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Stag Arms talk big, folds like a cheap accordion

Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you.

NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) – One Connecticut gun maker said it would move out of the state if lawmakers expanded the ban on assault weapons, but now that same company is taking a look at modifying the AR-15.

Before some of the toughest gun laws in the country were passed, officials with the Stag Arms in New Britain said further modifications to the AR-15 would make it impossible to sell in Connecticut.

Eyewitness News has learned that the company is working on making a modified assault weapon to fit the ban.

“We are carefully looking at the new law and there are some things we interpret to be legal,” said Stag Arms owner Mark Malkowski. “We have gotten a lot of feedback from our customers and they have given us ideas for changes.”

Malkowski said the company is putting together a prototype, which they plan to show the weapons unit at the state police on Friday.

Crawling to their fascist masters to beg their indulgence, allowing them to exist just a little longer before their inevitable destruction. Thou fools. May your chains rest lightly upon you.

Officials with Stag Arms sells AR-15s, the only product it produces, all over the United States and to other countries, but less than 5 percent of its sales are made in Connecticut.

We can only hope they’re not representative of anybody but themselves. Herschel asks:

I’m not sure what will happen to Stag Arms. If they stay in Connecticut they will waste away as a viable firearms manufacturer. But I’m certain what will happen to this ridiculous, bastard firearm. It will be a laughingstock, the embarrassment of the gun range. No one who has it will be a proud owner of this long gun. Why do it? Why not smuggle and get real AR-15s? Why acquiesce to the totalitarians when you can do better?

Indeed. Why bother with Northern Quisling and collaborationist manufacturers when you can buy real ARs from someplace else?

Update! Via Bob: compare. Contrast.


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  1. Sheesh, a PR coup staring these meatballs in the face and they manage to turn it into a stupid downpour.

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