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That was quick

Rand Paul trips over own dick, face-plants on pavement.

Rand Paul’s amnesty speech before the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was a pastiche of establishment cliches. Permit me to select some and respond:

Republicans have been losing both the respect and votes of a group of people who already identify with our belief in family, faith, and conservative values. Hispanics should be a natural and sizable part of the Republican base.

Oy vey. Hispanics are more negative about capitalism, and more positive about socialism, than even supporters of Occupy Wall Street. By almost four-to-one, Hispanics prefer bigger government over smaller government. Sixty-two percent of Hispanics support Obamacare. The majority support gay marriage. Among the U.S.-born (who make up the large majority of Hispanic voters), 40 percent use welfare and 45 percent have no federal income-tax liability. Outreach is important, but can we finally retire the notion that there’s a conservative Republican inside every Hispanic voter just waiting to come out if only the GOP backs amnesty?

The solution doesn’t have to be amnesty or deportation-a middle ground might be called probation where those who came illegally become legal through a probationary period.

I love this — the “middle ground” between deportation and amnesty is a different kind of amnesty. This is like saying the middle ground between my offer for a car and the salesman’s price is my offer, but I’ll pay by check instead of credit card.

Typical liberal “compromise”–which I certainly wouldn’t have expected from Paul. But when you’re basically adopting the liberal position, I guess it makes sense to adopt their specious, illogical, and deceitful arguments for it too. So what’s the answer on immigration? Bill has it:

1. I want to see the immigration laws on the books enforced with vigor, consistency, and persistence.

2. I want to see illegals gone. Whether they are deported, or whether they self-deport, I don’t care. They are here illegally. Get them out.

3. I want to see city, state, and federal governments banned from providing benefits of any kind to illegals.

4. I want to see employers who knowingly hire illegals fined and jailed until they stop doing so.

5. I want illegals currently in American incarceration returned to their home countries immediately.

He has a 2A list too, which is every bit as spot-on. As for the GOP’s flailing about in their death throes, trying to co-opt an issue, any issue, that they can ride back into the good graces of at least some of the American people, they’d do better to stop trying to divide and pander, Democrat Socialist style, and just make the freedom argument to everyone, as simply and forcefully as possible. Mike Walsh has a manifesto with advice they’ll never take:

Advice to the RNC: Don’t “re-brand.” Fight.

That’s it. Fight. Fight them on every front, fight them in every state, fight them on television and in print and on the airwaves. Confront them at every opportunity, seek out and embrace conflict, and fear not bullies like Chuck Schumer (the living embodiment of the Lefty Sneer), Dick Durbin, and passive-aggressive corruptocrats like Harry Reid. Don’t make nice with them, don’t play fair with them, don’t reach across the aisle and above all, treat them and their ideas with exactly the same amount of respect with which they treat yours: none. Contempt is the only language they understand.

Remember that, thanks to Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Alinsky Left, the personal is now political, so get personal; all’s fair in love and war, and politics isn’t love. AsPat Caddell just reminded the GOP, his team plays to win, and doesn’t really much care how it does it — “by any means necessary” is their motto. If you’re not using their own rules against them, you’re not playing the game.

Nominate presidential standard-bearers who actually want to engage their opponents ideologically, and know how to sell the fundamental concepts of America, such as personal liberty and spiritual freedom. Draw sharp distinctions between Left and Right and put a positive spin on small-”r” republican virtues. Force the Democrats to defend their unmanly culture of dependency, and mock their misuse of the word “compassion.” Tighten the borders but trust in the cultural alchemy of America and lose the implicit xenophobia. Don’t tumble too hard for Marco Rubio or Rand Paul or whoever the flavor of the month is until you get a fuller picture of them. Remember the Palin/Scott Brown ticket?

I don’t much care whether the GOP pulls itself back together or not; personally, I’d much rather see their self-destruction completed and a more honest, aggressively liberty-minded party built on its smoking ruins. And I generally like Rand Paul–much more so than his idiot father–but if he’s going to take the liberal-fascist/RINO bait and go haring off after amnesty, he’s lost me.

But I also happen to think it’s very nearly too late to worry much about any of this, as the next post above will show.


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  1. 6) Use E-verify on all apartment and house rentals

    7) Nullify wire transfers to Mexico

    8) Build the wall and man it

    9) Invade the northern most 100 miles of Mexico and destroy anything to do with the cartels

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