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And here our troubles began

J Paul Masko lays it all out:

Three Reasons Conservatives are Losing the Battle for America

1. The Electorate
The Republicans may as well stop their soul-searching and look at the reality of the Democrat electorate. In addition to those Republican voters who stayed home on Election Day, the hard-core (so-called) progressives, the inadequate Republican ground game, and those who pay little or no federal tax and are happy to elect those who promise to take larger sums from those who DO pay, there’s a more profound and possibly intractable problem. From my countless discussions with Democrats/liberals, it seems clear that many, many voters – we will never be sure of their numbers – neither hear, nor are interested in hearing, the stance of conservatives or Republicans. I’m often incredulous at the self-satisfied political ignorance and gullibility of successful, otherwise high-functioning and intellectually curious Democrats. The range and depth of their ignorance regarding easily ascertainable facts is astounding (“No, President Obama has NOT increased the deficit: that’s a lie!  For your information, President Obama has spent less than any President in history!”); and many, in my experience, cite the New York Times as their irrefutable source of information, with phrases like: “The Times didn’t mention it so it can’t be true or relevant….”

For these people, it really doesn’t matter what conservatives or Republicans think or say: they won’t hear it! Republican positions are totally lost – unheard and meaningless – to a growing number of the electorate, including huge swaths of highly-educated and effective leaders in society. It would be understating the issue to note that the Republican/conservative “brand” has been sullied – but it begins to convey the nature of the problem: it’s more accurate to say that the Republican/conservative brand has been effectively nullified for many people. For a growing number of voters, it doesn’t matter what Republicans say: they have bought into the idea – nurtured by the press, educators at every level, and almost the entire entertainment industry – that Republicans are the “bad guys”. Furthermore, and possibly more disturbing, is the fact that this apparently mushrooming group of voters is largely unaware of and unconcerned about their stance.

To call these people “zealots” would be overstating their political energy, but calling them “partisans” is somehow off point. Many of them, but for their political stance, would be considered bright or knowledgeable, as I’m sure were many of the Hitler Youth, the Red Guard and members of like organizations, who were often specially selected for their academic, athletic and social skills.

While some of these people may have limited political knowledge, they all know something really, really well: Republicans and conservatives are bad guys, should not be listened to, and will make everything worse. If you’re a Republican or a conservative, it doesn’t matter what you say because, if it comes out of your mouth, it’s wrong.

It’s depressing and all, sure, but you can’t deny the guy is onto something. This bit is especially, umm, poignant:

And one other note about the mainstream media: because you Republicans and conservatives are so impotent and because they identify, define and massage (or ignore) the stories consistent with their world view, it stands to reason that anyone can be tarnished and destroyed by them. Anyone!: Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, a reincarnated Jesus Christ, and you and any of your colleagues: it’s simply a matter of who is picked out and how thoroughly he or she needs to be destroyed. If the target will cooperate and absent himself or herself, it’s often unnecessary – a waste of time and resources – to continue the assault.

So stop with the, “If we’d only nominated” somebody, he or she would be “so much less vulnerable” to attacks than the person we nominated; and stop the, “It’s such a shame that he keeps opening his mouth and sticking his foot in it….” If some other person had been nominated, he or she would have been destroyed if he didn’t fit the media paradigm: and then you’d be complaining that yet another candidate should have been nominated. Face it, Republicans and conservatives: you have nothing to say about who gets pilloried in the press and who doesn’t, or what the issues will be, and there’s essentially nothing you can do to change it: all of that is decided by people who disagree with and often despise you. So you may as well stop your automatic genuflections to the liberals/Democrats by beating each other up.

Yep. I’ve said many times that if conservatives are going to be blamed for everything and denounced to hell and gone anyway–and they most certainly are–why bother with compromising our principles to make some sort of deal with the liberal-fascist devils at all? A favorite example of mine has been Bush’s No Child Left Behind fiasco: he worked it all out in partnership with Ted Kennedy, who the moment it was passed turned around and denounced it as “heartless” because –all together now–it didn’t go far enough.

They do this every single time. And they get away with it. It would be far more useful, instead of being willing to cut deals with them and make compromises wherein our side sells its soul and betrays its principles for literally nothing in return, to use our time and energy resisting and thwarting them at every possible turn. No, we might not win that way either; in a nation that’s been dragged as far to the Left as this one has, liberty and Constitutional government are always going to be the underdogs.

But sucking up or knuckling under to the enemies of freedom isn’t what anybody ought to call winning either; better to go down swinging, I say. And it may be that making a strong stand for timeless principles of liberty, self-reliance, and self-determination would inspire those of us who still believe in them to even greater effort and determination to defend them–which could in turn inspire at least some of the less-muttonheaded Americans In Name Only to rethink their blind allegiances and thought-free opinions in time.


3 thoughts on “And here our troubles began

  1. This should be liberating to a rational person. Once you realize you have nothing left to lose, might as well go balls out in support of what you believe. Of course, you have to believe something first.

  2. There may be no turning this around right now. Teach your children the way this country is supposed to be. Educate them in our history. Build a home library. Then fight on where and when we can.

  3. Masko is exactly right. And “demographics”, the latest Republican excuse, has little to do with it. Everyone I know is white and they all believe the crap they’ve been indoctrinated with. Conservative = Racist. Constitution = Slavery. They believe the myth of the small pox blankets and the genocide of the Indians. They believe that our Founding Fathers were a bunch of white European slave owners who were deists, except when they were Christian white European slave owners.
    They believe that Republicans want dirty air and dirty water, so Sean Hannity really needs to STOP REPEATING THAT. They believe that Republicans are Evil with a capital E.
    Conservatives will have a hard enough time keeping people like me from just giving up, much less getting enough votes to actually win a national election. Because I am close to it. I cannot BELIEVE how stupid some so-called conservative bloggers and pundits are. They attack Sarah Palin. They attack Rush. They link to Mediaite and Buzzfeed. They hang on every word the Dave’s say. Brooks, Weigel, Frum.

    Sometimes I just want to scream. This Friday will be the first aniversary of the death of Andrew Breitbart. There wasn’t even a public memorial service for him. No rallies. I miss him so. I know he wasn’t a social conservative, but this country today is divided into two factions, those of us love this country and everything it stands for, and those who don’t. That’s really all it’s come down to. And we are the good guys and we’re losing.

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