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Land of the unfree, home of the cowed and juvenile

Steyn on where we are:

I wasn’t joking, by the way, about the federal bureaucracy policing pumpkin pie consistency. It’s now part of a grand holiday tradition reflected in headlines that ought to be deeply embarrassing to a supposedly free people:

A Thanksgiving Meal, With The TSA’s Blessing

Meanwhile, Canadians, Mexicans, Britons, Australians, Indians, Swedes, Slovenes, Zambians, Papuans and just about everybody else except Saudis and North Koreans are free to eat Kinder Eggs, but in the United States at least three federal agencies are needed to prevent this life-threatening scourge from falling into the hands of the American people.

Even if this precautionary principle were entirely successful, even if – to use the Joe Biden test – it were to prevent one single death, what kind of functioning citizenry is likely to emerge from a government cocoon that treats them like a dimwitted, terrified, risk-averse ovine herd?

Fred on one of the things that got us here:

Why would a man deliberately set out to marry a woman in the Third World—or, if you prefer, the “developing world”? For any of several reasons, which men talk about in private but not when they might be overheard:

(1) North American women (say these men) have been so corrupted by angry feminism that they have the appeal of a menopausing crocodile with the hives. Yes, there are gradations, and many exceptions, but you don’t find out whether she is an exception until, if she isn’t, it is too late. And yes, the men having these views often have had bad experiences, and remain angry. Nonetheless they tend to have similar opinions: The average American woman these days is charming as a hung-over ferret but less useful (ferrets kill mice). We all know the signs. There are the frequent complaints about sexism, discrimination, machismo, the throwaway snotty remarks about the male ego, immaturity, and fear of commitment (they have the last one right, God knows). You get the feeling that too many gringas are coiled like rattlesnakes, looking for slights about which to be enraged. Together these constitute what I think of as “the chip.”

You have to be crazy to tie yourself to such a creature—stark bug-fuck.

(4) America is no longer a fit place to raise children. If you marry a gringa, she will in all likelihood expect to live in the United States. Your children will then go to the public schools, which are drug-ridden academic disasters with no hope of improvement in the time your kids will be in them.

Worse perhaps, they are propaganda mills instilling political correctness and weak character. You know the kind of thing: Sojourner Truth was the most important figure in the American Civil War, dodge ball is violence, Diversity is the only virtue of any importance, performance, grades, and competition are bad because some kids don’t do as well as others, schools exist to raise self-esteem, degraded English is admirable because it is what minorities speak and the purpose of schools is to make minorities feel good about themselves. The schools are run by women, usually stupid ones, and they try hard to feminize males. If you have boys, they stand a good chance of being forcibly drugged if they are bored and fidgety. The quality of the schools being what it is, they will be bored and fidgety.

You won’t be permitted to raise them. The government will do it.

These might seem like unrelated, peripheral issues. They assuredly are not.

(6) Money goes a lot further in the developing world, the government leaves you pretty much alone if you don’t do something really stupid, you aren’t gummed up in the developing police state in the United States and, for many men, especially the independent and self-directed, the Third World is just plain attractive.

(7) Finally, you might be sick of what the United States is becoming. More people are than will admit it. The surveillance, controlled press, propaganda, ever-increasing burden of rules and regulations—some weary of it. If you are a man who wants out for these reasons, then you are not leaving in search of a wife, but you will probably want one eventually.

Or, y’know, not. Back to Steyn for the sorry denouement:

Do you ever get the feeling America’s choo-choo has jumped the tracks? Joe Weisenthal says that the trillion-dollar coin is the most serious adult proposal put forward in our lifetime, “because it gets right to the nature of what is money.” As Weisenthal argues, “we’re still shackled with a gold-standard mentality where we think of money as a scarce natural resource that we need to husband carefully.” Ha! Every time it rains it rains trillion-dollar pennies from heaven. I believe Robert Mugabe made a similar observation on January 16, 2009, when he introduced Zimbabwe’s first one hundred–trillion–dollar bank note. In that one dramatic month, the Zimbabwean dollar declined from 0.0000000072 of a U.S. dollar to 0.0000000003 of a U.S. dollar. But that’s what’s so great about being American. Because, when you’re American, one U.S. dollar will always be worth one U.S. dollar, no matter how many trillion-dollar coins you mint. Eat your heart out, you Zimbabwean losers. As Joe Weisenthal asks, what is money? Money is American: Everybody knows that.

Meanwhile, I see the Bundesbank has decided to move 300 tons of German gold from the Federal Reserve in New York back to Frankfurt. It’s probably nothing. And what’s to stop the Fed replacing it with 300 tons of Boston cream donuts and declaring them of equivalent value? Or maybe 300 imaginary dead football girlfriends, all platinum blondes.

Memo to John Boehner and Paul Ryan: No one will take you seriously until you find some photogenic second-graders and read out their cute letters. “I want everybody to be happy and safe and fithcally tholvent.” They may have to practice.

And a perpetual adolescent shall lead them. But where are we going, and why are we in this handbasket?


3 thoughts on “Land of the unfree, home of the cowed and juvenile

  1. “If you marry a gringa, she will in all likelihood expect to live in the United States. Your children will then go to the public schools”

    This has something to do with the fact that most liberals are women, and most women are liberals.

    I have no children; but I have nephews and a niece. I have tried to convince my brother to home-school his kids. I always get the same answer “Tina won’t have it.” Not because they lack money — my brother does well. Not because they lack the ability — they’re both well educated. And not because they lack the time or opportunity — Tina is not employed, she is a stay-at-home-mom/housewife.

    It’s simply that homeschooling would be considered “odd” or otherwise socially unacceptable among the crowd that my brother’s wife wishes to impress. That is, leftists …. the kind who, like my sister-in-law, were “indoctrinated” themselves.

    And so it continues on, and on.

  2. I used to read and link to Fred quite a bit back in the day, MM, even corresponded with him once in a while, but kind of parted ways with him on the War On Terror–on which, as it turned out, he was a lot closer to right than I was, at least as regards America’s stomach for actually winning the damned thing. Even when he’s wrong, he’s at least entertaining as hell, and he doesn’t bother with pulling punches, either.

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