easy disregard for conscience no real justice.

And the media, without doubt co-conspirators in what is a major scandal — and an even more major cover-up — are so committed to progressive activism, and to their own self-styled righteousness and compassion (which, relying on a surreal tautology and the anti-foundationalism at the heart of their ideology, they presume to claim is a function of their progressivism: they are good, so therefore what they do is good; and what they do is good because it’s being done by good people), that they have found a way to convince themselves that their biases, be it by omission or by massaging of the facts to report that there’s nothing new to report, are somehow noble and are in the service of a Greater Good.

All of which is horse shit. They are toadies. Useful idiots. Attendants to the Court of Power, adrift in its orbit, pulled on by its gravity, tiny dull moons that control the rhetorical tides without giving a second thought to the erosion of public trust they leave in their wake. They are a blight on this representative republic, and it’s time to reject them thoroughly.

As I noted at the outset of this post, I am mortified beyond words by what my government has done here. I am embarrassed. I am ashamed that I haven’t done more to pressure these bastards into telling the truth, just as I’m ashamed that I haven’t been more effective in spreading the word far and wide that we are being ruled at this very moment by a syndicate of sorts, a ruling class and its messaging apparatus that has the power and the will to silence and punish witnesses who would dare to challenge it, who will first and foremost consider political calculations when deciding upon the fate of embattled Americans under siege in a hostile environment, and who will with no remorse or second thoughts scapegoat, lie, and even spend tax money apologizing to our enemies for the lie that they themselves have concocted.

I feel sick. Literally.

We don’t have a two-party system of representative government any longer. We are lost as a nation and a people. We are being ruled by both whim and by perception, which have been granted the veneer of authority by the skeletal remains of a constitutional foundation and reinforced by the willing mendacity of an ostensibly neutral media.

The center cannot hold. Is all I have to say today.

In these parlous times, when the best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity, it’s getting about time to loose that blood-dimmed tide.


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  1. A house divided cannot stand. I can only hope that on the other side of this long dark tunnel, if it is our side that emerges, ONCE AND FOR FUCKING ALL, we have in inscribed on the inside of our eyelids, that there can be no compromise with REgressives. They are death to any culture.

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