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February 2nd, 2013

Nelson cashes in.

Sen. Ben Nelson delivered a crucial vote to pass Obamacare into law in 2009, and now he is cashing out of the Senate to make money off the organizations that benefitted from the legislation.

Nelson’s trip through the revolving door demonstrates an important truth about Washington’s influence industry: The revolving door rewards lawmakers for further entangling business and government, whether through regulations, subsidies or mandates.

Well, of course it does: control over a thing means an opportunity to profit illicitly from the opportunities for graft thereby presented. You needn’t think for a moment Nelson is the only one, or even a particularly abject and contemptible example. He is perfectly par for the course; it’s how our perverse system operates and perpetuates itself. And so it goes in our hopelessly corrupt and un-American kleptocracy, which is no longer pinned to a foundation of freedom and the rule of law, but to coercion, intentional mismanagement, and raw self-aggrandizement. Jeff says:

More and more, it’s becoming apparent that the actual physical centralization of power in DC is itself a problem, and that the answer to it, given advances in technology, is to create a grassroots movement that among other things pushes for a dispersed Congress, with members keeping regular office hours in their own states, answerable to their own constituencies, and use video conferencing or other similar methods to cast votes, or participate in committee meetings, etc.

Our system is broken.  Too many pols lack the virtue necessary for the proper function of representative republicanism; grouping them together so that they can collectively rationalize their behaviors is why we’ve come to have a de facto one party system, with the ruling class presuming to lord over we, their subjects.

It’s time to let them know that the government belongs to us — and that we aren’t willing to act as their personal piggy banks any longer.

Maybe so. But it’s going to take a lot more than just voting to get their grubby hands out of the cookie jar–because no matter who you vote for, a politician always gets elected. Ending the very concept of a “career politician” is going to be the key, and I’m really not sure how we can do that at this late date, since as greasy and slimy as they are, they’re always going to find a way to oil around and over any obstacle we put in front of them.

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  1. StrangernFiction
    February 2nd, 2013 at 12:20 | #1
    States have to say no.
  2. BillyB
    February 2nd, 2013 at 13:06 | #2
    I have before proposed that the U.S. Constitution should limit the acquisition of wealth by representatives in Congress both during (term-limited) terms and for a period of years afterward. Including annual audits of these mo-fos's during and after their tenure.
    I just don't know how to word it such that it would not limit their ability to vote on certain things, nor create some new, unaccountable, bureaucracy of bureaucrats to govern bureaucratically entrenched bureaucrats.

    This kind of tit-for-tat bullshit has to end. As well as Congressional "insider trading" while they're in office. Fuckers go in poor and come out farting money.

  3. MM
    February 3rd, 2013 at 11:14 | #3
    If the Founders could've peered into the future, dollars to donuts our representatives(?) would have been term limited-same with the never gonna die types like that dried up hag, Ginsburg, they need to be limited to one term, maybe 10 or 12 years-it's hard for me to grasp the idea that the Dyke Sisters will handing down incoherent rulings long after I'm dead
  4. kennycan
    February 4th, 2013 at 07:53 | #4
    Term limited for all offices. For example, Senators should be limited to one 6 year term. Then, if they get elected to another office total limit of 10 years. So I they become POTUS then one term. If they go to the House two 2 year terms. Become Supreme Court, out in 4 years. 10 years is probably too long but I can live with that. HOWEVER, no lobbying jobs or any other position dealing with Fed Gov unless 90% tax is applied for 20 years thereafter.

    We need to eliminate career politicians and make them survive either post or pre public career in the private sector.

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